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Haileygate - Peer Review

Peer review is a time honored tradition in academia. In my conversation with Dr. Newcomer he reminded me that true scientific study requires (actually demands) that when a researcher publishes their findings they must do so in a manner and form that their results can be replicated by any other scientist. He used an example of someone who claimed to have discovered an new element, and was forced to re-examine his findings when others could not replicate his results. He found that a small error in the sequence had lead to what appeared to be a new element when it was actually an already known one. The key point is that this peer review process was not complete and his findings were not accepted until AFTER others, following his documented methods, could replicate his results.

On the subject of the CBS memos, Charles Johnson at LGF laid the foundation for the debunking of the CBS memos by providing instructions and visuals of retyping one of the memos in Microsoft Word, then overlaying the output onto the CBS memo. This procedure has been peer reviewed thousands of times in thousands of locations. It works every time.

Hailey's comparison document was created with sophisticated software (Photoshop), not with a typewriter. If you remember the movie "A Beautiful Mind" where Russell Crowe's character spends hours cutting letters and words out of magazines and newspapers that would give you an idea of the methods Hailey claims to have employed. In creating his comparison document, Hailey essentially "cut and pasted" the "th" from the CBS document and dropped it into his computer generated comparison document. The exact method to replicate his results is not documented.


Hailey has proved that he (and he alone) using sophisticated computer software like Photoshop can generate something that looks fairly similar to the CBS documents. At no time does he ever employ a typewriter in asserting that the memos were written on a typewriter.

LGF proved that any novice equipped with the world's most popular word processing program can generate something that is virtually indistinguishable from the CBS documents in a manner of minutes.

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Nobody cares. Now, about Ca... (Below threshold)

Nobody cares. Now, about Carl Cameron and the Communists for Kerry....

I'd apologize and remove th... (Below threshold)

I'd apologize and remove the posts. It's defamation time buddy.

No, what Hailey has proven ... (Below threshold)

No, what Hailey has proven is that the font isn't Times New Roman. He has also proven (or stirred you up to demonstrate) that you're too stupid to read carefully, because it was always clear that he never claimed he generated the documents with a typewriter.

From the link provided by E... (Below threshold)

From the link provided by Exploding Head:
What you see is a professor's research project intended for students and colleagues at Utah State to comment upon and contribute to.

Well, he was critiqued. Maybe more harshly than he is used to, but it is no different than having a student, faculty member, or any other person critique his work.

The really frightening thing is all the uproar people like you and the person that wrote that article have created. The Left likes to talk about the crushing of free speech - look in the mirror. Every criticism of the professor's work is valid. He presented what he believes is evidence that the documents were not forged, and came to that conclusion. His evidence and his conclusion were challenged.

I hope he tries to take this to court. He'll look foolish attempting to argue that his paper - which he posted so it could be subjected to review and criticism - was in fact reviewed and criticized.
Posted by Sean at October 4, 2004 06:01 PM






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