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Announcing the 2004 Weblog Awards

Last year Wizbang hosted the extremely successful 2003 Weblog Awards (recapped in the link). This year I've setting up a new domain and site to handle the awards - http://2004weblogawards.com - which you can start bookmarking now.

Why were the 2003 Weblog Awards a success? I think they were successful because unlike nearly every other end of year award the 2003 Weblog Awards were as open and honest (except for a day of ballot stuffing - which was quickly fixed) as I could possibly make them. Nominations were public, and I did the best I could to get as many sites on the ballots in 20 different categories. Overall close to 400 blogs were in the running for awards. I even ran a Most Egregious Omission contest to prove that I wasn't trying to claim a mantle of infallibility.

Of course everything did not go perfectly... There was controversy about the inclusion of a Best Female Authored Blog (without a corresponding Male category); there were probably a few categories that should have been added; and there were a few categories that should have been removed. That said, most people took it for what it was - FUN, and did not get bent out of shape.

The 2004 Weblog Awards will continue the tradition begun here last year:

1) Open and public nominations
2) Categories that allow blogs of similar readership levels to compete
3) Real time vote totals
4) Quick turnaround of the results
5) Fun

Nominations will open Wednesday November 3, 2004. Many more details to follow.

Update: Perhaps the awards should be called the Pajammies?


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Comments (10)

Oh boy! ... (Below threshold)

Oh boy!

Can we have an overblog cat... (Below threshold)

Can we have an overblog category?

OK, Kevin, just tell me how... (Below threshold)

OK, Kevin, just tell me how much $$ and how you want it delivered.

<a href="http://independent... (Below threshold)
I nominate myself for best ... (Below threshold)

I nominate myself for best underrated overrated widely unread worst blog in a comedy series -- oops, got into Emmy territory there...

What about a "Worst Weblog ... (Below threshold)

What about a "Worst Weblog Ever" category?

Most frequent use of the "F... (Below threshold)

Most frequent use of the "F word"? I'd be a shoe-in.

I love Blackfive and Hugh H... (Below threshold)

I love Blackfive and Hugh Hewitt,
I have a special Favorite and that is


best blog written by a spac... (Below threshold)

best blog written by a spacemonkey: The Flying SpaceMonkey Chronicles.

what? it hasn't started yet... (Below threshold)

what? it hasn't started yet you say? my bad.






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