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In regards to the post "Fact Checking the Boston Globe - In Advance"

The original author (Paul) used the words, "liar, fraud, and charlatan" to describe his opinion of Dr. Hailey from his work on the font study. That is invective, and is not productive to the discussion. The sentence will be removed (with a pointer to this post). We apologize to Dr. Hailey for that description.

We stand by the substance of the story that there were significant flaws in his report but will leave it to the reader to determine their opinion of the professor and his research methods.

Blogging, is by definition, an opinion based media. Having said that, common rules of decorum should still apply.

In regards to the post Haileygate Focus Brodens

The published story contained information that the university had requested Dr. Hailey's research be performed. The university issued a denial (which was published in the same article), and further contact with our source and the university indicates that while the university was aware of the research, they did not specifically request it. We stand corrected.

Please note that these corrections were not requested by either Dr. Hailey or Utah State University.



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Why are you apologizing? T... (Below threshold)

Why are you apologizing? There is no need to apologize at all - if they can do things that are wrong, you're allowed to give your opinion, including insulting the person who did the wrong.

Please don't let me down!!!!!

Exploding Head:Do ... (Below threshold)
Tongue Boy:

Exploding Head:

Do you have a point you would like to make?






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