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Washinton Post adopts Kerry scare tactic

The Washinton Post has now started parroting one of Kerry and the Democrats' more delusional scare tactics and reporting it as gospel.

In a story about how even rabid Bush haters can't bring themselves to vote for Kerry we get this gem:

Mulle said she thought the event was successful. "This is an important election for me. I have too much at risk with my kids," she said, referring to continuing deficits and a possible reinstatement of the draft if Bush is reelected.

The Post offered no quote to back up the assertion the woman in question was worried about the draft, the reporter just put that in because everyone knows if Bush is elected the draft might come back.

Nowhere is it mentioned by the Post that this has been a hotly contested charge made by Democrats with shrinking poll numbers. It's just reported as a matter of fact.


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Comments (19)

It's also true that ... (Below threshold)

It's also true that the bill on reinstating the draft was introduced by Democrat of NY Charles Rangel and a group of fellow Democrats, for the specific purpose of using the draft as a scare tactic.

In 2002, when Sean Hannity ... (Below threshold)

In 2002, when Sean Hannity was discussing this, and before I realized what a putz he is, I called into his show. I postulated that two years of mandatory public service -- military service, working for the government in some other capacity (on a homeland base, etc) -- might be a good way to help teach kids that not everything is free, that not everything is given to you. I'd say we could use it like a benefit system, but the people who really need it -- rich kids -- wouldn't need the benefits, so they just wouldn't do it.

I hadn't thought the position through at the time. I do not want a draft or any sort of compulsory volunteerism. It smacks too much of a facist government.

Every time any type of political discussion comes up between me and my grandmother, she always brings up how she was willing to move to Canada with my dad so he could dodge the draft. His number never came up, but I admire the strength of her convictions that she'd do such a thing.

Unfortunately, that's the only argument she has. The war, not the draft. She always argues about the war, forgetting that I don't necessarily agree with it (more in practice than in principle).

Unless something humongously horrible happens, there won't even be the possibility of the draft. And why should there be? People are willing to volunteer to protect this country. I can't think of a better army than that.

J, It says a lot... (Below threshold)

It says a lot that you admire your grandma BECAUSE she openly claims she would take your daddy to Canada to betray our country. I don't want a draft reinstated but that was the system in place at the time to defend our country. I would still love a family member if they made a morally wrong decision but I could not admire the immoral position.

How is Mulle pronounced?</p... (Below threshold)
El Jefe:

How is Mulle pronounced?

As in Jackass or like Mullah?

Just wondering...

Speaking of slant, I read a... (Below threshold)

Speaking of slant, I read and re-read the same article and I didn't see anyone quoted as saying they can bring themselves to vote for Kerry.

As for Ms. Mulle's quote, since the reporter observed what appears to have been a lengthy discussion, don't you think that that feeling on deficits and the draft, might have been expressed then?

I think you are reaching just for the chance to be outraged.

Rance I was waiting for you... (Below threshold)

Rance I was waiting for your comment when I wrote it.

The reporter is still wrong.

If the woman had said "I'd vote for Kerry but you know... after he robbed those two banks and left that woman in the wheel chair after he beat her, I just can't" The reporter should not and indeed would not, repeat those charges... Yet when it comes to the draft the reporter states it as fact.

Nice try but you're wrong.

- Rants.... Its just that y... (Below threshold)

- Rants.... Its just that your party of left wing-nutz provide so many opportunities to guffaw, not look on with outrage. Something like the shaking of sympathetic heads at the crazy uncle in the attic.

- Its finally coming to pass that after the past 45 years of espousing every possible picayune cause, from the bow legged thatch bug to lumpy tidy wipes, the Bib-erals are in a spiral of self destruction. Represented by raving bug-eyed party hacks like Spastic Gore, and that real life crazy uncle Kennedy, whose only chance at redemption in his sad miserable life would be to ask to be buried as far from Chappaquiddick as possible.

- Everywhere you look the party of the down trodden exemplify hypocrisy unlimited and provide the days humor; The stopping of the protesters in Central park, due to a law driven through by their own parties green peace bunch, which outlawed large assembly's to protect the grass; Vote law juggling to the point where states enact the block law where all congressional seats are tied to the party that wins the electoral college block, thereby losing even more congressional seats.

The list goes on and on. Your candidate must think to himself in quieter moments, with supporters like this who needs an opponent....

