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Rally Round RatherBiased

Those of us who pounced on the Rathergate story know that the true pioneers in regards to all things Dan Rather have always been RatherBiased.com. The flood of attention they've received has literally brought their site hosting arrangements to their knees, twice.

As of today Mike Krempasky at Rathergate.com is taking donations to help get them back online, and hosting RatherBiased posts including the newest CBS draft hoax-report.

Matt Sheffield needs your support...


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Comments (4)

Has anyone been to <p... (Below threshold)

Has anyone been to



They weren't brought to the... (Below threshold)
John Q:

They weren't brought to their knees the first time.. their host was due to a fire in their building.

Ratherbiased.com chose to leave that host for a new, less capable one... cuz they were pissed.

That said, pony up some cash for them, they do great work!

I'm really glad they take c... (Below threshold)

I'm really glad they take credit cards - I don't do Pay Pal, etc.

I do injoy all the good new... (Below threshold)

I do injoy all the good news the bloggers bring to a forum..However i dont know if i will ever go back into the FREE REPUBLIC again...seems like they are blood thirsty...I dont agree with what Dan Rather did, I dont agree with what Burkhart did either..however when they start bashing the family members, that is going to far in my book...Oh and i told them so to, i am not shy...laugh..they told me that i should leave...wow..I was polite..they didnt like me disagreeing with them..I disagreed in a positive way..






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