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The 10 Spot - Celebrity Gossip Edition

Ten things you might not have seen on the wondrous interweb...

  1. When in New York, don't forget to stop by and take a look and Donald Trump's other "piece"

  2. Matt LeBlanc would like you to know that he's not gay or bisexual, but if you're a hot young guy he'd like to offer you a ride home in his limo...

  3. Rachel Hunter goodness (Why not?)

  4. Catty co-star on Kate Beckinsale - "... I've heard she's got a clause in her contract saying that she can't be filmed bending over at more than a 45-degree angle because her boob implants slide up onto her collar bone."

  5. Is Jimmy Fallon the next Chevy Chase?

  6. Melissa Etheridge has breast cancer, though everyone is sure she's going to lick it. By the way, you can support breast cancer research by donating to the Susan G. Komen foudation at the Blogger Boobie-Thon.

  7. Note to Matt LeBlanc. When you're trying to prove you're not gay it's best bury things that tend to give that impression...

  8. Sean Penn - still an asshole...

  9. Tommy Lee is going to be a Nebraska Cornhusker. Now that Pam's dumped him he's going to run the option and look for some new wide receivers...

  10. You'll have to wait for the DVD to catch Colin Farrell's gay love scene in Oliver Stone's "Alexander"


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Comments (7)

Thnx, Kevin, can always cou... (Below threshold)

Thnx, Kevin, can always count on you for some good dirt when you focus on gossip...You ol' Gossip You!

shhhh. <a href="http://www.... (Below threshold)

shhhh. http://www.awfulplasticsurgery.com/archives/003633.html

ew. kate beckinsale used to be such a beautiful lady, why did she do that to her chest?!

Gotta love journalists who ... (Below threshold)

Gotta love journalists who rely to heavily on spell-check.

". . . bisexual warrior Alexander the Great, romping with actor Francisco Bosch, who plays a Parisian eunuch called Bagoas. . ."

Paris was a little later in history. The eunuch was PERSIAN.

I don't like to get involve... (Below threshold)

I don't like to get involved in the gossipy gossip icky stuff, but, no one, NO ONE fools ANYone else when they have breast implants. Meaning, they are what they are and they are intensely obvious about what they are and who is wearing them, when they are.

I don't understand the madness, but I agree that that letter from Sean Penn makes him look pretty darn stupid. Maybe someone should take Penn to an autopsy of an expired smoker and let Penn get a look at how stupid his chain smoking habit is and what it's already done to the inside of the body he's using from the outside on the screen.

That's about it.

Tommy Lee's taking chemistr... (Below threshold)

Tommy Lee's taking chemistry?! It'll be interesting for that alone to see how he fares over time.

Thanks for making me drop a... (Below threshold)

Thanks for making me drop a cookie on a gay blog wizbang! Froggy

-S- wrote ". . . but I a... (Below threshold)

-S- wrote ". . . but I agree that that letter from Sean Penn makes him look pretty darn stupid."

Sean Penn is an immense talent. Unfortunately, that talent doesn't include being able to express himself in writing. And that's a sign of a limited education which is all too common in Hollywood.
I don't think this necessarily means he's stupid,
but, he did put his ignorance on display in the wording of his note to Stone and Parker.






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