- The Dem's have met the enemy, and they are them. You elect a candidate that has to try to please two diametrically opposing war/domestic ideologies, split almost down the middle, to the point where its impossible for him to frame and express a single cogent thought or statement. You claim the title of the underdog and your wonder-boy Botox Lurch has more money than several hundred of you will make collectively in a life time.

- He barks that his wealth is a position of "privilege" where his opponent assumes it as "entitlement", you of the great party of endless government nurture and give-away entitlements. You've run around in circles with your hair on fire trying to put it out with a rhetorical hammer for so long, you've finally gotten your heads stuck up your political rectums....

- Outrage?...More like endless laughs watching the gaggle of frantic three year olds, victims of arrested mental development, that represent the best the left has to offer these days....bon appitite'

Much like the gratuitous "S... (Below threshold)

Much like the gratuitous "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth have been discredited." They pretend it is a given and count on the relative ignorance of the population to make it stick.

This article feels like the... (Below threshold)

This article feels like the DNC leadership taking yet another step back from Kerry. Their pre-election job now isn't to help Kerry win, it's to get the faithful to the polls to save the house and senate seats.

They're also laying the grounds to make post-election statements like "We Democrats didn't lose seats because Americans don't want what we're selling, we lost seats because Kerry's personal history is problematic and he talked about the wrong things and ran a lousy campaign."

A while back I didn't expect to see this stuff until the DNC had had a chance to find out whether Kerry could save himself by clobbering Bush in the first debate, but perhaps Rathergate has convinced them the jig is up. Man the lifeboats.

"Washinton Post adopts Kerr... (Below threshold)

"Washinton Post adopts Kerry scare tactic"?

Here is a scare tactic: "If you vote for them you will Die" (DICK Cheney Paraphrased)

How about "I we hadn't oust... (Below threshold)

How about "I we hadn't ousted Sadam, his henchmen could be standing over _your_ bed with axes." (GWB paraphrased)

Let's face it...the MSM can... (Below threshold)
Another Thought:

Let's face it...the MSM cannot be trusted...period.

And they do seek to insert lies into their stories, such as this one, and present them as fact. They operate under the philosophy that if they repeat a lie enough times it becomes taken as truth.

We must defeat the MSM...pure and simple. If we defeat the MSM we do a great service to our democracy, as well as remove the only support propping Kerry up.

As Kerry's poll numbers con... (Below threshold)

As Kerry's poll numbers continue to decrease, I expect the MSM to become more underhanded and more dishonest until November 3rd. Perhaps even beyond that if Bush wins, because then they will harp on accusations that the Republicans stole the election.

<a href="http://news.bbc.co... (Below threshold)

http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/3697428.stm is a story saying Congresswoman DeGette is claiming soldiers are being forced to re-enlist despite record numbers of ren-enlistment in Colorado.....more of the same draft/no draft lies

Does anyone want to try lis... (Below threshold)

Does anyone want to try listing the fear-mongering things that Kerry and his campaign have said? Off the top of my head, he's said that Bush is secretly going to bring back the draft, and also going to secretly hurt milk producers (don't know how) if elected, and this is from someone who doesn't follow all the details of the campaigns. So just how Kerry would know about Bush's secret plans (did Karl Rove put a plant in Kerry's senior campaign info people, or does Bush ask Kerry for advice about his secret plans or something?), and what else has Kerry said Bush secretly plans to do if elected?

Never mind -- I found a sit... (Below threshold)

Never mind -- I found a site listing all the secret plans Kerry has claimed Bush has:


Well, Vanshalar, Kerry's no... (Below threshold)

Well, Vanshalar, Kerry's not finding out about these secrets going to senate intelligence committee meetings. Even before the campaign, he missed 76% of intelligence meetings and briefings.

And to the people who say the Swift Boat Vets have been discredited: what exactly has been discredited? Who discredited their claims?

George Soros told his Kool ... (Below threshold)

George Soros told his Kool Aid drinkers at MoveOn.Org that the Gallup people are dishonest in his polls. He says that Gallup is an evangelical Christian and should not be trusted. Folks, the lefties are freaking out. We've gotta keep the pressure on. Let's push them over the edge. LOL.

Here's MY secret plan for t... (Below threshold)
Waffle King:

Here's MY secret plan for the military after the election: Screw the draft and raise the top age for enlistment, so some of us old farts can get into the fight. This war isn't just for the young guys; I have a country and loved ones to fight for, too.






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