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Kerry Sutra Watch - The $87 Billion

John Kerry is to politics as The Kama Sutra is to sex - an encyclopedia of different positions.

John Kerry offered his latest position on his signature line "I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it," this morning on ABC's Good Morning America [Transcript]. His new position: it was late at night, and he was tired.

"It just was a very inarticulate way of saying something, and I had one of those inarticulate moments late in the evening when I was dead tired in the primaries and I didn't say something very clearly. But it reflects the truth of the position, which is I thought to have the wealthiest people in America share the burden of paying for that war. It was a protest. Sometimes you have to stand up and be counted, and that's what I did."
Late at night? Really? Not according to the Washington Post.
"I actually did vote for his $87 billion, before I voted against it," he told a group of veterans at a noontime appearance at Marshall University.
Did anyone at the AP pickup on this gaffe? No.

The actually they cherry picked the quote and magically make the distortion disappear.

"It was just a very inarticulate way of saying something and I had one of those inarticulate moments," Kerry said in an interview broadcast Wednesday on "Good Morning America" on ABC. "But it reflects the truth of the position ... I thought that the wealthiest people of America should share in that burden. It was a protest."
Update: The GMA quote (originally posted at GeorgeWBush.com) has been updated to match the ABC News transcript, which was not yet online when this was first posted.


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Comments (21)

Kerry Sutra....ROFLMAO... (Below threshold)

Kerry Sutra....ROFLMAO

The mainstream media as don... (Below threshold)

The mainstream media as done a great job in smoothing over a number of Kerry's nuanced remarks, but the "flip-flop" reputation has stuck anyway. Now if I can just get out of my head the vision of John Kerry in various bendy Tantric poses.

And I bet he wasn't inhalin... (Below threshold)
joe cioni:

And I bet he wasn't inhaling when he said it.

As a note & not sure if thi... (Below threshold)

As a note & not sure if this applies as a response in this section! But you may want to know! CBS is NOT stopping the attack on Pres Bush - see the link below that is posted on the CBS News Website (The Top 10 Flip Flops of Pres Bush):
They are shameless!

- Kerry seems to suffer rec... (Below threshold)

- Kerry seems to suffer recurring late night "greyouts" that started when he was a young Ltjg in/near/around/close too/saw a picture of Cambodia....

- The CBS cabal knows its in the porcelein dumper and is acting in its usual infantile manner....Except the "other" emplyee's who are really pissed off at the Moonves/Heyward/Mapes/Rather liberal cluster f'k....If the affiliates campaign doesn't get them the flagging viewership will...Upper management can only afford to dick around so long....

- How about this North Roy... (Below threshold)

- How about this North Royalton Ohio Cop fighting with his own police dept. management over the right to display a "Vets against Kerry" sign in his patrol car... "A+" for guts....

- I'm writing a missive to Roves suggesting that when Bush gets around to the rewrite legislation on the 527's issue he includes a provision for the FCC to fine broadcasters for blatent partisan TV displays of any kind. Things like the Rathergate fiasco should be worth a mill note if a TV tarts tit is worth a half a mill...

- Maybe CBS could take some of the pressure off by beggining and ending every Rather "Newscast" with "I'm John Kerry and I approve this newscast"....

"One of those inarticulate ... (Below threshold)

"One of those inarticulate moments"??

You mean like the ones your party jumps all over if the President uses "a" instead of "an"? Just checking.

steve -As far as t... (Below threshold)

steve -

As far as the "shameless" attack on Bush, I'm sure that the WizBangerettes will publish a thorough fisking as soon as you write and doucument one.

Heh, already found three si... (Below threshold)

Heh, already found three signs with the Kerry/Kama Sutra thing over at the Kerry Sloganator.

Will the Bush campaign jump... (Below threshold)

Will the Bush campaign jump on this with a follow-up ad? I can see it now. Run the clip about being real tired, explain what time of the day it was when he was so tired and then have the narrator intone "Will America's enemies wait until John Kerry is well-rested to attack?"

Kerry apparently believe no... (Below threshold)

Kerry apparently believe now as in 1971 that protesting is his niche in life. He voted against the $87 billion as a mean of protest. In 1971, he denigrated our military in order to protest. Kerry values protest above all things including the lives of soldiers. Do we want a President with that attitude.

Come to think of it, he's a... (Below threshold)

Come to think of it, he's a real jerk. I guess Theresa Heinz-Kerry is right when she said, "There's a lot of scumbags out there." Including her husband and his supporters. What a despicable piece of crap.

