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Fox News beats all rivals - combined


Fox News beats all rivals

NEW YORK -- For the first time in its history, Fox News Channel beat the combined competition in primetime during the third quarter of 2004, with major headlines of the summer including the national political conventions and a brutal string of hurricanes.

According to Nielsen Media Research, Fox News averaged 1.8 million viewers, while CNN, MSNBC, CNBC and Headline News averaged a combined total of 1.7 million. The quarter ended Sunday.


I'll probably have to defend this point later but this really shows that FoxNews is not the "far right wing" that the liberals love to call it. In fact, the opposite is true. When a single news source gets over half of all viewers, it is, by definition, in sync with the population at large.

Those who decry Fox as being "far right", should instead look at their own positions. It is axiomatic that they are too far to the left.

Update I might have to defend this point later, but not yet. This line of attack is so weak the defense writes itself.


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Comments (5)

Actually Fox is the first t... (Below threshold)

Actually Fox is the first to report just about everything that is going on LONG before any other news media does and I've been finding that impressive. It's also what has made Rusty's site extremely popular lately.

I'm not with the Math, so b... (Below threshold)

I'm not with the Math, so bear with me:

If a plurality of people with cable are pro-American, Fox beats CNN and MSNBC.

If more than half of the people with cable are pro-American, Fox beats the other two COMBINED.

If the total amount of pro-American viewers equals more than half of people with cable + more than half of people without cable, Fox beats everybody.

= Fox is the Pro-American Network.

Do I have this?

Any news network that's fai... (Below threshold)

Any news network that's fair to Bush must be right-wing. Afterall, as Dan Rather and his colleagues believe: Bush sucks. Let me blow my horn here to make a point: I've been a guest on CNN, CBS, ABC, etc. and Fox. The Fox people treated me the best. The BEST. Even their interns are menches. Read my article located on the Young Republicans website. It's about the news media and Bush.


I heard the Fox artificiall... (Below threshold)

I heard the Fox artificially spikes its content with nicotine to make it more addictive.

Those who throw around the ... (Below threshold)
Michael Angier:

Those who throw around the terms "right wing" or "far right" define them differently than those on the receiving side. They often use them in reference to any people with stronger faith than Madalyn Murray O'Hair or with views to the right of Commrade Nikita Kruschov.






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