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At least it's creative

Doc Poliblog has a link to an AP story: Painting of Nude Bush Removed From Museum

From the headline, I was sure it was going to be one of those stupid lefty things where people think they are making a "statement" when in reality they're just being jackasses. (ie: piss christ) But this one was legit.

(pic in extended entry)


This is actually a creative political statement. The emperor obviously has no clothes and his crown was an oil rig. Clever. I disagree with the sediment expressed, but it was clever.

From skim reading the story it looks like it got removed because kids came thru the museum - OK fair enough, but I don't see anything wrong with this as a political statement. It is actually funny and I hope it was not politics that got it removed.

The chairman of the Democratic Party making a doormat with the portrait of the President on it however, is abject stupidity.


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Thats just wrong to degrade... (Below threshold)

Thats just wrong to degrade a man like that.

Mein Furhur!(how do ... (Below threshold)

Mein Furhur!
(how do you spell that? I don't know German)

amusing story, however I agree that it should have been removed. Museums aren't exactly political forums. Museums are for displays of art.

Maybe they could have put it in an "adult" room with access granted only to hippie-crats, but remember, Liberals want all children available to access porn, it, after all, is only the human body.

Museums most certaily are t... (Below threshold)

Museums most certaily are the place for political expression. What do you think a good part of what we now consider masterpieces were about? I'm for Bush all the way, and quite frankly terrified of Kerry, but this is free speech. Now if there were concerns about kids, then ok, but they needed to include 'Venus Rising from the Sea' as well.

I think it should have been... (Below threshold)

I think it should have been removed because it's just not very good art.

I would beg to differ on wh... (Below threshold)

I would beg to differ on whether this was "legitimate art". As you can see, this is still a politically motivated piece that is even not very well done. I can imagine that a Bush supporter (misguided, though) probably removed the painting.

I would agree that is above the level of graffiti, such as it would have been, if it had been the sort of thing you mentioned. It is more like something that a moderately talented beginning art student might have done in a politically oriented painting class. When I took painting at the University of Michigan in the dark ages, this might have been about the average quality of what was produced, since this was not a highly regarded program.

I guess I am picky, in that I don't think much of "concept" art, but prefer something that is well-drawn.

I believe that theres a few... (Below threshold)

I believe that theres a few of those 'Bush Doormats' available on ebay. The user name is am [email protected]

I womder if Democrat HQ is going to have that portrait for elder Bush that used to be on the entrance to the palestine hotel in bagdhad.

Sediment?... (Below threshold)


Saddam Hussain also thought... (Below threshold)

Saddam Hussain also thought the Bush Dormat was a winner and had Bush the Elder's picture in a mosaic on the floor at the entrance to the Palestine Hotel, so everyone who entered would have to step on it and do that big Middle East insult that relates to the soles of ones shoe.

I'm all for free expression... (Below threshold)

I'm all for free expression, but I've always wondered if the art world would applaud and defend a picture of Martin Luther King covered in excrement. Or how about a performance art piece that celebrated the Nazi's Final Solution. Suppose an artist tried to display a picture of Kerry and Edwards making passionate love to one another, do you think the museum would display it no matter how talented the artist? Let's face it, there are certain groups which artists may offend without consequence and there are other groups whom if offended will actually have the museum remove the artwork, have the museum director fired, and then that museum would have a special exhibit celebrating the culture of the offended group. Not to mention the outcry from the MSM which will somehow blame the Republicans for creating an atmosphere in which such horrible artwork can be displayed.

I could have a very bad fie... (Below threshold)

I could have a very bad field day writing a description of the PAINTER's psychology as revealed in that painting, but I'll spare everyone the tedious details.

I agree that the painting should be/was removed based upon the questionable qualities, not of the political kind. It's not a good painting, interesting, nor provoking...stimulating, inspiring, just nothing except: whattheheckiswrongwiththepainter?!

Funny that, with all the Demos' brags about Kerry and Kerry's brags about himself (his "stature"), there's still a focus on Bush and Bush's, ahem, anatomy as issue.

You know, I think what this all means is that there's A PROBLEM with Kerry's "stature" and that Liberals/Demos can't face the fact about it, and so they still try to make Bush the object 'o focus/attention/fascination/etc.

Meanwhile, the very thought of a Kerry in recline, "nude," makes me hurl.

Jim: Did you know that Jes... (Below threshold)

Jim: Did you know that Jessie Jackson was reported being seen wiping himself in Reverand Martin Luther King's blood, later trying to say that it was evidence that he'd tried to "save" King (who had already expired by the time Jackson arrived and performed his incredibly disgusting deed of self promotion).

Man, that (^^) was depressing to write about. But the deed is even moreso.

Freedom of expressing is gr... (Below threshold)

Freedom of expressing is great, but if we live in a free market nation, the museums first resoncibilty is to the people that pay to go see it, or if it's government own, the taxpayers. So if there is an majority that want it removed, the museums should remove it, not by force but out of the duty to the people.

This will never kill freedon of expressing becouse it does not stop people from painting such things.

I think Paul's monitor must... (Below threshold)

I think Paul's monitor must be busted or something. That's all I can figure.

I'm with McGehee: It deserv... (Below threshold)

I'm with McGehee: It deserved to be removed not for 'offensive' content but because it is offensive to the very notion of artistic standards. Hanging hack work like that in a museum not only rewarss the alleged "artist" for creating such dreck, but encourages others with no talent to do the same.

Reminds me of certain newsp... (Below threshold)

Reminds me of certain newspaper comic strips that attempt political commentary. For a time, my local newspaper moved 'Doonesbury' to the editorial page. Will museums build 'editorial wings' to display such art? What room will Goya's war paintings be consigned to at the Prado?

Joe R. - I was thinking the... (Below threshold)

Joe R. - I was thinking the same thing. Wasn't sure if sediment was used on purpose. Obviously sentiment was what Paul meant to say.

As an artist, this kind of ... (Below threshold)

As an artist, this kind of rubbish angers me.

The 'artist' lacks basic drawing and painting skills. Her crudeness in depiction is matched only by her crudeness of thought. This is the equivalent of a restaurant serving meals straight from the toilet.

At least if Bush shows up a... (Below threshold)

At least if Bush shows up at the third debate (un)dressed like this, no one will suggest he is wired into the voice of Karl Rove.

At least if Bush shows up a... (Below threshold)

At least if Bush shows up at the third debate (un)dressed like this, no one will suggest he is wired into the voice of Karl Rove.






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