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You're Fired, Again


From the Albany Times Union:

For the second time in two days, Slingerlands native and "Apprentice" contestant Jennifer Crisafulli was apparently fired Thursday -- this time from her real job -- for remarks she made on the NBC reality show.

An official with the Manhattan firm Prudential Douglas Elliman said Thursday that Crisafulli, a 32-year-old real estate agent with the firm, would not be welcomed back because of comments she made on Wednesday night's episode of "The Apprentice."

Crisafulli, who now lives in Manhattan, made remarks that were perceived by some as anti-Semitic.

"We do not intend to have an individual in our organization who subscribes to this point of view," Steven James, Elliman's senior vice president and executive director of sales, told the Times Union on Thursday night. "They are not wanted. They are not needed."

But was she fired? James would not use the word, citing legal reasons, and Crisafulli said no one from Elliman contacted her Thursday. She did say it appeared she was about to be let go, if she hasn't been fired already.

"I'm so upset," she said. "I mean, my career is gone."

The 1990 graduate of the Academy of the Holy Names was shown on "The Apprentice" Wednesday making disparaging remarks about two women whom she believed gave a negative review to a restaurant her team opened. The team lost and project manager Crisafulli was later fired by star Donald Trump.

"It was those two old, Jewish fat ladies," she told teammates. "Really. They were like the pinnacle of the New York jaded old bags."

Of course her former employer is still pimping her apperance on the show on its web site.


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Comments (26)

Making that comment was jus... (Below threshold)
Another Thought:

Making that comment was just plain stupid. I'm surprised it didn't come up during the boardroom segment, and form the basis of her firing from the show.

On the other hand, she was interviewed on the Today show and she said that she was half Jewish herself, and that many people in her family, including her brother, were practicing Jews.

I don't think she'll be lac... (Below threshold)

I don't think she'll be lacking for job offers. She was successful before being on THE APPRENTICE, after all, that's how you get to be on the show.

She'll be just fine. She probably would have quit anyway methinks.

Doesnt she know better. Ser... (Below threshold)

Doesnt she know better. Serves her right!

I would never hire that wom... (Below threshold)

I would never hire that woman. We all now have documented work performance and personal interactive skills evidence. She never shuts her mouth!! She can't work with people, she's rude, catty, plays favorites, and her hair style is outdated by about 35 years. She's fired. Or never hired.

She looks high-maintenance.... (Below threshold)

She looks high-maintenance.

Maybe I'm the ultimate WASP... (Below threshold)

Maybe I'm the ultimate WASP but what is wrong with saying "Jewish women"? It was disparaging because these laides were old or fat or annoying? Is calling someone Jewish as bad thing? Is it like calling someone "black", which we all know is not allowed unless you ARE black because it is racist and profiling and possibly even hateful? So if you notice they are Jewish (which, I really really need to say that my own sister-in-law who is Jewish reminds me in every paragraph that she is a JAP and brags/whines about it). So if you are Jewish it is okay to notice other Jewish people, but (and God knows the ACLU is trying to make this a crime )- if you are CHRISTIAN you can't speak out loud that someone might be an annoying Jewish person?????

So, if 2 old bats ruin your project with their whining, and you always blame others for your failure, it is a greater social faux pas if you say the word Jewish out loud and worthy of getting fired from your day job. Is that correct?

Corey's probably right on a... (Below threshold)

Corey's probably right on all counts, and Joe's right too - but that isn't necessarily a hindrance for a real estate agent.

I'm Jewish, and I can't see what's anti-Semitic about her remarks. They were a slander on a certain type of New Yorker - but the type she dissed crosses religious lines with a vengeance.

if omarosa is still getting... (Below threshold)

if omarosa is still getting gigs from people desperate for free publicity, there's no reason the nastiest person so far this season shouldn't make the most of her 15 minutes

I doubt the young woman wil... (Below threshold)

I doubt the young woman will suffer from moral opprobrium for her comments. Stupidity has a way of making its presence felt on most television shows. I suppose I should watch it, but doubt that I will.

I never got past her pic...... (Below threshold)
mr lawson:

I never got past her pic...Yummmmmm:-)
anybody know if she's married?
/one ticket please

I don't watch the show, stu... (Below threshold)

I don't watch the show, stumbled on the picture here and thought, hmm...I'd buy real estate from her. Attractive women can sell most anything. Beside, those remarks don't sound Anti-Semitic to me. If they were, Seinfeld would never have made it on the air, nor the Nanny.

Oh give me a break. There ... (Below threshold)

Oh give me a break. There is nothing anti-semitic about calling calling a whiny jewish woman a whiny jewish woman. Please.

