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I'm John Edwards, And I Approve This Message

Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. John Edwards, D-NC, answers questions during a town meeting campaign stop at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh on Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2004. (AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)
Imus In The Morning - Sept. 29, 2004

IMUS: I had a bunch of people on my staff - and who are all pretty incompetent, by the way - and the MSNBC staff, go through everything that you said during the primary process to see if we could find something horrible that you had said about Senator Kerry.

EDWARDS: Yes. I bet you did.

IMUS: And we couldn't find anything. But at some point...

EDWARDS: You couldn't find anything?

IMUS: Not really, no. Other than you came from a working-class thing and the implication was that he didn't, which is fine. But at some point, there was a point where you thought you'd make a better president than he did. When did you decide that that was not the case, or have you?

EDWARDS: I think that John Kerry will make a great president.

IMUS: No, but that doesn't answer the question.

EDWARDS: I know it doesn't answer the question.


IMUS: Why wouldn't you want to do that?


EDWARDS: What, are you like Russert now?

Via - Carnivorous Conservative


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Comments (10)

I ran for President, before... (Below threshold)

I ran for President, before I ran for Vice President...

Aubrey, I think you meant:<... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Aubrey, I think you meant:
"I actually ran against John Kerry, before I ran for him..."


-Evilwhiteguy That... (Below threshold)


That should be their new slogan :-) You have to get the whole finger pointing thing in there also.


Dont commit Hairy Kerry; Vote Responsibly!

Just because you accuse you... (Below threshold)

Just because you accuse your opponent of "Voodoo Economics" in the primary, it doesn't mean you can't jump on board and be his Veep and support his economic policies later.


Actually, I generally consi... (Below threshold)

Actually, I generally consider Edwards and empty suit but I have to give him some credit here. He chose a deft and humourous way to handle that. If their whole campaign was like this, they'd probably be winning. Maybe they did get their ticket in the wrong order....

They did get their ticket b... (Below threshold)

They did get their ticket backwards.
Edwards looks a lot prettier in a dress than Kerry.

Actually, I think that was ... (Below threshold)

Actually, I think that was pretty smooth of John Boy.

Kudos to The Jr Senator fro... (Below threshold)

Kudos to The Jr Senator from NC (or is it SC, oh who cares, Bush will win both...)

And Kudos to GHWB (the WhiteHouseRetired.gov is great)

I agree with the above comm... (Below threshold)

I agree with the above comments. This exchange demonstrates more wit on Edward's part than anything that Kerry came up with on either the Daily Show or Letterman. Edwards is winking at the process. Good for him. I guess you don't win multi-million dollar lawsuits without being quick on your feet.

I found your site while sea... (Below threshold)

I found your site while searching on Yahoo for examples of blogs. I am trying to start my own and I'm trying to learn how this works.






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