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Item: Kerry - (On domestic security) "That's why they had to close down the subway in New York when the Republican Convention was there."

Problem: I was there. The NYC subway never closed during the convention

Item: Kerry recounted how he had (with former Senator Smith (R-NH)) gone down into the bowels of the former KGB under TREBLINKA SQUARE.

Problem: Treblinka was the name of a NAZI EXTERMINATION CAMP.


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work in progress... ::guffa... (Below threshold)

work in progress... ::guffah::

hope the server has a lot of space...


Are you going to get me an ... (Below threshold)

Are you going to get me an affidavit from the tunnel. Why don't you just shut up with this nonsense and listen up. "Suck it up and give it right back. We still have 2 more chances and let us call in the artillery. Swiftboat, Cheney, RNC, CC, gillespie, de lay et al and we can negate this "advantage".

The dissection of t... (Below threshold)

The dissection of the debate should be quite interesting.I think much of what Kerry said will be proven inaccurate.
Bush was off his game, especially on the split screen when Kerry was speaking.(Just stand still and look placid godammit!)However,Bush looked into the camera,Kerry did not:NOT ONCE from what I saw.Did you ever have a conversation with someone who never for one second looks you in the eye?That person has must have a honesty problem.Are there any trained body linguists out there that noticed this?

Hey Green:Have anot... (Below threshold)

Hey Green:Have another drink!

Wow! This the best you have... (Below threshold)

Wow! This the best you have? Go back to anal-izing typewriters already. Kerry just creamed your boy, and obviously you don't even have the guts to stay up and fight for Smirking Chimp. Losers. I would call you gay, but that would be wrong. But you know what I mean.

Stanley:Give my reg... (Below threshold)

Stanley:Give my regards to Ollie.

hahaha MahaRichie, that's w... (Below threshold)

hahaha MahaRichie, that's why I love this site so much. I agree with you, m'lady and I do indeed believe, Kevin, that I may have other things he said that will be proven to be false. Actually he sounded totally idiotic. Stanley, sometimes you have to face the truth and that is Kerry is not and never will be a good President. I found letters today written by the heads of state over in Europe telling him to stop saying they support him when they do not. I find lots of things - especially since I never sleep, so I'm a 24 hour tracker of all news. There will be lots of mass media breakdowns and you will find that Kerry was in the wrong many times, which was fairly obvious even to a nobody like me. Hope Ollie is sleeping it off with you. I do believe that in this case, Bush won and won quietly, as is his manner, but nonetheless, won over Kerry in this debate. Watch it again on c-span without bias and you will see what I mean. That goes for anyone else in the Kerry camp. Remember something else too - especially to my two Davids, I was raised in a strict, straight down the board, democratic household and even I could change my Dad's mind if he were alive right now. My parents ran the democrats campaign, especially the Kennedy's. I hate Ted Kennedy as much as I hate John Kerry. I lived in a suburb of Boston, so I knew these families personally. YUCK. No Thank You. Let me go over my notes and get back to you Kevin or I can email the whole damn thing to you if you want and you can pick out the stupid things Kerry had to say. Just let me know.

I love this place. It's been good for me - I finally feel free and proud of our nation. If Kerry, by some ungodly mistake, ever becomes President, we are in big trouble and I am not kidding. Wake up, America, there is danger on the horizon and that danger morphs.


Kerry was also mistaken on ... (Below threshold)

Kerry was also mistaken on his comment regarding withdrawing soldiers from Afghanistan to find Bin Laden in Tora Bora to send to Iraq. General Franks notes this is inaccurate as have I.

There were many inconsistencies in both candidate's but Kerry gave soundbites that Bush will use to his advantage. Bush didn't give Kerry anything. In this rationale, Bush will be the victor after the ads start running.

maybe he meant Subway sandw... (Below threshold)

maybe he meant Subway sandwiches restaurants.

come on. we all know the chicken vinagrette on monterrey chedder bread has not left us any safer than before 9/11.

Anybody catch Kerry's comme... (Below threshold)

Anybody catch Kerry's comment regarding "weapons of mass destruction" going in and out of Iraq? He blew it with that, but I don't expect the MSM to give it any play.

He meant Lubyanka, not Treb... (Below threshold)

He meant Lubyanka, not Treblinka. As someone who will not be voting for Kerry under any circumstance, not a big deal. I only saw part on tape, but I have to say I thought both guys were pretty good, and I was happy that Kerry was able to remove that strange orange glow before the debate.

Did anyone catch the idea t... (Below threshold)

Did anyone catch the idea that Kerry effectively said that he would vote to put our troops at increased danger by voting against the $87b because he found an opportunity to leverage a tax increase. His latest reason for voting against it after voting for it.

This is a much more dangerous position than what I thought he meant by the flip flop. I was giving him the benefit of the doubt on that, because he did say that voting against it would be irresponsible, that maybe he thought 87b was not enough. Now we have proof of his real priorities.