"Crisafulli, who now lives in Manhattan, made remarks that were perceived by some as anti-Semitic."
-- yeah, some people are idiots

When I lived in Virginia Be... (Below threshold)

When I lived in Virginia Beach there was a pub called the Jewish Mother. JewMom for short.

Don't know if it's still there, but I wonder if those same "some" would perceive that as anti-Semitic.

Look if she lived in fly ov... (Below threshold)

Look if she lived in fly over country we would've rolled our eyes and moved on, but she doesn't. Crisafulli lives where being politically correct is a valid religion. She's being crucified for an unpardonable sin.

I wonder if she is an anti-... (Below threshold)

I wonder if she is an anti-dentite too?

- I suspect this is another... (Below threshold)

- I suspect this is another "bottom-line thing". No one really gives a damn or actually disputes what she said....But once PC is applied to anything common sense goes out the window and damage control commenses no matter how picyune the "offense" is...

- People in the public eye are going to have to learn a whole new play book in what you can and cannot say...best way to avoid the whole process is to "unlearn" common platitudes such as "dog and pony show"..."You people"...and any reference to a person's color or other identifying characteristics...

- According to PC thinking we are all a bunch of non-discript zombies with no distinguishing aspects of our personage...I am waiting for the day when PC is taken to the point if you call anyone wonderful, intelligent, and beautiful it will be taken as a personal affront because you may just be making a hidden reference to their true short comings....Livin' in america....gotta love it

She probably saw Schindler'... (Below threshold)

She probably saw Schindler's List while in college and I'll bet she probably made out during the entire movie....

There was no need for the d... (Below threshold)

There was no need for the description. How did she know that they were Jewish. Did they identify themselves that way. Were they wearing clothing or other items that made it amply clear that they were Jewish. Not that I noticed.

It didn't need to be included in her description. It was fine to say that they were older, but there was no need to specify what religion she thought they might practice.

It was a stupid remark on her part and she deserves to be smacked about it.

Added to say that if you ar... (Below threshold)

Added to say that if you are going to appear on some type of reality television show you better be extra careful in what you say because editing can wreak havoc on your appearance.

No real estate career ends ... (Below threshold)
Uncle Mikey:

No real estate career ends because you get fired. You become a broker or work for a new one. Unless, of course, she meant going on that dumbass show ended her career, which may well be the case.

PC gone amuck and nobody wi... (Below threshold)
Remy Logan:

PC gone amuck and nobody wins. What's scary is that the new standard is now "that were perceived by some as anti-Semitic."

First they came for the straight Christian white males and I did nothing because I wasn't one of them. Then they came for the sharp-tongued white females and I didn't stand up because I wasn't one of them. Then they came for...

this is the stupidest thing... (Below threshold)
jake weissman:

this is the stupidest thing i have ever heard. that jennifer has lost her job in real estate over her comments is an obscene gesture from the over-zealous fascists of the left! when did america stop paying attention to its own constitution. jennifer merely identified the women as jewish, that they were old bags, but did not imply that their negative attributes were connected with their jewishness. i don't want to live in a country where people can be fired for stating the obvious. try this one on for size: "it was those two fat black ladies," or "it was those two fat hispanic ladies." jennifer did not disparage the women for their ethnicity/culture/religion; she insulted their attitude and mentioned, incidentally, and by way of description, that they were jewish. i can tell you who had a problem with her comments: people who are so terrified of their own latent anti-semitism that they percieve calling someone Jewish an insult. shame on the firm that fired her, shame on them. oh, and by the way, i am f.cking jewish!

I think the alleged reason ... (Below threshold)
Another Round for Egor:

I think the alleged reason for firing her is a stupid one...but I'd fire her any way because I wouldn't want the trash talking, incompetent dumb ass in my company. That's this man's opinion.

Oh she's beautiful allright... (Below threshold)

Oh she's beautiful allright; wasn't even dressed properly for a tv interview, using her sexy body instead of a nice PROPER suit as she was trying to explain herself. She may have lost her job but trust me, she'll get something even better out of this. Bitch. Life is not fair sometimes.

I'm fairly sure there have ... (Below threshold)
Stephen Walker:

I'm fairly sure there have already been men that have made the mistake of thinking what is on display is available. I think one of the reasons that she got fired is she rings some alarm bells in the experianced male. She's a harrassement case waiting for her superior to make a mistake, fail to promote her or fire her. Watch the former employer have to deal with some accusations of harrassement.

I actually think that Shelly R was the one that should have been fired. However, I think that Jennifer was ringing Trump's bells. I believe he has had to deal with false complaints in the past.

Stephen Walker

The first season of the sho... (Below threshold)
Richard Saling:

The first season of the show was great. I had a few people I could root for. That season was about what to do to succeed in business. This season, the participants are all pathetic. I dislike all of them. This season is definitely about what not to do in the business world.






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