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For The Kids

[Note - This joke has been extensively tested on 3 to 6 year-olds, and found to be hilarious. Your results may vary]

Knock, Knock...

Who's there?


peanutButterJelly.gif who? [Repeat the proceeding line several times, then continue]

Knock, Knock...

Who's there?


jkorange2.jpg who?

jkorange2.jpg you glad I didn't say peanutButterJelly.gif


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Comments (21)

Did anyone watch FNC's Spec... (Below threshold)

Did anyone watch FNC's Special Report with Britt Hume last night? The all-star panel discussion on what John Kerry really said to Diane Sawyer was hilarious. These so-called intelligent journalists really think Kerry is for real. The panel kept trying to figure out exactly what is John Kerry's position on Iraq. It's like a modern day version of The Emperor's New Clothes. The news media are intentially oblivious to Kerry's scam on the American people. If Kerry was a Republican the Liberal MSM would be howling in laughter every time he said something.

I don't get it. But I'm no... (Below threshold)

I don't get it. But I'm not 3, 4, 5, or 6.

Which is strange because my sense of humor is usually just right around there, maybe 7.

Oops I forgot a line. Fixe... (Below threshold)

Oops I forgot a line. Fixed now, though the joke is still lame...

I've decided that John Kerr... (Below threshold)

I've decided that John Kerry, just like his wife, is a captive of his indoctrination into "class" and "status."


So, they resort to calling people names, pointing fingers, doing that "I need to just BEEEE" thing that Teresa is wont to do, and does, unfortunately.

In their hearts, they are people who are not "running" so much as they are assuming the position (that'd be the position of power, in their minds, not the other one) and so all these other details are just things that need to be worked out by various workers, helpers, believers.

AND, imagine that in the White House! It's just no surprise that "people in other countries" are reported as "preferring Kerry" because a lot of those in those polled results are people who are still impressed with that sort of thing, with the guy on the hill, the private jets, the droll disconnect from the muggy common folk, the issues of bother and 'all that'...

It also easily explains to me why so many among Liberals (uh, now they're adapting the new personna of "Progressives", but it's the same appeal, just a new label) are quite so foamingly dedicated to this Kerry win, despite not even liking him. It's a case of imposition: their will or nothing.

But Kerry exemplifies that sort of disdain, which is where most of his "irregularities" of statements come from, I'm thinking. He just can't say what he really thinks because he doesn't actually know what he really thinks, too messy, those details. So, instead, he does that verbal "wave of the hand" and otherwise dismisses the details, the real question posed, from his onhigh assumed position of status.

It's the failing of the very, very rich or the very, very attitudinal. As in: some people still think that pretty colors are the 'real deal.'

Du-ude: It's funny now.<br... (Below threshold)

Du-ude: It's funny now.

My daughter (5) tells me th... (Below threshold)

My daughter (5) tells me this joke all the time, although she knows nothing of politics.

Wow, talk about yer golden ... (Below threshold)

Wow, talk about yer golden oldies! I remember telling that one incessantly when I was a kid. I've got a cousin who recently reminded me of it, after fort...umm...thir...er...twen...er...many years.

Speaking of the various col... (Below threshold)

Speaking of the various colors of Kerry: Kerry: No Lights!

Kerry's such a maroon... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Kerry's such a maroon

No, Kerry is such an Orange... (Below threshold)
Dear Johns:

No, Kerry is such an Orange, not maroon.

- No doubt the Kerry peopl... (Below threshold)

- No doubt the Kerry people are all atwitter over the podium lights because they're afraid it may confuse their already confused candidate into thinking he's actually on an evening taping of "Jeopardy"...

- Imagine the horror as the moderators first question is asked and Kerry blurts out ... "Ok Alex...I'll take "Cambodia for 500".....

"I decided to go to a tanni... (Below threshold)

"I decided to go to a tanning bed BEFORE I decided to apply it with a paint roller."

So, other debate rules stip... (Below threshold)
Dear Johns:

So, other debate rules stipulate the candidates cannot ask each other direct questions but CAN ask each other rhetorical questions.

In Kerry's case, these rhetorical questions must be prefaced with:


Ok, c'mon. THAT one was fun... (Below threshold)
Dear Johns:

Ok, c'mon. THAT one was funny.

My 5 YO's favorite joke!</p... (Below threshold)

My 5 YO's favorite joke!

Orange you glad I didn't say Banana again?

I'll give credit to Britt t... (Below threshold)

I'll give credit to Britt though, he did ask the most pertinate question of the panel, "We know that Kerry said, knowing what I know now I would not have gone to war, the bigger question is what would Kerry have done when he thought Saddam had WMD like the rest of the world"?
We're all good at Monday morning quarterbacking. As a matter of fact I'm usually right 100% of the time!

WTF? I do not get this....<... (Below threshold)

WTF? I do not get this....

It's almost October. Up he... (Below threshold)

It's almost October. Up here in New England the leaves are starting to turn. And Senator Kerry is just getting into the spirit of the season and getting ready for Halloween. This year he's going as the Great Pumpkin.

Took me a minute. I'm think... (Below threshold)

Took me a minute. I'm thinking "OK, I got the banana thing but Kerry? Kerry Who?....wait that doesn't make sense. . . . . . . OOOOOooooohhhhhhh."

Thanks I needed that today.

Brit Hume credited Bill at ... (Below threshold)

Brit Hume credited Bill at INDC tonight and...the Jon Stewart clip from Sen Kerry's GMA interview was killer. I'm telling you, if the comedians continue to smell the Senator's blood and start a frenzy...he's done. I plan on watching no other post debate analysis on TV other than The Daily Show.

As for the joke...my 8 year old is now telling it to whoever will listen...just like I did at his age.

Love it! Have to get my fam... (Below threshold)

Love it! Have to get my family to read this; it's a favorite in our house, even before the new take on it!






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