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Who Do The Troops Support?

From the Army Times [via Congressman Joe Wilson (R-S.C.)]


America's troops are voting today for President Bush by a margin of over four to one.


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Comments (22)

Kerry Bumper Stickers... (Below threshold)

Kerry Bumper Stickers

John Kerry - Vietnam War Hero - But For Which Side?

Whatever you believe, I do, too - Kerry '04

John Kerry - Saying Whatever It Takes To Get Your Vote

John Kerry - Won't Just Take A Stand On The Tough Issues, He'll Take Two Or Three Of Them

John Kerry: Betraying America Since 1971

John Kerry: Al Gore But Without The Charisma

John Kerry: Pretending To Fight Against Special Interests Since Very Recently

John Kerry: Screwing Veterans One Day At A Time

Don't vote for anyone who looks like a Q-Tip

Kerry - Endorsed by Al-Qaeda, Al-Jazeera, and Al-Gore

Everything To Everyone - Kerry 2004

Help Me To Help You Screw Up America - Kerry

John Kerry: The President Dukakis We Never Had

Keeping too much of your own money? Vote Kerry!

Kerry - Anti-Pro-whatever

Kerry - Citizen of the United Nations

Kerry - The same economy as Clinton, without the burning sensation.

Kerry: Catholic When It Counts!

Kerry - More Positions Than Gumby

Kerry - More Waffles than Belgium

Kerry - On the issues, he's everywhere you want him to be

Spending Money Left, Left, and Far Left - Vote Kerry

There are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there's Teresa.

These are my principles. If you don't like them, I have others. - Vote Kerry

Matches another one I saw t... (Below threshold)

Matches another one I saw today and actually answered. At the time 10,000 people had voted and Bush was ahead by 85%, so I have no idea where all those other polls come from. In checking milblogs, I found a soldier who (because of what Kerry said it being an unconstitutional war) calling it an inconstitutional war - because after all, Congress is the one who voted for it - the President can't do it by himself. Also saw reports that back in the Clinton days, Kerry voted for UNILATERAL action against Saddam Hussein and Iraq. Man, that guy is something else.

Let's just hope that the mi... (Below threshold)

Let's just hope that the military guys and gals' votes are actually counted. I noticed that for the most part the MSM are avoiding this story like the plague. The MSM has disregarded any pretense of being unbiased. They're coverage of the latest report on Iraq zeroed in on the WMD question but avoided the points that justified the war. If Bush wins it will be a miracle. He has the Democrats -- the dirtiest, slimiest campaigners in history -- pounding on him, the news media carrying Kerry's water, the entertainment industry constantly bombarding him, etc.

Florida is rejecting reques... (Below threshold)

Florida is rejecting requests for absentee ballots because applicants didn't check the box to indicate they are U.S. citizens.

Question: Will Florida give servicemen/women a break and assume because they are in the military, they are U.S. citizens?

Couple items:1. Hav... (Below threshold)

Couple items:
1. Having served for 25 years the results of this survey are no surprise. This has been developing for several decades. First the stark contrast between the weakness of Carter and the build-up under Reagan's watch. Then the 1992 election when an honorable man who served his country was defeated by a draft dodger who claimed to loath the military. The left has been anti military since the late 60's. The military is just returning the sentiment.
2. In response to Questioner, you actually can not assume anyone in the military is a U.S. citizen. During my time in the Navy, I had shipmates from many other countries. Some applied for and attained citizenship some didn't.

I agree with LargeBill whol... (Below threshold)

I agree with LargeBill wholeheartedly. I served for 23.5 years in the Navy (81'-04') and he hit the nail on the head. For the Questioner's question about absentee ballots for the military from Florida - I was a state resident of Florida until I retired this past summer. In the summer of 2000, I requested two times for absentee ballots from my county registrar in Dade County (democratic bastion). Needless to say, I never received the ballots. There were a massive amounts of votes not counted - and they were all registered republican military memebers - I know - I was one.

Further proof, perhaps, tha... (Below threshold)
jamie newman:

Further proof, perhaps, that your average grunt is as witless, clueless, and just plain stupid as y'all.

