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The 10 Spot

Ten things you might not have seen on the wondrous interweb...

  1. Dean Esmay interviews SwiftVet Van Odell, who served as a gunner's mate in the same unit as John Kerry and who served with him longer than anyone else did in Viet Nam.
  2. CNS is running an exclusive report on Iraqi intelligence documents, confiscated by U.S. forces, that show that Saddam's government worked with some of the world's most notorious terror organizations (including al Qaeda0 to target Americans, and that they possessed mustard gas and anthrax.
  3. Bush 49, Kerry 49, Nader 1. The post convention bounce is gone, it's back to where it started...
  4. Mike Krempasky tell big media not to be afraid of the blogosphere - learn from it.
  5. SimonWorld hosts an Asian blog roundup - Asia by Blog.
  6. In Oliver Willis' world pointing out voter registration fraud is racism.
  7. The Dawn Patrol notes that Planned Parenthood is training teens to bash Bush.
  8. Michele Catalano is a blogger, and proud of it!
  9. Congratulations to Andrew Ian Dodge whose new book ("The Gathering Dark") was just released.
  10. Condolences to Chris Muir on the loss of his mother, Carole.


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Comments (12)

Willis certainly likes to f... (Below threshold)

Willis certainly likes to fling that word around a lot... I wonder if it has ever occurred to him that he might be the racist?

Dark Chocolate is a racist ... (Below threshold)

Dark Chocolate is a racist term to Ollie.

Is it ok to descriminate ag... (Below threshold)
Master of None:

Is it ok to descriminate against dead people? I mean just because they're dead doesn't mean they don't have the right to vote. What's next, do we prevent sick people from voting just because they might be dead?

11. The Wizbang Weekend Cap... (Below threshold)

11. The Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest winners from 10/03/04 (notice lack of link)


Talk about racist -- the De... (Below threshold)

Talk about racist -- the Democrats' aggressive voter registration efforts are heavily targeted at minorities. Has it occurred to Willis that the Dems base this strategy on racist assumtions? Republicans have no quarrel with efforts to register eligible voters. They and Americans in general have a BIG problem with registering:
- dead people
- people who are registered elsewhere, and who intend to vote in both places.
- illegal aliens
- felons, in states where that's illegal
- pets
- names pulled from phone books without the registrant's knowledge

I guess to some people, those are racist attitudes.

Kevin,Looks like y... (Below threshold)


Looks like you missed Pew, WaPost polls... it does not quite look like its BACK to where it began. I'm sure you've seen this by now, though.

The Pew Poll shows Bush 49%... (Below threshold)

The Pew Poll shows Bush 49% Kerry 44%. The poll shows the majority believe Kerry won the debate, but that their minds hadn't changed as a result of the debate.


To the Libs who made many stupid comments on WizBang -- who kicked whom's ass? An empty suit is an empty suit and Kerry's just that -- a gilded-tongued empty suit.

The Washington Post/ABC Pol... (Below threshold)

The Washington Post/ABC Poll has Bush ahead of Kerry: Buch 51% Kerry 46%. Also, in spite of Kerry being proclaimed the winner of the debate, no one appears to be swayed by his performance.


Zogby has it: Bush 46% Kerr... (Below threshold)

Zogby has it: Bush 46% Kerry 43%. And that's after a terrible debate for Bush. Yet, the MSM plays up the Newsweek Poll (of registered voters) and downplays three polls showing Bush ahead with likely voters.

Jim,Just revel in ... (Below threshold)


Just revel in it. Let them ALL go down (and I don't mean that in the way you are first thinking, but it is accurate, as well) together. They've already chained themselves to each other, decided they will now chain themselves to this election and when their candidate is defeat they will go down with the ship. It was their choice. Sure, the independent, peer reviewed journalists (formerly known as bloggers here at Wizbang) took an axe to the hole they already created, but it was still their choice to try the "what would happen if we put a hole in the hull of the ship" experiment (i.e., nominate John Kerry and then attack, attack, attack the President's defense of this nation). Idiots!

Of course, I should make it clear that whoever they nominated (other than Lieberman) it would have been the same strategy and same outcome.

#7 is just silly. What's ne... (Below threshold)

#7 is just silly. What's next? Having teens pull off suicide bombings to prove that terrorism is alive in America? Or maybe they'll just settle for getting teens knocked up and going door to door looking for the pity vote "If abortion is made illegal, I'd have to keep this kid."

I read the CNS story on the... (Below threshold)

I read the CNS story on the new Iraqi intelligence documents. But don't hold your breath for the MSM to look into that story. They've already made up their minds and will never report something that makes them look stupid.






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