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Oprah Offers Kerry Flavored Kool-Aid

Big stars are on a mission! They're trying to scare the shit out of Oprah Winfrey's audience. [Link]


P. Diddy makes his plea - Vote Or Die!
Cameron Diaz says, in effect, a vote for Bush is a vote to legalize rape.

Oprah's audience, at least the 50% who support Bush, are pissed.


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Comments (40)

I must have missed somethin... (Below threshold)

I must have missed something. I saw like two pro bush statements in over 20 comments.

Is Cameron Diaz on crack? N... (Below threshold)

Is Cameron Diaz on crack? No really...is she? What a stupid statement for her to make. Does she not realize that she's NOT helping John Kerry when she says things like this? She's not scaring anyone into voting for Kerry, but she sure is helping Bush. Good Lord, I need a Tylenol.

Just another example of dim... (Below threshold)
Dean Peterson:

Just another example of dim-witted celebrities offering up their "political opinions". This is one of the most obnoxious comments I've heard thus far, and can't believe that Oprah would let someone say something like that on her show.

Unless there is more to the... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

Unless there is more to the quote than I am seeing, how is this Bush bashing? Are you automatically inferring that Bush is the pro-rape candidate?

The left is making the argu... (Below threshold)

The left is making the argument that it was about issues, that if you want a voice in issues (like the legalization of rape is a real issue), you have to go vote.

The real point is that simply going out and voting would not prevent the legalization of rape. The next president whoever it may be could legalize it (not likely). Therefore the more nuanced argument would be that she was making a point that you have to vote for the right candidate. Which in this case it seems that Bush is busy working on legalizing rape as well as re-instating the draft.

I agree, her point was (or ... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

I agree, her point was (or at least should have been) that you have to vote and vote for the right candidate. My question is, what about her quotes make you think she is supporting Kerry?

By the way, regardless of w... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

By the way, regardless of who she meant you should support it is an asinine comment. I am just confused as to how this is somebody carrying water for Kerry.

She's been hanging out with... (Below threshold)

She's been hanging out with that silly Barrymore slitch too much, I think. They probably think that their horribly lame rip-off f a 70's T&A TV show will win an oscar, too.

"...if you think that rape ... (Below threshold)

"...if you think that rape should be legal, then don't vote."

Does this election include a referendum on the legalization of rape? Which is the pro-rape candidate, Bush or Kerry? Maybe we'll find out in the debates.

I'd bet that most Americans didn't know that rape was an issue in the election. This is what happens when pop-culture dumbells get free air time.

When you look up "celebrity... (Below threshold)

When you look up "celebrity" in the dictionary, doesn't it say "self-aggrandizing spotlight whore?" Cameron Diaz just added more proof to the my theory that there is very little going on in her head.

There is a special level in hell all ready for Oprah and Dr. Phil.

She's just adding material ... (Below threshold)

She's just adding material for Lost in Translation II, the Bimbo Returns.

Seeing as there are only tw... (Below threshold)

Seeing as there are only two candidates, and she's saying that a vote for Bush is a vote for rape, doesn't it makes sense that she's actually saying "Vote for Kerry! Vote for Kerry!"?

Gennei, when does she say t... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

Gennei, when does she say that a vote for Bush is a vote for rape? Am I missing something in the transcript?

Bill K - Actually, I might ... (Below threshold)

Bill K - Actually, I might have to retract somewhat from that. Her previous comments have been strongly left leaning.

comments from the 2000 election in which she advocated Gore (but was not anti-Bush as such)

She was involved with encouraging Gray Davis to enact the SUV tax, and is very environmental.

However, my original post was based on the belief that I thought she had made one of those irratic 'Bush is a moron' statements. Upon googling, I am unable to find such a statement, in fact very little political commentary from her.

I shall therefore pull my comments back to the notion that she is left leaning at best as opposed to being pro-kerry / anti-Bush.

Apologies to Ms. Diaz, and I can only assure you that the last 30 minutes of trawling through entertainment gossip news, and sites related to the nude photos of Ms Diaz has been due punishment enough.

Haha... again, I have no do... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

Haha... again, I have no doubt that she is pro-Kerry. And, I think the statement was ridiculous. I just don't understand why every comment like this is automatically assumed to be against Bush. Why would his supporters automatically think statements like this would be meant for him.

