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X Prize Attempt - Live

FoxNews is covering the first attempt* from Burt Rutan's Spaceshipone attempt at the X Prize.

Take off was a thing of beauty.

THEY DID IT! Fantastic landing - a few rolls in the middle but those were mostly expected.

UPDATE: Live Webcast

* To win the X Prize you must make 2 trips to space within 2 weeks. So this is the first attempt at the attempt.

Comments (4)

If it goes badly, be sure t... (Below threshold)

If it goes badly, be sure to expect a statement from Terry M. claiming Karl R was behind it.

I watched it. I was complet... (Below threshold)

I watched it. I was completely on the edge of my seat.

Is it okay for a grown man to get tears in his eyes at the office?

The rolls were not expected... (Below threshold)

The rolls were not expected. There was a malfunction of some sort.

Sorta Ron- It rolled on the... (Below threshold)

Sorta Ron- It rolled on the last flight too. (and apparently worse) They have not yet figured out why it rolled this time.






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