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Operation Push Pitches In To "Shove It"

Sometimes campaign humor is hiding in plain sight.

WASHINGTON - The Rev. Jesse Jackson and other black political leaders spread a message of victimization that leads most blacks to vote Democratic, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Alphonso Jackson charged Wednesday.

The HUD secretary said he has advised President Bush's campaign to focus its efforts on younger blacks who did not grow up during the civil rights era because older blacks who did "have been conditioned" to vote Democratic by Jesse Jackson, NAACP Chairman Julian Bond, NAACP President Kweisi Mfume and others.

"They have made a living telling black people they are victims," the HUD secretary said in an interview with The Associated Press. "As long as they keep them in victim mode, they have liberals who will take care of them."

Wait for it...
Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry announced Wednesday that Jesse Jackson has joined the campaign as a senior adviser.
Hat's off to AP writer Genaro C. Armas for 4 paragraphs of unintentional (one would suspect) election year comedy gold.

Also, who knew that the president had appointed Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to a cabinet post?

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Wow. My knees are knocking ... (Below threshold)

Wow. My knees are knocking in fear of The Reverend Jesse Jackson. The guy's a joke. The Kerry campaign must be looking at internal polling figures and discovered blacks are yawning at Kerry. Two areas are being drilled into the collective psyche: the Republicans are looking to suppress the black vote, and the President has a secret plan to reinstate the draft.

The other day I heard The Reverend Jesse Jackson (btw, shouldn't he have gotten a promotion by now -- like shouldn't we be calling him The Right Reverend Jesse Jackson?) on the Hannity show. It was a riot. The guy is such a dunce. Hannity read him a statement from 2002 about why we should go to war with Iraq and Jackson called them lies. Then Hannity sprang it on him -- the statement did not come from Bush but rather from Kerry on the floor of the Senate. So Reverend Jackson, is Kerry a liar?

Another thing while we're o... (Below threshold)

Another thing while we're on the subject of The Reverend Jesse Jackson: Whenever a black starts denigrating Bush, I ask them what have the democrats done for them? What did President Clinton actually do for blacks? No answer. Or one guy said Clinton gave blacks hope. I wonder what part of the federal budget that "hope" came from. They are enslaved on a plantation by the Democrats with the help of the so-called civil rights establishment and they're told to pledge their allegence to the plantation owners like Bill, Hillary, Algore, and now John F. Kerry.

this is too funny to pass u... (Below threshold)

this is too funny to pass up, check this out...

Rev. Jackson Brings Black Windsurfers Into Kerry Camp


Hope you don't mind my doin... (Below threshold)

Hope you don't mind my doing this, Kevin. I started surfin' after finishing the thing below and it just seemed like a natural fit. Right category, too.
Bush Supporters Racist?

Now we have orange and blac... (Below threshold)

Now we have orange and black. It seems that the Democratic ticket is ready for Halloween.

Yeah, I'm just not sure thi... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I'm just not sure this one writes itself. Something along the lines of "Kerry Seeks Help from Fellow Victim" would help it along.

Excellent link (scrapplefac... (Below threshold)

Excellent link (scrappleface.com), thanks, enjoyed looking that over, but especially enjoyed reading the reader comments section.

From there, I found this:

"...'In unrelated news, the Democrat National Committee (DNC) today announced it will make a "substantial seven-figure contribution" to the Chicago-based Rainbow/PUSH Coalition.'

"Unrelated...uh-huh. And the Rev. Dr. Grand Vizier's progeny just happen to be the best darned beer vendors in Illinois, too.

"Looks like there'll be plenty of hot air to push that li'l surfboard along in the coming days.

"Posted by Possumtrotô at September 29, 2004 03:06 PM "






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