I saw this artical before a... (Below threshold)

I saw this artical before and it says it is a survey, it was not a scientific poll but self-selected people who responded to a survey.

So I would not get to giddy about this as proof of support for GWB.

But it is fun to quote as this congressman did on the floor of the house.

Dave (the other one)

I saw this artical before a... (Below threshold)

I saw this artical before and it says it is a survey, it was not a scientific poll but self-selected people who responded to a survey.

So I would not get to giddy about this as proof of support for GWB.

But it is fun to quote as this congressman did on the floor of the house.

Dave (the other one)

I would submit that, altho... (Below threshold)

I would submit that, although this is a survey and not a 'scientific' poll, it's not that far off the mark. Most servicemen and women know of The Hee-row's history. They know how he surrounded himself with 'veterans, many who'd spent not even one day in uniform, many others who'd never even set foot in Southeast Asia and 'testified' that rape and murder were the norm for America's Armed Forces.
The members of the Armed Services are smarter and better educated than the average person their age and are mostly aware of The Hee-row's voting record.
Notice that there haven't been many pictures of The Hee-row with servicemen since that famous meeting with those two Marines in that Wendy's? Find it in the archives and consider the expressions on those young men's faces, that's why you won't see more of those photo ops.
I'm not in the Service, I took off my uniform in 1970 after six years but if I accidently stepped in Kerry I'd have to clean off my shoes before I could come in the house.

I saw the same article in A... (Below threshold)

I saw the same article in Air Force Times (both papers owned by Military Times) and was going to Blog on it but thought, why bother? Most folks assume the military leans to the right anyway.

Two things:

A majority of active duty military members historically don't vote. I believe the last General Election showed less than 10% voting, but I could be wrong. Of course, these stats will just have the lefty lawyers fighting to negate our vote again.

The real interesting part of the story is that a LOT of active duty folks are VERY pissed off that Senator Kerry went anti-war when he came back from Viet Nam. One active duty interview-ee went so far as to call him a traitor in his eyes.

Jamie...I'll be impressed with your insults when you say them to my face...but I'm not a grunt, I'm a zoomie. You wanna really impress me? Go say that crap to a grunt's face.

I served from 77-81 and als... (Below threshold)

I served from 77-81 and also was not a grunt, I was a squid. Ivoted democrat then and I do today so I don't agree with many of the things said on this site. Although I don't often comment when I see a donkey (democrat) acting like a jackass I justt gotta say Jamie you're not helping the cause, I want the right to be the anti-intellectual knuckle draggers but you are not helping to prove trhe case. Thanks for taking my 2 cents.

Actually, I had heard that ... (Below threshold)

Actually, I had heard that the Defense Dept. had set up programs to assist personnel overseas with absentee voting in order to avoid the problems that arose in 2000. I can't remember, though, on which news channel I saw the report.

"Soldiers voting Republican... (Below threshold)
Chris W.:

"Soldiers voting Republican?!! Not if I can help it!"

- Algore and his Amazing Lawyers

As a soldier, I helpfully s... (Below threshold)

As a soldier, I helpfully suggest that the majority of the readers of the Army Times with the ability to weigh in on these polls are either retired, or 30+, or at the very least.. NOT IN IRAQ. Why not poll those over in Iraq and see what you find out? "Defend America. Defeat Bush"-moveonpac.org

Re: Questioner about Florid... (Below threshold)

Re: Questioner about Florida absentee ballots - one does not have to be a U.S. citizen to be in the military, so in answer to your question...NO. The U.S. does NOT automatically grant citizenship to those who fight in our wars, serve our country, or even those that die in our wars.

The dispute in Florida does... (Below threshold)

The dispute in Florida does not cocern absentee ballot requests, but voter registration. There voters trying to register who did not check the box stating that were citizens of the US. Florida law requires that the applicant check the yes box when asked "Are you a citizen of the united states of America".

When a soldier applies for an absentee ballot he has to be registered to vote. So if he or she registered to vote they checked "yes".

People talk about the right to vote, but never about the responsiablities that are attached to right. 1. One must register. 2. One must maintain that registration by notifying the election board of any address change or name change. 3. One must actually make an effort to vote.

