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If Drudge Is Running It, It Must Be True

The suddenly infamous ILIE picture...


...should really be the banner for YourInnerVoice.com where Jon Kelly is doing the hidden-message-in-the-tape-played-backwards trick with the audio of the Bush/Kerry debate.


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Meh...I think we need to fo... (Below threshold)

Meh...I think we need to focus on real issues instead of made up kerfluffles like this one. Making a stink about something like this makes us look petty. Just like the Gore 'rats' stink did to them.

Someone should just airbrus... (Below threshold)

Someone should just airbrush Bush completely out of the picture. Truth in advertising and all.

ANYone standing before the ... (Below threshold)

ANYone standing before the "White House" sign at Press Conferences routinely displays: "WHUSE" in the background because a person standing there displaces the rest of the lettering.

I used to get a chuckle out of watching Bill Clinton during this impeachment cycle being identified as a "WHUSE" -- which he WAS under the circumstances -- but I'd never make a deal out of it, as whoever has done here about Bush with that background manipulation.

Oh, and Kerry has been photographed with a relatively foul expression on his jet behind him, often displacing certain words from what's displayed there in full.

So, if this is the level of chopping that the Demos are now engaging in (the Bush content chop here), then, well, there's an abundance of worse imagery available that features Kerry (among others).

I've noticed over the years that AP, particularly, just loves to run photos of Cheney, in addition to Bush, with various subtle messages behind them...it's nothing new, it's just the same old slurring from Demos, when they have nothing to offer.

But, again, show me the "go" button and I'll be happy to share a number of Kerry photos with a lot of skewed copy on display in various backgrounds. Among other things.

could NBC have used a worse... (Below threshold)

could NBC have used a worse picture of Bush, or is he doing his best Forbes impression?

What exactly is this suppos... (Below threshold)

What exactly is this supposed to prove?

Waffle Waffle Waffle!! If y... (Below threshold)
Jimmy Dean:

Waffle Waffle Waffle!! If you want to let cBS know how you feel, do what I did today. I went to the grocery store and bought a box of frozen generic store brand waffles and placed them in a box with an old pair of flip-flops I had and mailed them to cBS news in NY, Attn: Dan Rather. Only cost a few bucks to mail. Let cBS know how you feel - mail a package today!!

Drudge sounds so "normal" o... (Below threshold)

Drudge sounds so "normal" on the radio, hard to believe he thinks this stuff is funny...

I didn't perceive DRUDGE as... (Below threshold)

I didn't perceive DRUDGE as finding this imagery "funny." NBC used the image in all seriousness, and it's a noticable problem given NBC's previous upset of a similar nature from the past (the "RATS" thing).

I just read NBC's stupid comments about this but I also think it's just more of the Liberals' inability to perceive what they actually do...a lot of times, you/anyone can deny, deny, deny and yet speak with visuals that they do not deny, do not deny, do not deny...it's all about the visuals, just ask anyone who's ever driven around in a limegreen Gremlin. As in, you can SAY you're a mighty man driving a limegreen Gremlin, but your visual really does enforce the fact that you are not a mighty man.

So, NBC...I just think that the three networks are really in for Bush and are going literally nutty about their visuals and behaviors in an effort to, um, deny a political bias and yet...they just can't help themselves.

But, getting NBC and others to admit that they display a bias, well, that's what us consumers do with complaints and our how we spend our dollars.

P.S. Need to include the wire services in that group, also, having just read yet another glaringly biased "news article" of the Liberal kind, dissing Bush/Cheney; I think it all comes down to workers at these businesses: who they are, what they manage to squeak by with when they can, and it's almost always, by nature, filled with "hate Bush" messages of even the subliminal kind. NBC's frame capture is of the subliminal kind...because, there's no director/cinematographer ANYwhere worth a pay check who lets ANYthing pass through that they don't have a very, very good visual understanding of.

Let's not forget the "Democ... (Below threshold)

Let's not forget the "DemocRATS" controversy when the last four letters of democrats scrolled past Gore in a Bush commercial. You would have thought it was the end of the world. The Dems went nuts. True, conservatives aren't the drama queens that liberals are, but we should be allowed to have a LITTLE fun.

I don't understand the humo... (Below threshold)

I don't understand the humor. "ilie" ?

All I know is they managed to get a very unflattering picture of George Bush.

Besides, am I the only person to note the very odd resemblence between Bush and Rather? Note their facial features.

The picture is a very odd o... (Below threshold)

The picture is a very odd one to choose to have if you are supposed to be an impartial news service ... unless, of course, you're not.
Strikes me as the perfect image to put on a t-shirt.

Nevermind, I get it know "I... (Below threshold)

Nevermind, I get it know "I lie"

slap me silly and call me suzy.






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