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Pajama Blogging Stats Nazis

The Baseball Crank notes that mainstream media and the TV pundits have been equally dismissive of outside commentators in baseball as their journalistic colleagues have been of political pajama bloggers.

All of us learn to write by the second grade, then most of us go on to other things. ~ Bobby Knight, on reporters

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I have to follow your Bobby... (Below threshold)

I have to follow your Bobby Knight quote with Steve Rushin's(?) response:

"Yeah, and after second grade most people stop throwing chairs and being called 'Bobby'"

...or something to that effect.

- I was going to say...by t... (Below threshold)

- I was going to say...by the second grade most of us have also learned not to throw too many daily tantrums, scream at and abuse others, whose only crime is being associated with us in some manner, and general develop the begginings of some minimal social skill's... But hey...He can't write either...

- Apparently the "other" things he went on to was a lifelong need for heavy medication and the complete avoidence of folding chair's and highly excitable situations like competitive sporting events...How that moron has hung on in the public venue with his displays of total intemperence for so long is a complete mystery.....






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