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"Who Are Those Guys?"


Next question, from the gentleman in back in the red pajamas....


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Comments (32)

"I'm Tom Brokaw...""... (Below threshold)

"I'm Tom Brokaw..."
"I'm Dan Rather..."
"And I'm Peter Jennings, and we're..."
<in unison> "...reporting for duty, Sen. Kerry!"

Call Tom Ridge! Theres a bl... (Below threshold)

Call Tom Ridge! Theres a blogger in the crowd and he's got a laptop strappes to his chest!

Dan: "What is that Tom?"<br... (Below threshold)
Lonnie Kendall:

Dan: "What is that Tom?"
Tom: "I don't know. Never seen anything like it. What do you think it is Peter?"
Peter: "I've heard of it, I think its light. It has something to do with the truth."
Dan: "Never saw it before."
Tom: "Nor have I"
Peter: "Could some one turn that light stuff off? We are much more comfortable in the dark."

Guys, we can't all b... (Below threshold)
jack rudd:

Guys, we can't all be "see no evil". Two of us have to be "hear" and "speak".

These guys need to fess up ... (Below threshold)
Pat Adkins:

These guys need to fess up to their bias. Remember the Richard Clarke book and the huge welcome he got on the MSM's? And CBS's failure to reveal their parent company published to book?

Well, here is a quote from Josh Howard (60 Minutes producer): "If you're looking to deflect attention away from the content that was in the Clarke piece,this is a good way to do it.", Josh Howard, Executive Editor of "60 Minutes", "and we walked right into the trap. The idea that we have any political bias is silly"..."We want to make news. That is our agenda."

He said it, I did'nt. MAKE the news? Oh yeah.

Source: Davis Bauder, AP Television Writer, article 4/11/04, entitled "60 Minutes Incident Brings Spotlight To Issue of Corporate Ties And News."

Peter and Tom have n... (Below threshold)
jack rudd:

Peter and Tom have no choice than to come to Dan's defense, since all three bloviators have been selecting and distorting and prevaricating for decades.

Several years ago Rush Limbaugh referred to shining the light of truth into liberal caverns of darkness. Now we know what he meant.

These guys seem to be asking, "What do you mean, our time is up?"

Jawa got there before I cou... (Below threshold)

Jawa got there before I could.
(slips into Andy Rooney mode)
"Did you ever notice Dan never uses the proper hand? I hate that."

"Who's the loudmouth in the... (Below threshold)

"Who's the loudmouth in the back? Dan, isn't that your credibility?"

"Can't be, my credibility died back in the '80s. Yours, Tom?"

"Mine walked out on me fifteen years ago. Haven't seen her since. Been a long time, but I don't THINK that looks like her.... Peter?"

"I have never had any, but if I had, do you think I'd have the poor taste to go with one that had an AMERICAN accent? No, boys, had I any credibility, she'd say 'aboot' properly. Or she'd be French."

"So who IS that loudmouth in the back? Security, we need help here."

What do you mean, th... (Below threshold)
jack rudd:

What do you mean, this is a lineup?

Do you think they'll notice... (Below threshold)
Stephen Walker:

Do you think they'll notice I've got my hand in my lap?

"The jig is up, guys... (Below threshold)
jack rudd:

"The jig is up, guys. Tom Ridge learned about our sympathetic broadcasts on bin Laden."

"You want the truth?... (Below threshold)
jack rudd:

"You want the truth? Talk to the hands!"

We salute you comrade Putin... (Below threshold)

We salute you comrade Putin.

Okay, everyone look to the ... (Below threshold)

Okay, everyone look to the Left and salute.

More MSM fraud and shananig... (Below threshold)

More MSM fraud and shananigans:


From Rathergate to Pollgate: Newsweek’s Uses Pathetically Fraudulent Polling to Boost Kerry by 15 Points and Create the “Kerry Comeback”
Filed under: General, War, Polling, New Media, Red Shift — Jack Risko @ 6:01 pm on 10/2/2004 Edit This
Newsweek editor Evan Thomas promised Kerry a boost of 15 points,in his election bid against George Bush and so far Mr. Thomas is doing a good job of delivering as the campaign reaches the home stretch. Four weeks ago, we reported in this space the Newsweek poll that had Bush up 52% to 41%. Today, the Newsweek poll among registered voters has it 46% for Bush, 49% for Kerry. So in the last month, Mr Thomas’s man is up 8%, and the President is down 6%, so Newsweek has so far delivered on getting John Kerry a 14 point swing – almost home!

We noted a couple of days after reporting last month’s poll that the big Bush lead of 11% among registered voters was not obtained honestly, but by manipulating the poll sample by oversampling Republicans, in order to subsequently report a Kerry comeback. That is precisely what has happened.

