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Swing States Starting to Swing

OK you "Bush by 40 states" people don't have me convinced but I'm not mocking you anymore.

Some Swing States Appear to Be Swinging to President

WASHINGTON, Sept. 28 -Days before the presidential debates begin, President Bush appears to be gaining in several swing states he lost in 2000.

Experts caution that the race is highly fluid, but Mr. Bush, for now at least, is surging ahead in several crucial states. Polls show Mr. Bush making headway in Iowa and Wisconsin, both of which he lost last time. He was also building leads in Ohio and West Virginia, states he won in 2000.

All four states have been hotly contested this year. And Senator John Kerry seems to have ceded Missouri to Mr. Bush.

The shocker in the last week was New Jersey, where three polls showed Mr. Bush pulling even with Mr. Kerry. The state, never on the battleground list, has voted Democratic since 1988 and comes with a sizable chunk of electoral votes, 15. Mr. Bush's strength there was a source of concern to Democrats.

Experts said New Jersey would in the end almost certainly go Democratic, but a snapshot of polls last week put it as a tossup

New Jersey? Oy!


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Comments (3)

Am I the only person annoye... (Below threshold)

Am I the only person annoyed by the constant "Mr. Bush" reference? (vs. Senator Kerry)

Clancy: I wholeheartedly ag... (Below threshold)

Clancy: I wholeheartedly agree with you. Show a little respect for the office, if not for the man.

Actually, it is acceptable form to refer to the President as President Bush the first time in an article, and thereafter to refer to him as Mr Bush, as was done in the article. The same rule applies to the Senator, as was done in this article.

My problem comes when the writer/editor/shithead-in-charge refuses to abide by generally accepted, civil writing practices (include speaking practices in this rant) and calls him Mr Bush from the get go as a means of displaying their disdain for the man.

Absolutely disgusting!

Yeah for New Jersey, it see... (Below threshold)

Yeah for New Jersey, it seems the Garden State is growing a brain.






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