I watched this extravaganza... (Below threshold)
Katherine Lambert:

I watched this extravaganza of ignorance and propaganda. It was trully awful stuff with the rule that Drew nor Cameron could name the devil they were railing against (Bush) or mention their love of Kerry. Oprah, like Bill O'Reilly, plays two ends against the middle on a regular basis. She had the great show last week on the Cheyna Massacre and then she comes up with that mess of celebrity mindmelt and cloaked it in the civil rights amendment, women's rights and peace on earth talk. Vote to save yourself from "lynching" "raping" and "imposed poverty" all words that came up yesterday.
Oprah kissed and fawned over Michael Moore and called him a genius. I have not watched her on a regular basis since that time and consider her a woman who does not stand for anything except the Oprah brand.

While I'm sure Cameron Diaz... (Below threshold)
Mike D:

While I'm sure Cameron Diaz is not a political genius, I'm pretty sure she's acted as one before so maybe we should listen up!

There must be a lot of Zell... (Below threshold)

There must be a lot of Zell Millers on this blog.
I just cannot understand how anyone in their right mind could trust after all the lies(spin)Bush has told.All I can say is "give me a guy like Clinton" who runs the country over and above his extra activities. He did not have to send troops to foreign lands to get a thrill.

Bill K:Well, when ... (Below threshold)

Bill K:

Well, when you normally read something along the lines of...

"I mean, we could lose the right to our bodies."


"But if you think that you have a right to your body, and you have a right to say what happens to you and fight off that danger of losing that..."

...then you're pretty sure the person talking is pro-choice. Is President Bush pro-choice? No? So I don't think that she's pro-Bush. No pun intended.

There must be a lot of Zell... (Below threshold)

There must be a lot of Zell Millers on this blog.
I just cannot understand how anyone in their right mind could trust after all the lies(spin)Bush has told.All I can say is "give me a guy like Clinton" who runs the country over and above his extra activities. He did not have to send troops to foreign lands to get a thrill.

There must be a lot of Zell... (Below threshold)

There must be a lot of Zell Millers on this blog.
I just cannot understand how anyone in their right mind could trust after all the lies(spin)Bush has told.All I can say is "give me a guy like Clinton" who runs the country over and above his extra activities. He did not have to send troops to foreign lands to get a thrill.

Kerryvoter - let's play Jeo... (Below threshold)

Kerryvoter - let's play Jeopardy.... can you play and drink Kool-aid at the same time?

I'll take 'What is Kosovo for $200?'

I'll take 'what was the Somalia debacle for $400'

Thanks, Bill!

If I recall the US forces i... (Below threshold)

If I recall the US forces in Somalia were sent in by Bush Sr. However, you're right about Kosovo. Clinton did put US armed forces in Kosovo. One contrast to Iraq is that to the best of my knowledge, there have been very few, if any, US casualties in Kosovo.

Well, all is not lost becau... (Below threshold)

Well, all is not lost because I heard just yesterday -- and on FOX News, at that -- that Dr. Phil is endorsing Bush for President. Says he thinks that it's a good idea to have a President who has faith, believes in God, something very close to that, at least as was reported.

I agree that Diaz's comments, however, were so extreme as to call issue to Diaz, in the very worst possible way. The comments were just nuts.

Every time one of these wom... (Below threshold)

Every time one of these women's rights activists uses "Right-to-my-own-body" as a catch phrase it drives me crazy. I am adopted. If my birth mother had those "rights" with easy access to abortion in 1952, I would not exist.

Usually these wackos also support partial-birth abortion -- Screw 'em!

well, you could look at it ... (Below threshold)

well, you could look at it like this... recent study I read, can't remember where, theorized that since abortion was made legal, given the likely hood that those who had abortions would be 'more' likely to be liberal, the study estimated that the Dems have close to 1,000,000 fewer party members (basing this on when they would've reached voting age.)

Hopefully given enough time, they won't reproduce enough........

Or else they feared that th... (Below threshold)

Or else they feared that their spawn would rebel against them and become Republicans.

Better off dead, than that!

Im pretty sure that Diaz' c... (Below threshold)

Im pretty sure that Diaz' comments were to suggest that the current administratration is 'Raping' us with its policies. but I agree its a totally off-base thing to say. Im sure she will catch flack for this for the next week or two until some other celeb ramps the pseudopolitical rhetoric beyond that comment of hers..

