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Weekend Caption Contest results in the morning.

The "it was typed" crowd are back with a proportional spaced typed memo. To bad most people concede that the IBM Selectric Composer, more of a typesetting machine as opposed to an ordinary typewriter, was capable of producing a proportional spaced document just like the one they have. Of course the CBS Bush memos weren't typed on one of those, because the pool secretary already identified the 3 typewriters they had.

Oh yeah they're big into Hailey's work... More on that tomorrow...

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Same s---, different day. I... (Below threshold)

Same s---, different day. It's all about the leading and kerning, and this new blockbuster revelation conveniently ignores both issues. Snore.

I think I see a tipping poi... (Below threshold)
Good catch Kevin, finding a... (Below threshold)

Good catch Kevin, finding another forgery in the recognition memo takes a keen eye. Fortunate to have technically savvy people around.

Over $50K at DefeatJohnJohn... (Below threshold)

Over $50K at DefeatJohnJohn.com to whoever can duplicate the memos with 70's tech (I paraphrase).

Some of the money is mine - and I'm not worried.

If they *can* do it, it's an easy 50 grand.


- Bitter denial...Just hate... (Below threshold)

- Bitter denial...Just hate to admit they got caught with the goods...2 bits they end it all the same way they deal with Swiftvets ..."Largely disproved"...hoping that no one cares enough or knows enough to call them ot on blatent lies.....

It's real apparent to me th... (Below threshold)

It's real apparent to me that people who are insisting on the fabricated documents being real are not old enough to have even breathed air in the same room a typewriter is located in. I doubt they've even seen a typewriter in real life. If so they could look at the damned thing and see that either each font (charactor) is either on an physical arm or a sphere. These manual charactors were unable to decipher anything, they had no artificial intelligence they were MANUALLY operated. They can only strike in the designated area they are designed for by the manufacturer.
It's too bad they also can't read up on their history. If they were to READ all of the documents they would see it was NOT mandatory for Bush to take the flight physical as he was NOT going to be doing any more flying. Do they really think he is the only pilot that missed a scheduled physical? But since they take one situation out of context they can make it into anything they are so desirous of . Yet you do not hear anything out of any of these people about the questionable way Kerry awarded HIMSELF his purple hearts. No questioning about his blatant and well publicized perjury before the Congress of the United States of America.
I hope you guys continue to dig into this pile of feces until you have revealed the ugly truth of who originated the first copies of those fabricated memos.
And I hope Kerry, the DNC and See B ull S hit have it smeared into their faces.

I see stupid people. But t... (Below threshold)

I see stupid people. But they don't know they're stupid. They're wandering around, faking up documents, voting Democrat, and all the time they think they're SMART. The horror, the horror!

Forget about the phoney doc... (Below threshold)

Forget about the phoney documents. The following facts are still true:

1. Your government invested about $1 million to train George W. Bush as a pilot.

2. He applied for and was granted a transfer to a non-flying unit in Alabama.

3. He still had 2 years to serve at the time.

When I used to work on military bases, FWA (Fraud, Waste, and Abuse) was a hot topic.

I will give Bush a pass on fraud. I will assume that he planned to serve his full hitch as a pilot. However, when he transfered to Alabama, it certainly was a big waste of taxpayers money. Allowing him to make the transfer was certainly an abuse of the system in light of the amount of money invested in his training.

Whenever someone in the welfare system perpetrates waste of this magnitude, there are people screaming that the programs be canceled. They seem to be awfully silent about this one.

When you howl equally loudl... (Below threshold)

When you howl equally loudly about John Forbes Kerry's abuse of the Naval Reserve system, then I'll be impressed. Until then, dead issue.

Here's the thing about the ... (Below threshold)

Here's the thing about the document at http://www.glcq.com/set_up.htm -- it looks like it was a standard "hey, you got promoted" form. These forms were typically printed en masse at a printshop, not typed. At least when I was in the service. So that document proves exactly nothing. It should be noted that on that site, Dr. Hailey is "an expert in the field" and "unimpeachable." Neither of which is true, obviously. Also, with regards to FiscalConservative's post above, he should check out Gen Hodges comments at http://www.dallasobserver.com/issues/2004-09-30/news/news.html where the General says: Hodges says what media reports miss in their dissection of Bush's irregular record during the last two years of his enlistment was that the Air Force was in the process of decommissioning his plane, the F-102. In the fall of 1972, Hodges says, he received word that he was losing 10 pilots and that his unit's 22 F-102s were being phased out. Because Bush had less than two years left in his enlistment, he was ineligible to be trained and certified in another fighter. Neither the Alabama unit, nor the Massachusetts unit he attempted to transfer to when he enrolled at Harvard, flew the F-102. "He couldn't get in," says Hodges of the Massachusetts Guard. "Normally a unit wouldn't accept a 102 pilot unless they were flying 102s. They were flying F-106s. We transferred him to the inactive reserve...As I remember, when he left us, he was in our good graces."
Of course, Gen Hodges isn't 'unimpeachable' since what he says is not in line with what liberals must believe.

This proportional memo rais... (Below threshold)

This proportional memo raises more questions about the validity of the CBS memos than it answers.

1. No superscript, apparently someone typing a note to himself is
going to get fancyand use it, but a professional secretary isn't.
2. The CBS memos show a centered address. This is extremely
difficult to do in a proportional font, you have to measure it
beforehand with a ruler, do the math and backspace. It also matches
up perfectly with MS Word, a virtual impossibility. The fed req has
the address in a different font, so it is either a letterhead or a
3. The text is in a different font anyway, no match.
4. The fed req has all the typing codes, indicating a secretary typed
it up. Remember LTC Killian didn't type
5. The fed req also has the proper routing codes, something that is
on none of the Bush memos
6. The fed req has the proper signature block, name, rank, branch, and
posting. It is on EVERY other texas air national guard memo
available. It is on NONE of the CBS memos. Two of the memos don't
even have a signature block, the other 2 have incorrect ones, neither
of which match the other. Believe me, every commander knows his
signature block, he signs it 20 times a day.
7. The signature block on the fed req is left justified. On the CBS
memos the two that have the (incorrect) signature block are indented.
Why is this important? Because in the modern military format you
indent your signature block, but not in 1972. So anyone who is
familiar with current military memos and wanted to type one, would
incorrectly indent it.
8. The abbreviations are all different. The CBS memos vary from the
standard on several occassions. The fed req ones are the correct.

Ok, this puts the nail in t... (Below threshold)

Ok, this puts the nail in the coffin regarding this "smoking gun" proportional font issue above: at the bottom left of the form, there is a line that reads (though the beginning is cut off): "AGTEX - ANG FORM 3 SEPT 69"

All that site proves is that print shops had proportional fonts in the '70s. Considering that print shops have had that technology in this country since the 1600's, color me not impressed. This was a standard form, with any personal information, and the date, typed in later. QED. Post it. Run it. Live it.






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