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Baseball Returns To DC

It's official: Commissioner Bud Selig has made the Expos move to D.C. official in a call to Mayor Anthony Williams. A press conference is scheduled for 5 p.m. [video link]

Baseball returns to D.C

Now the question is what to name the team? I say stick with a classic...


Washington Senator, and my (former) neighbor - Frank Howard

Damn Senators - The Story of Washington's Only World Series Championship


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Comments (37)

How about "The D.C. Pages?"... (Below threshold)

How about "The D.C. Pages?" Or "The Washingtoniennes?"

Grays or Nationals.<p... (Below threshold)

Grays or Nationals.

But Comics would be good.

What was the Expos??... (Below threshold)

What was the Expos??

I'm with you, Kevin. The <i... (Below threshold)

I'm with you, Kevin. The Senators. I remember the team well and what a great team they were!

Washington Hoagies.... (Below threshold)

Washington Hoagies.

"I'm with you, Kevin. The S... (Below threshold)

"I'm with you, Kevin. The Senators. I remember the team well and what a great team they were!"

Don't you mean what a great team they both were?

No real surprise with this ... (Below threshold)

No real surprise with this announcement. But it says a lot about baseball. Need a home for a team? Hey, lets try a city that failed twice before.

If they want to be the Sena... (Below threshold)

If they want to be the Senators, they'll have to get the name from the Texas Rangers... the Rangers still hold the rights to that team name... I wonder what it's worth???

I have to go with the Grays... (Below threshold)

I have to go with the Grays. In fact, make it totally historical and call them the Homestead Grays.

How about "The Supremes?"<b... (Below threshold)

How about "The Supremes?"

"The Washington Senators" s... (Below threshold)

"The Washington Senators" sounds so right, but I have to agree with others that it would be a really classy move to go with the Washington Grays.

A "man on the street" inter... (Below threshold)
Dear Johns:

A "man on the street" interviewer got the recommendation "The Expose(s)". Other suggestions:

1) The PAC
2) The Columbians (as in "District of")
3) The K Street Knife Fight
4) Filibusters
5) The Diplomatic Immunities
6) Fuck the FBI, I'm Marion Barry

How about the Washington I... (Below threshold)
Master of None:

How about the Washington Interns?

how about the Washington Ba... (Below threshold)

how about the Washington Barrys

The Lewinsky's, since they ... (Below threshold)

The Lewinsky's, since they blew so much in Montreal.

I thought of a name that us... (Below threshold)

I thought of a name that uses "DC" in there but I just can't write it here.

But, use your imagination: The D-c-s.

So sue me.

There's always "The Washing... (Below threshold)

There's always "The Washington Monuments."

Brings to mind the classic line from Charley Dryden - "Washington - First in war, first in peace,
and last in the American League."


The Georges?My wif... (Below threshold)

The Georges?

My wife suggests, "The D.C. Current."

I gotta go with the Senator... (Below threshold)

I gotta go with the Senators. If nothing else, at least people will recognize the teams in Damn Yankees again.


Hmm... How about :... (Below threshold)

Hmm... How about :

The Washington Omnibus's
The Washington Continuing Resolutions
The Washington Lobbyists
The Washington PACs
The Washington Lame Ducks
The Washington Beltways
The Washington Filibusters
The Washington Talking Heads

Hey zipity,Quit bi... (Below threshold)
Dear Johns:

Hey zipity,

Quit bitin' my rap


The Washington IUEDTSYPFMS ... (Below threshold)

The Washington IUEDTSYPFMS - "I'm Using Eminent Domain To Seize Your Property For My Stadium".

Thank goodness they're not winding up in Virginia.

Grays - I would like to kno... (Below threshold)

Grays - I would like to know more about the history of it. Can't be Senators, because we don't have senators (or representatives for that matter) and it would simply be insulting.

But who really gets to decide? And who decides the name of the stadium?

Schwerv,The 1967 Wor... (Below threshold)

The 1967 World's Fair in Montreal was called Expo 67.

I'm guessing it had something to do with that.

Rollins-The "Grays" ... (Below threshold)

The "Grays" is from the Homestead Grays, of the Negro Leagues. Not sure where they were based, though. Seems like a cool name, in the era of "X-Games" nicknames.

I personally hope they take the Senators name, and pay the Rangers the national debt in return. Maybe *THEN* they'd get some pitching... *sigh*

Great. Now we can revive th... (Below threshold)
Jim in Chicago:

Great. Now we can revive that oldie but goodie:

Washington: first in war, first in peace . . . last in the American, er National, League.

Yeah, SENATORS. It'll be re... (Below threshold)

Yeah, SENATORS. It'll be real weird saying "...and last in the NATIONAL LEAGUE??????"

I don't think the Rangers will give the DC franchise too much trouble with the name. The New York Jets held the rights to the name "Titans"...and Tennessee got it without too much hassle.

How much is the team name (... (Below threshold)
El Jefe:

How much is the team name (Senators) worth?

I would have to think it's worth about a bus pass and a pack of Milk Duds.

How much is the team nam... (Below threshold)

How much is the team name (Senators) worth? ...
I would have to think it's worth about a bus pass and a pack of Milk Duds.

Not unlike the namesake political body.

The 527s.... (Below threshold)

The 527s.

The Washington Lewi... (Below threshold)

The Washington Lewinski's

I just noticed some... (Below threshold)

I just noticed someone beat me to the Lewinski's so I'll go with:
The Empty Shirts

Three serious names to cons... (Below threshold)

Three serious names to consider....

1) D.C. Diablos
2) D.C. Demons
3) ***D.C. EAGLES***

What do you think?

i suggest the following pos... (Below threshold)
Bob Timperio:

i suggest the following possible names

Washington Capitals
Represenatatives (Reps for short)
and the many times suggested Senators
along with thier present name of Expos

How about the Washington De... (Below threshold)
Don Stewart:

How about the Washington Deputy Assistant Executive Administrators...
lovingly shortened to the Bureaucrats? They could have a mascot of some blue-haired lady in tennis shoes and a business suit, with rhinestone cats-eye-glasses and carrying a clipboard.

Please check some relevant... (Below threshold) Please check some relevant... (Below threshold)






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