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The French Had Their Own Secret WWII Camps

From the Guardian Unlimited:

The government of Charles de Gaulle held hundreds of foreigners, including at least three Britons, in an internment camp near Toulouse for up to four years after the second world war, according to secret documents.

The papers, part of a cache of 12,000 photocopied illegally by an Austrian-born Jew, reveal the extent to which French officials collaborated with their fleeing Nazi occupiers even as their country was being liberated. They also show that, when the war was over, France went to extraordinary lengths to hide as much evidence of that collaboration as possible

...The papers also show that officials continued to deport inmates of all nationalities to a near-certain death in Germany even as France was being liberated.

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Interesting stuff...


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Comments (21)

Yeah, Europe's and France's... (Below threshold)

Yeah, Europe's and France's, specifically, dirty little secret(s). Not such a rosey place, afterall. In fact, huge problems the world over in just about every aspect of human history...so the recent accolades from generalized "Europe" (whatever that actually means) as being "anti Bush" and the rest, is, again, just more of the hyperbole of an undisclosed source.

France, specifically, has always been anti-American, in my experience. There's just something about American culture that the French exist to disdain, and always have. Not like they didn't use the United States and Allies in varous World Wars, but they also pride themselves in their "diplomacy" ("French is the language of diplomacy" I was taught and continue to hear/read), when, what this actually means is that the French are adept in tweaking the conditions depending upon who has what resources and what France needs/wants at any one time. Moreorless exactly as does John Kerry in American politics, so it's no wonder that the French regard him as preferable.

France also has the largest Muslim population in comparison with any other nation in Europe and is known to be responsible for increasing violence against Jews, not to mention Rumanians, the English, the Poles, us Americans...not a good indication of a diplomatic society, not at all.

Oh, and also Italians. I r... (Below threshold)

Oh, and also Italians. I remember being told in college that if I studied Italian, "the French won't ever speak to you."

It might be reasonable at this point for other cultures to start questioning the French, instead of reading about how much the French disapprove of everyone else, particularly us Americans. I'm a tad tired of it, myself, can't speak for anyone else.

From the link provided by E... (Below threshold)

From the link provided by Exploding Head:

What you see is a professor's research project intended for students and colleagues at Utah State to comment upon and contribute to.

Well, he was critiqued. Maybe more harshly than he is used to, but it is no different than having a student, faculty member, or any other person critique his work.

The really frightening thing is all the uproar people like you and the person that wrote that article have created. The Left likes to talk about the crushing of free speech - look in the mirror. Every criticism of the professor's work is valid. He presented what he believes is evidence that the documents were not forged, and came to that conclusion. His evidence and his conclusion were challenged.

I hope he tries to take this to court. He'll look foolish attempting to argue that his paper - which he posted so it could be subjected to review and criticism - was in fact reviewed and criticized.

Wrong thread, dumbass.... (Below threshold)

Wrong thread, dumbass.

Wrong thread, ... (Below threshold)
Wrong thread, dumbass.

Not true.

Exploding Head's comment was deleted. Strangely enough, just like he predicted it would be. I don't know anything about the apparent dispute going on between that commentor and Kevin and/or Paul, but they don't seem to want his comments on their website.

Don't throw insults around unless you actually know what you're talking about.

Sean, John, - that was my f... (Below threshold)

Sean, John, - that was my fault.

Mr. Exploding Head confused my site with his own personal toilet bowl that he could crap in at his leisure. He's been flushed.

Hey! Did you assholes real... (Below threshold)

Hey! Did you assholes really need another reason to hate the French?

If Bill Clinton was the fir... (Below threshold)

If Bill Clinton was the first African-American president, then if John Kerry's elected (God forbid) he'll be the first French president.

Wow, the Liberal Avenger is visiting WizBang. It's so cool to have a super-hero here. I can imagine his super-costume: a pair of pink panties, a yellow stripe down the back of a skin-tight little number and a pair of high-heeled stiletoes. Oh, and a Barbra Streisand mask. What a man of steel!

