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B-B-Buy Bushwood ?!#@!!

You can call me Al Czervik (Rodney Dangerfield)...

Dear kevinaylward,
You are currently the high bidder for the following eBay item from katewerk.

Bid details Item name: Protein Wisdom - The Blog

If I win I'm going to tear it down and build condos...


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Comments (4)

Ok.. since you posted the a... (Below threshold)

Ok.. since you posted the actual link to ebay to the world, and I"m going to get dinged for the listing fees, etc. I'll change the terms a little. Winner will be expected to donate their bid amount to a project of Strengthen The Good.

Then, you have to arm wrestle Jeff for the blog.

The man's a menace!... (Below threshold)

The man's a menace!

Sorry about the non-sequite... (Below threshold)

Sorry about the non-sequiter, but I'm writing to those of you who discussed this before...

Any of you notice that Move On For America.org is now taking donations and supposedly running ads? Problem is I don't think any of this is true (click on the links too for an explanation.) Would somebody please check this out besides me?

AND, if they are collecting donations from any of the knotheads who actually think ads like that would be a good idea, then I believe it is called fraud.

(Anybody out there actually see on of these ads on T.V>?)

I think this club is restri... (Below threshold)

I think this club is restricted, Wang, so don't tell them you're Jewish.






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