Hmm...Is it just m... (Below threshold)


Is it just me or is dear Cameron looking rather skanky?

Um, I'm going to go with th... (Below threshold)

Um, I'm going to go with the idea that she thinks that not having a say over what happens to your body (i.e. limiting abortion) is equal to rape.

Of course the flaw with the argument that limiting abortion is equal to not having a say about what happens to your body is that in most cases (unless one actually is raped) the pregnancy that one wishes to terminate is the result of an action between two bodies that the woman probably had a say in.

My 2 cents.

Bill K - Quite simply, if t... (Below threshold)

Bill K - Quite simply, if there were to be a party that would legalize rape, there is no doubt it would be the right wing nazis with chimphitler at their head who would not only make rape legal, but mandatory - at least in the eyes of the left.

Quite easy to become cynical when you are called a woman hating nazi racist day after day by the left.

Okay, if we get rape legal... (Below threshold)
Master of None:

Okay, if we get rape legalized, then I got first dibs on Cameron. She's got just the right amount of skank.

No, people, Cameron's right... (Below threshold)

No, people, Cameron's right...


one drummer I'll tak... (Below threshold)

one drummer
I'll take Iraq for 1000 men who have died.

question: Did Bush tell a lie in order to attack Iraq? yes
I'll take the economy for 4mil.people out of work
question? Is the jobless rate actually 5.5 percent? no there are those who no longer have unemployment benefits also there are many more who have taken with much less payin the Bush economy.

Cameron Diaz is a lunatic, ... (Below threshold)
Middle Path:

Cameron Diaz is a lunatic, as are all celebrities who use their "enlightened" positions as political consultants. There are hordes of people who listen to the often one-sided trash that comes from these people. Celebrities think that because they make a good (or bad) movie, song, etc., that the public is automatically interested in their political standing. We need to pass a bill through the house stating these political idiots shouldn't be allowed to use their money as propaganda. I personally am weighing the options of this election, because I want to see everyone vote, in the true sense of democracy, but these celebrities rally portions of the public who wouldn't vote based upon these scare tactics. It is ridiculous and takes the competition out of our system. Now all the people who would have left the voting to those who were serious, just jump on the bandwagon and vote for "the lesser evil" (Kerry) because their favorite stars say so! Sorry, little miffed here. Take care everyone and vote how YOU feel.

<a href="http://www.google.... (Below threshold)
Delusional W:


GOP. The Ostrich should be your mascot. Keep sticking your heads in the sand much longer and our good ol' USA will be gone for good. You people are traitors to all that makes America great. And you do it, with the stupidest most idiotic sense of superiority the world has known for approximately 50 years.

I can't wait for this election to put your guy out on the street. Then we will see what shakes out. I'm sure it will come out just how far Mr. Bush and his cronies have soiled the office of the Presidency and the Constitution.

Oh, and free speach.

Oprah "dim-witted" ? The w... (Below threshold)

Oprah "dim-witted" ? The wealthiest woman in America [self-made] "dim-witted" ?

Good point cameron............ (Below threshold)

Good point cameron.............What the hell is wrong with her? She is one part retarded and the other is on massive amounts of crack. Simply unbelievable. Oh and to all the "kerry" supporters, he only is telling you things that you want to here, not what he will do, democrates are very, very deceptive when it comes to be up front about things, they twist words and cover thier shitty decisions. Kerry is the president that will get America as we know it blown to pieces, he is a political girly man and when it comes to war he will fail at defending me, my family and America.

I'm from Belgium and... (Below threshold)

I'm from Belgium and I just read this in the newspaper. This is the bravest thing I ever saw. Finally somebody who sees things clear. Finally a smart statement. At least somebody with a positive brain.

Well done Cameron !!!

Stability engineer and Master in Applied computer science and ... from Belgium

If the people continue to s... (Below threshold)

If the people continue to support Bush knowing the deceptions he has led this country with, the lives he has cost our people. Youtalk about the sh**** thing of the Democrats But you should have called it Bush**.All the spinning toward Kerry should have the name Bush inserted in its place.You Republicans have demoralized America and all that it stood for.You evangelicals have put the anti Crist in leadership and have destroyed the church as a ministry to the lost.






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