I was reading one of the mi... (Below threshold)

I was reading one of the milblogs that I usually visit and you know how Pres Bush told Kerry he was sending the wrong message? And Kerry also said that the marines told him "we need you" while there was a photo of 2 marines in a MacDonald's who were pissed they came up to him? He also said that the war was "unconstitutional" when they all voted for it - well the soldiers in Iraq are calling it "INCONSTITUTIONALIZED" war. A friend who spent 6 years in the service and 4 in Vietnam came by today and we discussed this, Kerry, his 4 purple hearts in 4 months and he hates him too, plus he loved the INCONSTITUTIONALIZED war name the soldiers were calling it over there. Kerry just keeps digging himself in deeper and deeper.

Now we know that Mount St Helen's is going to blow, they say maybe even worse than in 1980 and as I told my housemate that, he said "Oh, they'll probably blame Bush for that, too." I have to admit, I don't know where these other polls are coming from but they aren't coming from people like you and me and the soldiers do indeed know what that asshat is saying and doing. Despite Bush's quiet spoken manner, I hope he slam dunks the bastard tonight.

I am from the Vietnam era and let me tell you NO ONE I KNOW is voting for Kerry; they don't even like him. They hate him for 4 months of service and making the rest of the vets come home as killers instead of heroes. It's no different from the soldiers in Iraq and around the world right now. They do not want Kerry. My friend also mentioned how the Democrats are going around talking about the draft and "back door" draft and they know for a fact that it's a rumor pushed by the Democrats. Mind you we were all brought up in strict, down the line, Democrat families and we were all once from MA and none of us would even consider voting for Kerry. I don't know who they poll, but it's certainly not anyone who is actually voting - I only did that one poll - 83% for Bush - I can't remember where it was....... tonight should be interesting. Like I said, Bush won the first debate, he'll win this debate despite the violence of these terrorists around the globe and hopefully Terezzzzzzza will not wear a blue dress.

As far as I can tell, every... (Below threshold)

As far as I can tell, every person from the Vietnam era never got PAST the vietnam era, which is why there is so much hatred for Kerry who stood up proudly as a soldier AND an anti-war demonstrator. I for one am fed up with the Vietnam generation. Before their hatred can be spewed out, I'd ask each of them to spend some quality time with a psychiatrist.

I wish america could see th... (Below threshold)

I wish america could see these stats

What I can't believe is the... (Below threshold)

What I can't believe is the violence shown by our lefty friends on this site...those that have never served. My brother was in the service (Navy) and he is a democrat/liberal; my younger brother was Air Force (also a democrat/liberal). But what gets me riled up is the few of you calling the military memebers dumb sheep or knuckle draggers. It just proves that those who are in the military protect freedom for those who even despise it. Oh, and by the way, I was in Lebanon (83'), Libya (84-86), Gulf War (90-92), East Timor and Indonesia (97-00). So, using John Kerry's rhetoric, if you haven't been in combat you're not worthy of speaking. Just remember, if you think the majority of the military is GOP - remember they sacrificed so low lifes like you can sit in your warm, cozy homes on the internet and FREELY expound your drivel.

Many of the soldiers will b... (Below threshold)

Many of the soldiers will be unable to vote. The resources are not there. They were thinking that maybe they'd use computers at the base but felt that could be hacked into. Some forgot to register before they left - some weren't old enough to register or think about it before they went. There will be a very high percentage of soldiers who will not be able to vote, especially those in Iraq and Afghanistan because there is no way to make sure it is done properly. If anyone has an update on that, I sure would appreciate it, but that's what I heard last. And these guys do know the things Kerry is saying but I also have to tell you that George Bush is extremely popular with the troops worldwide. I do hope they can work out a way to make it work for them but thus far, the majority will not be able to vote in this election. What a shame because I know they'd love to send a very clear message to John Kerry - go away!

And just because Vietnam Vets do not like John Kerry doesn't mean they are still stuck in the Vietnam era; they just know what it's like to be in shoes that aren't his and none of them like him.

Based on his record alone in Senate, is proof enough how well he's served his country - NOT AT ALL.







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