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Universities Are Paying Michael Moore To Promote His Film

Two public universities in Virginia are coming under fire for paying "Fahrenheit 9/11" producer Michael Moore $85,000 to speak and play clips from his movie in the days before the election

Richmond, VA (AP) - A Republican state legislator is challenging George Mason University's plan to pay "Fahrenheit 9/11" director Michael Moore to speak on campus five days before the election.

"How can GMU justify a $35,000 payment for any college speaker?" Del. Richard H. Black, R-Loudoun, asked in a letter dated Tuesday to the university's president, Alan G. Merten.

Moore is scheduled to discuss "Fahrenheit 9/11" on GMU's campus in Fairfax County on Oct. 28. University spokesman Daniel Walsch said that Moore planned to screen clips from the film and that the event would be open to the public.

The University of Virginia will reportedly pay Moore $50,000 to appear.

Update: GMU cancels Moore appearance


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Comments (15)

Capitalism is fine, just as... (Below threshold)

Capitalism is fine, just as long as I'm gorging at the government trough! Otherwise, it's EVIL!!!!

This guy should be packed up and shipped over to France. He can eat all the snails and not bathe to his heart's content.

Category title - "Asshats."... (Below threshold)

Category title - "Asshats." Love it. And there's never been anyone more qualified for the title than Moore.

If I were a student there, I'd be making a lot of noise about where my student fees were going..

UVSC in Utah is doing the s... (Below threshold)

UVSC in Utah is doing the same thing. Of course they are balancing it about by getting Sean Hannity to speak nine days before Moore.


Yes, UVSC in Utah is paying... (Below threshold)

Yes, UVSC in Utah is paying Moore to come. And one of their donors just pulled $1.n million in funding because of it. Not a smart move for UVSC.

THAT IS RIDICULOUS. It's no... (Below threshold)

THAT IS RIDICULOUS. It's not even a real documentary; it's not even REAL. If I was an alumni or had a kid in ANY of those schools, my kid and my money (if I had any) would be yanked so fast their heads would spin.

Heard tonight that they hav... (Below threshold)

Heard tonight that they have canceled Moore's appearance at GMU.

He has another secret I'd l... (Below threshold)

He has another secret I'd like to know a little about. How can a man get a George Hamilton tan playing a 30 minute touch football game in Cambridge, Mass. while not tanning a bit standing out of doors in Florida handing out drinking water to hurricane victims? Is a manicure the only way to get that body dye out from under your fingernails?

And the money from the Univ... (Below threshold)

And the money from the Universities in most cases comes from student fees above and beyond tuition. Poor college students working three jobs to pay for school are forced to give extra money for the priveledge of having Moore come and visit.


The University of Florida i... (Below threshold)

The University of Florida is also doing it... I will be there with fellow Protest Warriors.

One of the Michael Moore GM... (Below threshold)

One of the Michael Moore GMU speeches was just cancelled after a Louden County government official complained about that use of taxpayer money. The campus agreed and cancelled the speech, which was to have cost $35,000.

I hear that these college c... (Below threshold)

I hear that these college campuses are cancelling his "visits" as well.

Someone called Sean Hannity to try to get him to come a debate the fat boy but fat boy doesn't want accountability. He just wants to be free to spout his lies & brainwash young people.

There is actually a new movie made called FarenHYPE 911 that disputes all the fat boy lies. Talk about cencorship? They won't allow them in the movie theaters so you have to buy it online. You can go to www.overstock.com to buy the DVD/book... pass it along to your friends BEFORE election day.

As an old man of 42 years I... (Below threshold)

As an old man of 42 years I must tell you how reading this blog makes me feel. It makes me feel proud to be an American and gives me great comfort that our country's future is still in good shape. The counter-culture of MTV seems to be exactly that, a counter-culture. Remember when you meet that sandal wearing, John Lennon goggle wearing, tree hugging, two earring wearing, tattoes out the ass, loser with a cool looking chick, that chick is fantisizing about banging a macho republican or a Marine. God bless the USA.

Does anyone know how much t... (Below threshold)

Does anyone know how much the University of Florida is paying Moore to speak? I would like to know so I can tell my fellow students how much of our money is being wasted on partison politics.

Im a hermit and need to sha... (Below threshold)
michael moore:

Im a hermit and need to shave. Im going to make a movie of my life, and it will be called "Im a worthless human being that goes around lieing any chance that i get."

I am a UVSC student who is ... (Below threshold)

I am a UVSC student who is ticked that our student government paid over $50,000 to have Moore come. That's student money and we want it back. I made some funny t-shirts to protest the event. You can buy them at http://www.nomoore.net/






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