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Ohio GOP Babes 4 Bush

Girls pose with their home made t-shirts supporting U.S. President George W. Bush (news - web sites) as the President (background) speaks at a campaign rally in West Chester, Ohio, September 27, 2004. Bush, campaigning in Ohio today, will return to his ranch tonight to resume preparations for the presidential debate on September 30. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque US ELECTION

Update: Others (InstaPundit, Powerline) take the road more travelled. [Ed - Careful visual inspection indicates that it is a closeup of the girl second from the left in the picture above]


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Comments (27)

Three of the four look tota... (Below threshold)

Three of the four look totally inbred.

I was trying to figure out ... (Below threshold)

I was trying to figure out what it was and couldnt quite put my finger on it. LMAO!

The picture must be from so... (Below threshold)

The picture must be from southern Ohio.

It looks like they have pic... (Below threshold)

It looks like they have pictures of coat hangers on their shirts.

Well if your going to have ... (Below threshold)

Well if your going to have a slogans like that on T shirts you would want the girls to actually be babes and it would help if they filled out the T shirts in the right places!

Now, now. Play nice.... (Below threshold)

Now, now. Play nice.

They obviously support the President... assuming they can read what's on their shirts. ;-)

I'd be curious to know if w... (Below threshold)

I'd be curious to know if we'd all agree on which is the non-inbred one, or if we'd all pick different girls. Don't they say that inbred is in the eye of the beholder? But we all agree the one on the left is definitely inbred. Don't we?

Yes the one on left is inbr... (Below threshold)

Yes the one on left is inbred and carrying a spare tyre around her middle...... perhaps they should have weight restrictions before they hand out the T shirts.... ohh! I can see the headline now.... "Bush says "No Fat Girls".... he would loose 50% of the votes on that one

The second from the right i... (Below threshold)

The second from the right is the non-in-bred. I'll bet a date with Terri Hatcher on it. ;-)

Well, my first thought was,... (Below threshold)

Well, my first thought was, "Ewww!", but my second thought was: with the size disparity of the head to the body of the one on our far left, it seems likely that there's a lens-/-distance distortion problem going on. Maybe they'd all be extremely cute in person...

How about this slogan...</p... (Below threshold)

How about this slogan...

Gut Busters


Inbred? Hell, I think ther... (Below threshold)

Inbred? Hell, I think there all pretty hot.

Of course, I'm from North Dakota so...

Seriously though. They're not that bad.

They're not that good eithe... (Below threshold)

They're not that good either.

Ewwwww Rob, your Costa Rica... (Below threshold)

Ewwwww Rob, your Costa Rica babe hunting priveledges have been suspended! Not Bad... Try Horrible.

Who designed the "amateuri... (Below threshold)

Who designed the "amateurish and inane"tee shirt's? Oh No! Pantyhead, are you behind this abomination?

Allow me to insult a lot of... (Below threshold)

Allow me to insult a lot of people.

Every time I see a blog comment thread where guys jank on moderately attractive girls, I'm reminded of a Fark cliche:


...I'm just sayin'...

I agree Pete. And they all ... (Below threshold)

I agree Pete. And they all have really, really great personalities.

Nope. 2nd from the right i... (Below threshold)

Nope. 2nd from the right is actually a cutie. The rest of them are just on the good side of ok, with one obvious exception.

Come on guys. They're kids... (Below threshold)

Come on guys. They're kids. They will fill out the shirts in the years to follow. How many of us have gone to a HS reunion and seen a girl we paid no attention to who has since matured into a woman?

As a professional photograp... (Below threshold)

As a professional photographer, I'd say there is a little lens distortion on the chick on the left.

And DA, ain't nothin' prettier than the Ticas. My wife thinks I want to go back for the scuba ;)

"Three of the four look tot... (Below threshold)

"Three of the four look totally inbred."

They look like average folks to me (I have lived everywhere from TX to CA and now MD). I am sick of the synthetic Hollywood image being the standard for everyone else, but asking for that to change would be like asking some people to grow a brain.

The girls on the end would ... (Below threshold)

The girls on the end would probably look better if they wore their hair down.

And they may be a little on the "comfy-looking" side, but part of that is those stupid hip-hugger pants, which NO human female has a flat enough tummy to look good in.

Also consider they've been standing out in the sun for hours, and their make-up is no longer fresh. I'm sure they clean up real nice.

To the gentlemen that made ... (Below threshold)

To the gentlemen that made nice comments, thank you! To the rest of you men.... you should be ashamed of yourselves. Thank God we have young women taking a political stand on the right side of things. If these were teenage boys in tee shirts you wouldn't pick them apart over their looks. I have a daughter about the age of these girls and I would be highly offended if she was subjected to this very unkind criticism and she would be crushed. Talk about wounding young delicate egos. Come on guys....

Whatever bonnie.If... (Below threshold)

Whatever bonnie.

If you refer to yourself as a "babe", then you're open to criticism.

If it was four guys wearing "studs for bush" t-shirts, you bet their looks would be critically assessed.

I am truly amazed a... (Below threshold)

I am truly amazed at the length of the arms of the lady 2nd. from the right.

Look, we are the ones who g... (Below threshold)

Look, we are the ones who gave women the vote. We only have ourselves to blame for this carnage.

"Babes 4 Bush"? I guess the... (Below threshold)
brazilian wax :):

"Babes 4 Bush"? I guess these chicks are anti wax then.

Oh, you mean that american president guy?!






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