The Hee-row mispoke, I'll ... (Below threshold)

The Hee-row mispoke, I'll give him a pass on the 'closed subway' bit, one of the major subway STATIONS was closed for a while. It's not like this limo lib would know the difference between 'the subway' and one subway station, after all.
The Hee-row won the debate on points, narrowly. He needed a knockout. Too little, too late.

Kerry even lied when Lehrer... (Below threshold)
Clay Jarr:

Kerry even lied when Lehrer asked him to give examples of Bush lying to the American people. Kerry said that he never used that 'strong' word. Really, John? Never?

I particularly like this ex... (Below threshold)

I particularly like this exchange:

LEHRER: New question, Mr. President, two minutes.

Do you believe the election of Senator Kerry on November the 2nd would increase the chances of the U.S. being hit by another 9/11-type terrorist attack?

BUSH: No, I don't believe it's going to happen. I believe I'm going to win, because the American people know I know how to lead. I've shown the
American people I know how to lead.

Ducked that one nicely, Mr. President

Well, I for one was pro Ker... (Below threshold)

Well, I for one was pro Kerry going into this debate. However, I was also going to be as open minded during this first debate as possible. I admit, Bush brought up some good points. But man, he really looked high or something during the whole thing. He didn't speak well at all either. The split screen shots really made him look bad. He looked like he didn't want to be there AT ALL. He didn't look like he even cared. I am still waiting for the other dabates to air, but my vote is still for Kerry. I think he looked much more professional and spoke much clearer. Bush looked like he was on the defensive the whole evening. Kerry smashed him.

If you think Kerry smashed ... (Below threshold)

If you think Kerry smashed anyone, you're not very openminded. The disappointed I feel over the debate is that Bush didn't refute all of Kerry's bullshit. It's hard to debate Liberals because they are quite capable at packing 10 lies into one paragraph. I reviewed Kerry's comments during the debate and there are many statements he made that deserve rebuke. For instance, blaming Bush for the North Koreans? The North Koreans duped the Clinton Administration who gave away the store through Jimmy Carter to stop their nuclear program and then didn't bother verifying that indeed the North Koreans were in compliance with the agreement. Bush didn't do a good job of exposing Kerry. He was off his game. But Kerry smashed no one. Kerry is the same scumbag he's always been -- a traitor, a liar and a dirtbag.

firstbrokenangel:"... (Below threshold)


"I found letters today written by the heads of state over in Europe telling him to stop saying they support him when they do not."

I'd like to see those letters. Can you link to them? Thanks.

The subway mis-statement is... (Below threshold)

The subway mis-statement isn't really that small. There are hundreds of stations. I travelled all over NYC during the convention, and none were closed. Kerry is factually inaccurate by hundreds of stations and an entire city-wide system of track.

Maybe the Penn Station Amtrak tunnel was closed briefly during the president's speech, but that's not the subway.

The point is, Kerry threw out a 'fact' that had no basis in reality. It's easy to seem masterly and in charge of a subject if you can just make stuff up. It's a nasty habit and it's something that previous adversaries like William Weld have noted about Kerry. His tendency to fictionalize in Vietnam after-action reports and in speeches on the floor of the Senate show that this is a lifelong problem. It's not a good thing in a president.

Interesting Gallup/CBS poll... (Below threshold)

Interesting Gallup/CBS poll shows Bush is still in good shape:

Who won the debate?
Bush 37%
Kerry 53%

Who would better handle the situation in Iraq?
Bush 54%
Kerry 43%

Who do you trust more to handle Commander-in-Chief Job?
Bush 54 %
Kerry 44%

and there's a lot more.


"I was also going to be as ... (Below threshold)

"I was also going to be as open minded during this first debate as possible"

-- signed, [email protected]

You're about as credible as your candidate's foreign policy.

Hey Roger,You said... (Below threshold)

Hey Roger,

You said "But man, he (BUSH) really looked high or something during the whole thing."

I guess that might be because while Kerry was having his nails done & hair combed Bush was in the state giving comfort to Floridians who have been devestated by these hurricanes.

Bush was on the job! ...unlike Kerry who missed how many votes in the security council after 911???

You can check out all the K... (Below threshold)

You can check out all the Kerry flip flops here...really good.


hmmm...Dr. Steve? I agree ... (Below threshold)

hmmm...Dr. Steve? I agree Kerry can really throw the BS around & make it look good when in fact he's really just a liar. Is that your guy? hahahahaha

Branna:Keep the fai... (Below threshold)

Branna:Keep the faith.Cheney will slice and dice Edwards,and make up for whatever points Bush didn't capitalize on...because he was out DOING his job(as you said).If President Bush was rested,Kerry would have been talking to himself after the debate.We all will see the Class flow on Friday.Peace be with you.






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