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British Hostage Beheaded in Iraq

Rebel militant insurgents - no; homicidal Islamofacist terrorists - yes

FALLUJA, Iraq (Reuters) - British hostage Ken Bigley was beheaded near Baghdad on Thursday afternoon, insurgent sources in the rebel-held town of Falluja said on Friday.

Abu Dhabi Television, quoting "informed" sources in Iraq, had said earlier that the militant group led by al Qaeda ally Abu Musab al-Zarqawi had killed Bigley.

Britain's Foreign Office said it was aware of the reports. "We cannot corroborate the reports ... We are in close touch with Mr. Bigley's family at this difficult time," a Foreign Office spokesman told Reuters in London.

Update: Bigley was beheaded after an escape attempt.


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Comments (9)

Good Lord. Is there NOTHING... (Below threshold)

Good Lord. Is there NOTHING these monsters can do that will make the Legacy Media refer to them as terrorists?

Well, it is al-Reute... (Below threshold)

Well, it is al-Reuters after all. I'm actually surprised they used 'insurgents' instead of 'activists.'

It appears that the MSM has... (Below threshold)

It appears that the MSM has lost all perspective and it seems to be getting worse. My take is that the heat of the election is akin to a fight between spouses where things are said based on feelings rather than facts. Like the spousal fight, after things cool down and some perspective is possible, they may realize that they've said some things that they're going to regret. I think this election will be seen as the beginning of the end of MSM as a dominant source of news for most North Americans.

I'm new to the blogosphere, and there is no comparison to the MSM. I'm never going back and I'm obviously not alone.

They will be biased, but they will be at their own peril.

Mr Bigley's dhimmi brother,... (Below threshold)

Mr Bigley's dhimmi brother, English Muslims and their Leftist allies will undoubtedly blame this outrage on Tony Blair.

b-b-but, al-Qaeda doesn't c... (Below threshold)

b-b-but, al-Qaeda doesn't care about Iraq. There are no al-Qaeda in Iraq. Al-Qaeda would never have anything to do with Saddam because he's secular... blah, blah, blah,

FUCKERS!!!!! Yeah, you read that right you Jihadi FUCKER!!!!

Fucking NUKE Mecca Now!

I think it's time to make-up the t-shirt that says "NUKE Mecca, now!"

Calm down... follow these intructions. Serenity, now. Breathe in.... and out.

Ed, I'll take 50 dozen of t... (Below threshold)
Clay Jarr:

Ed, I'll take 50 dozen of those t-shirts. My marketing experience tells me they'd sell like hotcakes, right about...now.


Another reminder of one sim... (Below threshold)

Another reminder of one simple fact: either we fight these bastards over there or we'll be fighting them over here. Hell, they've already got a Fifth Column in the USA -- most of them are in the Democrat Party.

Everything I ever needed to... (Below threshold)

Everything I ever needed to know about Islam I learned on 9/11. Nuke em.

Using this same logic, ther... (Below threshold)

Using this same logic, there are many members of our "proud" military that are homicidal nationalist war criminals.. like the four that were charged with murdering an Iraqi general while they 'detained' him. All in all, I'd say the numbers of murderers in our military about equal, if not exceed, the number of murderous islamo-fascist terrorists, as they are called here.






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