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Live Blogging Debate Roundup

Not here, I'm still behind on TiVo.

"I have been president of the senate for several years and the first time I ever met you was when you walked on the stage tonight."... ROTFLMAO...Senator Gone, indeed...


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Comments (6)

I remember when I was a lit... (Below threshold)

I remember when I was a little kid...coming down the stairs and seeing my dad sitting under the
light with his socks off...counting his toes...learning advanced mathematics :)~

“Senator Gone!”I h... (Below threshold)

“Senator Gone!”

I have been president of the senate for several years and the first time I ever met you was when you walked on tthe stage tonight.


Good job Dick!

Oooh, yeah. That "first ti... (Below threshold)

Oooh, yeah. That "first time I ever met you" line rocked! I forgot to mention that in my posts, but I had that in mind, I believe, as one of the new orifices I references Cheney supplying to Edwards.

The most important part of ... (Below threshold)
Stephen Walker:

The most important part of this debate was the statement on Israel by John Edwards. This was a prepared statement, designed to appeal to the Jewish voter that the Democrats should have already been sure of.
The short version: Israel is doing no wrong in Gaza, Israel is doing no wrong with state assinations, Israel's wall is entirely correct and justified.

Is this the same Kerry-Edwards team that accuses the Bush Administration of creating enemies throughout the Islamic world?

Did John Edwards watch the news before spouting his prepared election speech? The news would have told him that Israel has just arrested and assaulted UN peacekeepers in Gaza. The latest tape from al-Qaida specifically says that Israel and America's support of Israel is the reason they attacked America. al-Qaida's latest tape calls for the attacks to continue until Israel is freed of the Jews.

Cheney answered that the administration were still looking for Palestine assistance on setting up a Palestine homeland and achieving real peace.

I think John Edwards undid John Kerry's work once people think about it. Work with the UN? Not when you say it's ok to arrest and assault their people. Arab nations work with Kerry-Edwards? Yesterday maybe. Not tomorrow.

Stephen Walker

Did Edwards put him away? ... (Below threshold)

Did Edwards put him away? NO

Did he need to? NO

Did undecideds have a favourable impression of Cheney before the debate? NO

Are their impresions of Cheney likely to have been changed by this debate? NO

So the net result is a wash and on to the next debate. The one thing undecideds might take away from this debate is that Cheney - Kerry would be a better face-off and given the chimps performance in the 1st debate, why isn't Cheney president? or is he?

Hindtit, that plate you're ... (Below threshold)

Hindtit, that plate you're trying to spin is in pieces on the floor.






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