A close call One... (Below threshold)
Mange Moi:

A close call
One of the most frightening examples of how the militants put French weapons to use against the Americans came Oct. 26, 2003. That morning, at about 6 o'clock, they bombarded the Rashid Hotel in Baghdad with French missiles.

The French rockets nearly killed Wolfowitz, whom Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld has called "the brains" of the Pentagon.

The deputy defense secretary had just gotten dressed in his room that Sunday morning when a car stopped several hundred yards from the hotel. It dropped off what appeared to be one of the blue electrical generators that were common in the power-starved Iraqi capital. The driver stayed just long enough to open a panel on the end of the metal box that was pointing upward toward the hotel.

The car sped off. Minutes later, a pod of 40 artillery rockets set off by remote control began firing at the hotel, their trails leaving sparks as they flew. The rockets hit one floor below where Wolfowitz and about a dozen aides and reporters were staying.

One rocket slammed into the room of Army Lt. Col. Charles H. Buehring, a public-affairs officer. The explosion hit Buehring, 40, in the head. A reporter discovered him and tried to help, but the Fayetteville, N.C., resident died a short time later.

In all, between eight and 10 missiles hit the hotel. The casualties might have been higher, and included Wolfowitz, if the improvised rocket launcher had fired all the missiles.

Because of a malfunction, 11 failed to go off.

Playing defense
Half the missiles fired at Wolfowitz's hotel were French-made Matra SNEB 68-millimeter rockets, with a range of two to three miles. The others were Russian in origin.

The French missiles were "pristine," Navy SEAL commandos reported.

"They were either new or kept in very good condition," said one SEAL who inspected the rocket tubes.

The rockets were thought to have been taken from Iraq's French-made Alouette or Gazelle attack helicopters.

The fact that new French missiles were showing up in the hands of Saddam loyalists months after the fall of Baghdad made Wolfowitz and his close aides livid. Still, others in the U.S. government worked to defend the French.


Je n'aime pas qu'on m'aime ... (Below threshold)

Je n'aime pas qu'on m'aime mais je l'aime quand meme.

Avenger - when you're done,... (Below threshold)

Avenger - when you're done, there's some matches in the top drawer or the fart spray is under the sink. Thanks!

Le vengeur libéral suce grand... (Below threshold)

Le vengeur libéral suce grand Dick.

I understand through my fat... (Below threshold)

I understand through my father, who wrote his PhD. dissertation on this, that the French also had internment camps in north Africa.

Mais oui, certainment!!

I understand through my fat... (Below threshold)

I understand through my father, who wrote his PhD. dissertation on this, that the French also had internment camps in north Africa.

Mais oui, certainment!!

photocopied illegally b... (Below threshold)

photocopied illegally by an Austrian-born Jew

Just what the hell does his being a Jew have to do with it? Read it without the Austrian-born part. "Photocopied by a Jew." That sounds just a wee bit bigoted.

I think the fact that the i... (Below threshold)

I think the fact that the internment camps were to hold Jews lends some relevance to the fact that an Austrian-born Jew got hold of these documents. Granted, it isn't much relevance, but it does lend an air of poetic justice to the story, doesn't it? The story of France's secret internment camps brought to light by a Jew. That just seems so fitting.

And no, we really don't need another reason to hate France, but we'll take this one anyway.

What's really amazing is ho... (Below threshold)

What's really amazing is how French collaboration with the Nazis was covered up after the war in order to build an anti-Soviet alliance in Western Europe.

What we need to remember is that the French were not on our side in WW2, at best they were neutral. In The Conquerors, historian Michael Beschloss' account of Roosevelt and Truman's plans and handling of post-war Germany, there's a striking passage (p 73):

"..in November 1942, Morgenthau (Roosevelt's Treasury Secretary) had been {Eisenhower's} "severest critic in the Cabinet" when he had made his pragmatic deal with the Vichy French Admiral Jean Darlan. In exchange for Darlan's pledge to blunt French opposition to the Allied invasion of North Africa, Eisenhower and the Allies had agreed to tolerate local Vichy decrees, including sanctions against the Jews."

Some of the French enthusiastically jumped on the Nazi bandwagon, just as now some are jumping on the Islamofascist bandwagon.

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