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Nation's Largest Police Union Backs Bush

I've often seem comments in the comments section here at Wizbang from "some guy" named Jim. I never knew he was like - you know- famous! Turns out he is the Vice President of the National Association of Chiefs of Police. He left a link in the comments section to an interesting article he wrote.


Contact: Jim Kouri, Vice President, National Association of Chiefs of Police

Ninety-two percent of US police commanders say they believe the news media are not fair and impartial in their coverage.


The nation's largest police union, the Fraternal Order of Police, announced in September that they enthusiastically endorse President George W. Bush for reelection. More than 300,000 police officers are members of the FOP. Yet, the news media intentionally or unintentionally ignored this important endorsement by our nation's law enforcement community, which shows the trust American cops have in Bush's ability to wage a war on terrorism and his resolve to protect the homeland.

When the international firefighters union endorsed John Kerry (largely because he believes buying more fire engines will protect us from terrorists), the news media could hardly hold back their excitement when making the announcement of that endorsement to the American people. Of course, they never mentioned that the New York City firefighters endorsed Bush -- and let's be honest, they are the guys who charged into the burning twin towers on September 11, 2001. Many of them laid down their lives -- along with NYPD and Port Authority cops -- to save the victims of the worst terrorist attack in our nation's history.

In addition, other police unions including New York City police organizations endorse President Bush. Most recently, the NYPD's Sergeants Benevolent Association added their wholehearted endorsement of our Commander-in-Chief. Yet the media's silence over these important endorsements is deafening. ...

Ok Jim, see what a simple comment can do. You got promoted to the front page... Now do you think you can help me with this ticket.....


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Comments (9)

Hey plenty of firemen endor... (Below threshold)

Hey plenty of firemen endorse Bush, too.

It doesn't surprise me that the news media has been quiet about this or anything else, after all, they are very slanted in their news and very biased. They'll carry Kerry's speeches, which drives me absolutely bananas - who can stand THAT voice?? Not me. I mute him if I have to stay on that station and read the scrolls. I hate the man with a passion and these new people in his group have made him even worse. I only hope that Bush does not have to lower himself to Kerry's level.

Glad to see someone is up a... (Below threshold)

Glad to see someone is up as early as me. Morning. Paul.

Especially considering the ... (Below threshold)

Especially considering the Kerry Klan would have had us believe that "virtually all law enforcement" was against Bush for not attempting to have the assault weapons ban reinstated.

Shame on the lib MSM.

Thank you, Paul. Perhaps yo... (Below threshold)

Thank you, Paul. Perhaps you could use your research skills on what appears to be a bogus NY Slimes story:


Maybe the fact that they pu... (Below threshold)

Maybe the fact that they put out their press release on a Friday had something to do with it. The administration has been releasing bad news on Fridays for a long time. It minimizes the chance that it will be covered by the press.

Not too savy on their part.

Just checked the official R... (Below threshold)

Just checked the official RNC site. Searched for anything related to the Fraternal Order of Police. Zilch.
I guess the party didn't think it was important enough to put on their news page either.

It's on the BushCheney04 we... (Below threshold)

It's on the BushCheney04 website, I believe.

Are you guys suggesting tha... (Below threshold)

Are you guys suggesting that authoritarian low-middle income males with HS educations support a republican with fascist tendencies?


Now isn't that a sweet elit... (Below threshold)

Now isn't that a sweet elitist comment from someone who couldn't pull a pop-tart from a burning building!!! And you thought you had the last word on this thread too!






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