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The 10 Spot - The Right Stuff Edition

Ten things you might not have seen on the wondrous interweb...

  1. Mercury astronaut Gordon Cooper died of natural causes at the age of 77.
  2. Scott Simmie reports on SpaceShipOne -Right stuff for right price
  3. If you heard that Paris Hilton was performing onstage, then she started to sing you would boo too.
  4. A blogging flight attendant is in serious danger of losing her job.
  5. BoiFromTroy answer one of the burning questions raised by the Montreal Expos move to DC - what happens to all the gay nightclubs?
  6. Here's an interesting angle in the Justice Department's misguided crusade against pornography - bury them in mandatory paperwork.
  7. Is Michael Moore a better journalist than Dan Rather and Mary Mapes?
  8. Swedish parliamentarians want to levy a "man tax"
  9. Mac says, "[E]verything is magnified in this rather contentious election year. Come mid-November, the blogging celebrity tour will come to an end because the blogisphere's 15 minutes will be up when the election is over."
  10. Speaking of the blogger celebrity tour , this weeks tour stop is the Tammy Bruce show. Yesterday Charles Johnson was the guest, and today John Hinderacker is on the show. I will be the guest on Friday.
    [If you know who the Wednesday and Thursday guests are please leave a link.]


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Comments (9)

You forgot #1 May I ... (Below threshold)

You forgot #1
May I suggest.
#1 The Flying Space Monkey Chronicles - I can't stand it myself but you might just maybe be able to bear it. Read the whole..., well, read as much as you can.

You beat me to it. I was go... (Below threshold)

You beat me to it. I was going to mention #1 was missign also, but I have no suggestion as to what shouuld go there. Keep up the good work.

Oh, I thought y'all were sa... (Below threshold)

Oh, I thought y'all were saving number one for The Edwards Cheat Sheet.

Fixed.... (Below threshold)


I thought #1 would be rese... (Below threshold)

I thought #1 would be reserved for Tom DeLay's problems. It was in all the newspapers, but oh, thats just the biased MSM.

I was on Tammy Bruce on Fri... (Below threshold)

I was on Tammy Bruce on Friday. Had a good time - solid 1/2 hour segment.

How about the that from JK'... (Below threshold)

How about the that from JK's speech in Ohio yesterday he accused a sitting president of working to surpress the minority vote in battleground states?
I realize this is an old charge and has been talked about over and over, but when the Democratic challenger accuses the President of the United States of America of voter intimidation and suppression, especially of minorities, don't you think he should have some proof? is this not a crime? shouldn't he immediately introduse evidence and articles of impeachement?

the wasp!

I let the dogs answer this one in my latest cartoons

I wish the DemocRATS would ... (Below threshold)

I wish the DemocRATS would 'splain how exactly the Republicans go about suppressing black votes. One example some Dem strategist used to prove suppression was the fact that in some states felons (murderers, rapists, child molesters, muggers, etc.) are not permitted to vote. Since a disproportionate number of ex-cons are African-Americans, the denial of their voting rights is de-facto suppression. You gotta hand it to these trial lawyers who run the Dem Party, they can really come up with some whoppers. Next thing you know they'll use the Geragos Defense: The GOP is using a Satanic cult to suppress minority votes.

While working for an unname... (Below threshold)

While working for an unnamed company, my team almost struck a deal with Burt Rutan to build an experimental aircraft. We met, he huddled with his people, and he gave us a price. It was that fast and that simple. He was that confident. He added that if we wanted to help, he would add 25%. Then he informed us if NASA wanted to help, the price would be double.

He and his team are darn impressive. Congratulations to them for their remarkable achievement.






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