Actually, if we just TRY to... (Below threshold)

Actually, if we just TRY to follow along with the Kerry Think here, we can see that what he actually means is that "noon" is "lateatnight" -- which is supported and reinforced by his earlier revelations that "winning" is "losing" and that "losing" is, surprisingly, actually "winning."

We can then follow through with all the issues of importance to our world and nation today, and just apply this Kerry Think Spin to every one of those issues, and by doing so, easily understand just who Kerry is and what he represents: that "allies" are those nations that do not lend support to our efforts, nor endorse them; that "a bad economy" is actually, a "good ecomony"; that "peace" is "war" and that "war" is, actually what he means when he says the word, "boo"; and, that "healthcare" is, actually, no health care made possible by higher taxes, thereby spreading the no-healthcare plan widely across the land, making the no-healthcare-by-higher-taxes plan available to "all citizens."

Or, not. We could just not do any of that, and just realize that the Kerry Spin Think is both contrary and nonsensical.

I think I like this last plan better.

Who gives a shit that six m... (Below threshold)

Who gives a shit that six months later he does not remember exactly when he said it.

"But it reflects the truth of the position, which is I thought to have the wealthiest people in America share the burden of paying for that war. It was a protest. Sometimes you have to stand up and be counted, and that's what I did."

I guess the people who care about this trivial crap are the people who are too afraid of the reality that Bush is failing us in the war on terror. I know you don't admit to reading the NY Times - but the story about the FBI still not being able to translate communications of terrorist is deeply disturbing to me.

You're right, I don't read ... (Below threshold)

You're right, I don't read the NY Times, but I do know folks in the FBI and I know they are doing things you and your pals at the NY Slimes know nothing about. Those Yuppie-snobs at the Times are for the most part empty suits who hide behind their best friend Mr. Anonymous Source and his girlfriend, Ms. Sources-Close-To (fill-in the blank). Actually, the information being translated by the FBI exceeds that which was translated by the Clinton FBI. Or was 9-11 the first time Islamofascists attacked an American target?

That's what I love about Libs -- denigrate the FBI, the CIA, the military -- anyone and everyone -- if it can help bring down our President.

Rollins: that "trivial cra... (Below threshold)

Rollins: that "trivial crap," as you describe "it," is such a significant aspect to Kerry's stance as a -- remember this detail? -- a U.S. Senator and, um, well, as a defining factor about him as a -- please recall this, too -- candidate for the Presidency, that any voter would be dumbstruck to not pay attention to Kerry's obvious inconsistencies about the "crap."

I assure you, there is nothing "trivial" nor "crap(py)" about Kerry's voting to fund U.S. troops/the defense effort/war on terrorism endeavors, nor anything "trivial" about his contrariness about how he voted and for what, or not. But, I also assure you, Kerry IS full of crap.

Um, just speaking in your language here, just trying to communicate.

S - you are a fool. This f... (Below threshold)

S - you are a fool. This flap is about what time of day Kerry said the statement - nothing else. He wanted to have the $87 billion paid for, not borrowed - he has never changed that.

Jim - "Actually, the information being translated by the FBI exceeds that which was translated by the Clinton FBI." That is not the point - yes we are doing more than we were, but not enough. If these sources were wrong than we would have heard from the FBI to challenge it.

And, I am if the FBI is dropping the ball, then they should be called out. Ignoring to protect anyone is stupid and dangerous.

Rollins - Isn't the point o... (Below threshold)

Rollins - Isn't the point of this "flap" that Kerry tried to come up with an excuse for his "inarticulate" choice of words - an excuse that was based on a factual error at best, a lie at worst?

He could have said that he chose his words badly and left it at that, but he had to make up a reason why he wasn't at fault. It's a pattern with him, and that's THE point. Blaming his aides for screwups, saying his family owns the SUVs - people talk about Bush not accepting any blame, but Kerry is worse.

So how many times did your dog eat your homework, or you lost the fly ball in the sun, anyway?

I can't believe how bad he ... (Below threshold)

I can't believe how bad he is.. he still can't articulate a understandable position and this has got to be the first set of tough questions he has answered since he became the nominee months ago... he'll get creamed tommorow!

I let the dogs take him on in my latest cartoon and used a pumpkin for his head , he looks like a freaking pumpkin.. lots of mush inside too!

Rollins how do you feel abo... (Below threshold)

Rollins how do you feel about the Patriot Act?

Dang- If anybody read my <a... (Below threshold)

Dang- If anybody read my PoliBlog they would have heard that one last week...






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