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Boobie-Thon 2004!!!

The Third Annual Blogger Boobie-Thon is a fun way to do serious good - raise money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Did I mention there's boobies? Yes they've got both types - female and male.

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here at wetwired, we're doi... (Below threshold)

here at wetwired, we're doing our part too as far as helping out (its funny)


Men! Honest to God, you're ... (Below threshold)

Men! Honest to God, you're all sickos.

Since the pink ribbon stands for breast cancer, when I was doing medical transcription for doctors way back for a long friggin time getting it back the next day, there was a case where this young man had two mastectomies, chemo, the whole gamit, and still it spreaded everywhere. Poor thing. As for me when they say "How about a mammogram, I say No Thanks!!" Have fun with your boobies, boys.


How come they don't have a ... (Below threshold)

How come they don't have a color for testicular cancer? Guys are supposed to check themselves at least once a month, too, but most don't know it.

When it comes to women, their related testicles are their ovaries and not much can be done to check them for cancer. Every once in awhile, I'll toss in a CA125 test but I already know it'll be either cancer or heart - came from Woburn, MA - where "A Civil Action" took place and I still don't think it's all cleaned up. Got into my mother's family genetics and everyone I ever knew on 3 streets growing up was sick with something - including me. Now I can actually add stroke to my list. Genetics and environment are great. Now that I think about what was in the water and in the ground and what got into my mother's family's genetics, I often wonder what'll happen to the Iraqi's with all that crap they have in their water, in their ground, and in their genetics. I know, out of context but nonetheless true.

So don't forget guys, you need to be checked too. Me? Hell with it - I'm not going through that crap or treatment - uh huh, no way in hell. No one in my family ever survived it and my mother was dead before she was 64. She has 14 years on me, I doubt I'll be around that long.

I know you just do it for the boobies part..anyway! You're so transparent!! :-)

Thank you for the plug, Wiz... (Below threshold)

Thank you for the plug, Wizbang. We at the Boobie-Thon appreciate it.






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