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Reporter Jailed

Martha's getting a roommate!!!

WASHINGTON -- A federal judge held a reporter in contempt Thursday for refusing to divulge confidential sources to prosecutors investigating the leak of an undercover CIA officer's identity.

U.S. District Judge Thomas F. Hogan ordered New York Times reporter Judith Miller jailed until she agrees to testify about her sources before a grand jury, but said she could remain free while pursuing an appeal. Miller could be jailed up to 18 months.

Free Judy!!!, Free Judy!!!, etc...

Predictions are now open. When does she get out?


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Comments (15)

Is this about that stupid p... (Below threshold)

Is this about that stupid politically-motivated investigation regarding the "outing" of Joe Wilson's wife? What a freaking joke. The media is obsessed with this story rather than covering the biggest scandal in history: The UN oil-for-food scandal.
Besides, it's already been established that Wilson lied to begin with. Also, it was common knowledge within the Beltway that Wilson's wife was a CIA agent. Judges usually use the contempt-of-court strategy when public safety concerns outweigh protection of a journalist's sources identities. Where is the public safety concern in this case? The whole case is designed to place suspicion on the Bush Administration.

well at least we know that ... (Below threshold)

well at least we know that it's not a high level republican official , we already know that the lib media has no values when it comes to beating bush!

Who cares! The only thing ... (Below threshold)

Who cares! The only thing that matters is how much for the book and movie deal. How many weeks on the NYT best seller list. Which Hollywood psycho will play the lead, will Michael Moore direct,and how many Oscars will the movie receive. Finally, how many Nazi Bush ads can the DNC make out of this?

Ahhh... the Susan McDougall... (Below threshold)

Ahhh... the Susan McDougall Martyr Award for 2004 goes to?

Judith Miller!!

Your award will be sneaked past prison guards in a Martha Stewart gift basket, so give the screws what you want and you'll be receiving it shortly!

When does she go *in*?... (Below threshold)

When does she go *in*?

Her source was probably Bil... (Below threshold)
Sailor Joe:

Her source was probably Bill Burkett who passed her a memo. Wonder if she'll be bunking with Marth at "Camp Cupcake"?

What a bad year for Miller.... (Below threshold)

What a bad year for Miller. The NY Times runs a huge correction practically declaring all her pre-war reporting to be bogus and now this.

I hear Martha will fit in j... (Below threshold)

I hear Martha will fit in just fine down at that West Virginie pokie..... she'll be showin' them how to scare up some grub from a dead possum I bet....

Why is Miller going to the ... (Below threshold)

Why is Miller going to the tank to protect Novak?

Why would anyone consider going to the tank to protect someone like Novak?

Let's try this on... she's ... (Below threshold)

Let's try this on... she's going to the mat for Joe Wilson? Hmm... wonder what role Wilson had in the creation of those forged Niger uranium docs anyways.....

Sorry, I got carried away i... (Below threshold)

Sorry, I got carried away in this inane rant-fest.
I was lying when I accused Wilson on forging the uranium papers. We all know it was Wolfowitz.

Inane? Did I say that? I wa... (Below threshold)

Inane? Did I say that? I was lying the thread immediately above this... I can't even pronounce inane... too much nuance for me.

Gosh, my first unauthorized moonbat hijacked comment, what a thrill!

Given that it is Judith Mil... (Below threshold)

Given that it is Judith Miller, who has a pretty good track record in many ways, I bet she stays the course and refuses to divulge.

November 3.... (Below threshold)

November 3.

"wonder what role Wilson ha... (Below threshold)
Chuck Werden:

"wonder what role Wilson had in the creation of those forged Niger uranium docs anyways"

He debunked them. And then after they were debunked Bush used them as 'evidence' to the UN and to the American people. Wilson then publically said that the documents were known to be false.

And in retribution someone outed his wife. Which is a major felony with a 10 year term. It is serious.

Because you guys are republicans you say "oh they are just out to get Bush". But suspicion is on the Bush administration because its been shown that THAT IS PROBABLY WHERE THE LEAK CAME FROM.

So if Miller is protecting anyone, she is perhaps protecting a white house staffer. We don't know. And because she wants to stick to her principals she is not telling.

And you say this isn't serious. So if they want they can just fuck anybody over at any time, right ? No problems ? You are a political opponent, I will fuck with your personal life. You have no objection to operating under this kind of moral vacuum ?

Hey you, the guy that runs this blog. Are you ready to have your personal life dredged up, your career shut down, and lies broadcast on the media just because you spoke the truth and the newly elected Dictator Kerry decides you are a problem for him ?

The republicans have stooped to the dirtiest politics in the history of the US. The standard response is : "the democrats do it too" but without offering a single proof and nothing remotely on the level of Rep. deceit.

The reason this is a big story in the media is that we have laws that protect people from this kind of assault. Because that is what America stands for. Decency, a real demoracy and fair and informed public debate.

Please stop dragging into this juvenile crap.






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