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The 10 Spot - Post Debate Edition

Ten things you might not have seen on the wondrous interweb...

  1. N.Z. Bear has grown weary of the argument that we should get rid of Bush because he annoys the rest of the world.
  2. Are the war on terror and the war on drugs merging? Wizbang regular Jim Kouri looks at the issue in Insight magazine.
  3. Are the war on terror and the war on drugs merging? A more humorous look at the issue.
  4. Tom of Iron Monkey shows how you can spin statistics (he uses traffic fatalities) into scary headlines, even if the numbers are good.
  5. John Kerry's campaign manager (Mary Beth Cahill): "I don't know how much time John Edwards worked in the Senate. I worked in the Senate and I never saw him there."
  6. They're calling this $100 cheesesteak "The Kerry"
  7. John Kerry conceded yesterday that he probably will not be able to convince France and Germany to contribute troops to Iraq if he is elected president.
  8. The U.N. relief chief in the [Gaza Strip] region, Peter Hansen, admitted members of the Hamas terror group were on his payroll "and I don't see that as a crime."
  9. "Four and a half years into his first term, John Edwards is becoming known as Senator Gone. That's because Edwards, North Carolina's senior senator, has developed a habit of missing floor votes while on the campaign trail in pursuit of the Democratic presidential nomination." (Editorial, "Edwards Should Do His Day Job," [Southern Pines] Pilot, 6/25/03).
  10. I'll be on the Kevin McCullough Show (WMCA 570 New York - [streaming audio link]) around 1:20PM EDT.


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Comments (11)

As to number 9, Atrios is c... (Below threshold)

As to number 9, Atrios is calling Cheney a liar over this one, claiming that the Southern Pines Pilot isn't really Edwards' hometown paper.

I take him to task on this here.

last two paragraphs, ,btw</... (Below threshold)

last two paragraphs, ,btw

Interesting, Mary Beth Cahi... (Below threshold)

Interesting, Mary Beth Cahill has worked in the Senate too and she has never seen John Edwards. She seems to think this might be normal? The real question is, has anyone seen John Edwards in the Senate? No one seems to be able to prove he was there even though he cashed his check.

Correction and update <a hr... (Below threshold)

Correction and update here.

While no friend of Cahill, ... (Below threshold)

While no friend of Cahill, I believe the quote is being misrepresented. I think she was pointing out that she worked in the Senate and never saw Cheney there.

I agree it's like one of thsoe optical illusions you can view two ways - but that would be my honest take on this one.

I'd add that she can't possibly be that dumb. But then, she did work for Teddy, afterall.

Dan, Reading the w... (Below threshold)


Reading the whole thing in context, I see how you can come to your conclusion, but it looks to me like she really is referring to Edwards. Her point would be something to the effect of "it's a big place, there are lots of people there, and it's possible to go a long time without meeting everyone." That sort of thing.

Not that this really helps. The record on how many times Edwards missed votes is pretty much undeniable and unspinnable, and so it's perfectly natural for Cahill et al to want to soft-pedal anything about Edwards' record.

Notice how Liberals latched... (Below threshold)

Notice how Liberals latched on to one line of the debate. Cheney might have met Edwards at some breakfast, but apparently he wasn't impressed with the slip-and-fall lawyer and didn't remember meeting him. Also, notice how the MSM is saying the debate was a tie. LOL. I get it: Democrats win, it's a big victory; Republicans win, it's a tie. Now the DNC is saying Cheney was mean. What a bunch of whiney girlie-men. Boo-hoo, the mean VP bitch-slapped me throughout the dabate.

Hey when was the last time ... (Below threshold)

Hey when was the last time Kerry worked at his day job? In 20 years??

Re #7.This is a li... (Below threshold)

Re #7.

This is a link to the Washington Times. Why don't you just start pulling headlines from the National Enquirer as well?

What's wrong with National ... (Below threshold)

What's wrong with National Enquirer headlines?

Iím sure I am seeing Cahill... (Below threshold)

Iím sure I am seeing Cahillís statement from the other side of the looking glass and that she is trying to soft-pedal Cheneyís statement. But her statement still speaks to the position of Edwards not attending Senate hearings, meetings, and votes often enough, otherwise she could state unequivocally that she had seen John. Of course she wouldnít want to do that it would sound like Cahill is defending someone she shouldnít have to and beg more to state they saw Waldo (I mean John) to the point of being ridicules. It would also just perpetuate the point that he doesnít show up to his day job nearly often enough. It would have been better for Edwards if she had dropped it and not tried to defend him.






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