Newsweek cooked the books in its fraudulent poll a month ago, and we have no reason to believe that it is not cooking its results again, both to sell magazines and to boost its favored candidate. It is no coincidence that the poll numbers are released just in time for the Sunday yak-fests.

If you subscribe to Newsweek, this would be a perfectly appropriate moment to stop doing so, unless of course you like being manipulated by newsmen with an aggressive and dishonest agenda. Oh, you thought Dan Rather was the only egregious one? One look at this Beldar post should cure you of that misguided notion.

The Methodology of Creating a Fraudulent Poll

From LGF and lots of other places we have a breakdown of Dems and Reps in the two polls, and talk about a pathetic forgery: these polls make Bill Burkett look like Rembrandt or Picasso. Take a gander from LGF:

September 11, 2004: NEWSWEEK POLL

391 Republicans (plus or minus 6)
300 Democrats (plus or minus 7)
270 Independents (plus or minus 7)

NEWSWEEK POLL: First Presidential Debate

345 Republicans (plus or minus 6)
364 Democrats (plus or minus 6)
278 Independents (plus or minus 7)

You don’t need an 800 on the SAT or a degree in statistics to follow what Newsweek did to cook up these fake results. In the most recent poll, R’s go 89% for Bush, D’s go 86% Kerry (with I’s splitting 37/42 R/D, or about even). Follow me: the whole result of the poll is dictated by how many Republicans and Democrats you include in your sample – that’s it, that’s the ball game.

In the first poll, 57% of the sample was Republican versus Democrat, so Bush won big. In the second poll 51% of the sample was Democrats versus Republicans, So Kerry won narrowly. This is a poor joke, rank hucksterism, patent medicine from the back of a wagon. Newsweek is playing the readers of Newsweek for fools.

Newsweek is committing no crime in hawking these phony polls, since they are forging nothing. However, if you believe them, you are guilty of imbecility: you are too dumb to breathe.

With respect to the photo, ... (Below threshold)

With respect to the photo, the Three Dinosaurs shielding their eyes at the flash created by the comet strike.

Hasta la vista, baby

Three veterans proudly show... (Below threshold)
Hangtown Bob:

Three veterans proudly showing their years of military experience as they sharply salute the President of the United States !!

"Okay, everyone look to ... (Below threshold)

"Okay, everyone look to the Left and salute."

Better than looking to the right while goose-stepping.

polo,The obligator... (Below threshold)


The obligatory nazi reference, the sure sign of an asshat.

At the joint press conferen... (Below threshold)
Dean Satterlee:

At the joint press conference the anchormen from the three broadcast networks respond to the question - "Could you give us some indication of how deep you are in the tank for the democrats?"

Brokaw, Rather and Jennings... (Below threshold)

Brokaw, Rather and Jennings scan the horizon for the next pajamaheeden jihad.....

"It's quiet out there,"<br ... (Below threshold)

"It's quiet out there,"
"Yeah, too quiet."
"Yeah, they're coming soon."

Group think? What group thi... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

Group think? What group think? We're all independent "reporters". Ask us!

All hail our fearless leade... (Below threshold)

All hail our fearless leader, Michael Moore.... (note the slouched, sloppy salute which reflects the lack of discipline of their reporting duties....

Somewhere over the weekend,... (Below threshold)

Somewhere over the weekend, I saw an article that Tom Brokaw (whom I used to like) saying that the internet bloggers are committing "jihad" on Rather.

Then an older article saying "Rather is on his way out." which he should be.

Like Mike - who's missing in this photo shoot :-) he lied too when he really did assault those officers while picking up his meatloaf dinner.

Time to retire guys.


Oh my gosh,Just re... (Below threshold)

Oh my gosh,

Just read the comments and never laughed so hard; you guys are just so friggin funny!!


OK, I have to ask this - wh... (Below threshold)

OK, I have to ask this - who actually came up with the word "asshat?"


I've been wondering that my... (Below threshold)

I've been wondering that myself..... good question..

Dan Rather shrewdly switche... (Below threshold)

Dan Rather shrewdly switches to a right handed salute in order to prove his journalistic independence...

Kinda like <a href="http://... (Below threshold)

Kinda like this guy?

As a Security Detai... (Below threshold)

As a Security Detail moves in to remove an audience member who was disrupting the session by pouding on a drum,and drooling on a person sitting in front of him...while shouting incoherent comments...

Dan:What the hell was that on the guy's head ...and what in Gods name was he shouting about?

Peter:To me it looked like he had a large pair of ladies pantie's on his head........and he seemed to be screeching something to the effect.."Maha is a big meanie"whatever that relates to,I don't know.

Tom:Poor soul......obviously a disturbed individual....maybe he's a Canadian.

Peter That's a low blow Tom.

Dan:(thinking) there but for the grace of God go I.

polo - I LOVE that there gu... (Below threshold)

polo - I LOVE that there guy! And yes - the Poodle DID forget Poland!






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