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John Kerry's aides aren't doing him any favors in this New York Times Magazine profile.

When I asked one Kerry adviser what it was that voters needed to know about Kerry and terrorism, he replied without hesitation. ''That he's strong and tough,'' he said. ''In the case of John Kerry, unlike Dick Cheney and George W. Bush, he's looked people in the face and shot them dead.''
And this...
It's perhaps not surprising, then, that Kerry hasn't been eager to challenge Bush's grand notion of a war on terror; such a distinction might sound weak, equivocal or, worse yet, nuanced. It's equally unsurprising that, in the recent Times poll, 57 percent of the respondents said Kerry hadn't made his plans for the country clear, and 63 percent believed he said what he thought people wanted to hear, rather than what he actually thought.

When I asked Kerry's campaign advisers about these poll numbers, what I heard from some of them in response was that Kerry's theories on global affairs were just too complex for the electorate and would have been ignored -- or, worse yet, mangled -- by the press.

Remember there's a Kerry plan, but you're too stupid to embrace the nuance of the plan, which is why it's kept hidden. That's some serious Kerry flavored Kool-Aid...


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Comments (16)

It's not so much that we're... (Below threshold)

It's not so much that we're too stupid. It's just that we don't need to worry our pretty little heads over the details. Why waste time on the ins and outs of US policy toward some country a million miles away? All the American people need to know is that Help Is On The Way, John Kerry Has A Plan, W Stands For Wrong and other similarly pithy platitudes. Now run off and play, America. Go watch American Idol or whatever the kids are doing these days.

It's not Kerry's arrogance that bothers me. It's his paternalism.

I din't unnerstan sum of th... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

I din't unnerstan sum of them big words Kerry done said. I only gots a collej deegre, so I cain't figger out no fancy plans.

Gawrsh, it ain' even thet w... (Below threshold)

Gawrsh, it ain' even thet we're too dumb to unnerstan' what Kerry sez, even them intillectyuls in the press cain't make heads ner tails of it.

Boy howdy but I gotta vote me fer summa that!

John 'I got your Mojo Jojo ... (Below threshold)

John 'I got your Mojo Jojo right here' Kerry on his PLAN:

I have a plan and it is smart because it is my plan and not Bush's plan. The plan is smart and secret, and no one knows my plan because if they knew my plan it would not be secret, but it is secret so no one knows my plan except me because it is my plan, and it is a secret plan known only to me. I have told everyone of my plan but not what's in my plan because that part is secret, but I do have a plan, and it is a good plan because it's a smart plan and a secret plan, and it's a smart plan because it's my plan, and I am smart. Bush's plan is not secret and is not smart because it is not my plan which is both a secret plan and a smart plan, so you can see that my plan is much greater than Bush's plan which is neither my plan nor a secret plan, which is precisely my point.

Kerry's condescending attit... (Below threshold)
Gary Lewis:

Kerry's condescending attitude toward the "common man" is starting to show more and more.

This is not only true in the foreign policy venue... but...

In the last debate, his comment that he could tell by looking at everyone that there were only 3 people present that fit the over $200K income bracket was unbelievable... it not showed a lack of sensitivity to the audience, but a total lack of understanding of how many families (especially those with small businesses) have moved their way up the income scale in this country.... or how many 2 income families are at or near that level.

I donít care what it sounds... (Below threshold)

I donít care what it sounds like. The fact is that Iím not going to negotiate in public today without the presidency, without the power. - John Kerry

At least this is not an issue that he has flip-flopped on.

That first Quote is great, ... (Below threshold)

That first Quote is great, I love it. I bet who ever said that is going to get the can.

That first quote: classic.... (Below threshold)

That first quote: classic.

Classic and remarkably, hideously accurate about just the psychotic man who is John Kerry.

And, actually, story is that Kerry SHOT A TEENAGER RUNNING AWAY, shot him...in...the....back, dead.

He keeps the secret plan in... (Below threshold)

He keeps the secret plan in a special secret compartment right behind the secret compartment where he keeps his lucky CIA hat and his Cambodian Christmas snow globe.

His plan is to <a href="htt... (Below threshold)

His plan is to manipulate the media in Egypt:íI know Mubarak well enough to know what I think I could achieve in the messaging and in the press in Egypt."

He's been hanging out too long with Soros.

Even Kerry's aides lie. I d... (Below threshold)

Even Kerry's aides lie. I doubt he's ever shot anyone face to face. He strikes me as a back-shooter, the lowest form of animal there is. Which is why Bush finds it hard not to make faces during the debates. He's a Texan and Texans despise back-shooters.

One time on Fox News Channel's The Big Story with John Gibson, one of Kerry's flunkies was arguing with a Bush strategist and blurted out, "Well this President never killed a man. John Kerry has." You should have seen the look on Gibson's face. I love it when Liberals start mouthing-off as if they're James Bond or Dirty Harry.

- So now we have been infor... (Below threshold)

- So now we have been informed by the feckless Senator that the whole problem with world Terrorism stems from a lack of enough American businessmen in Jordon. Here I've been listening to his litany of anti-big corporation rhetoric for over a year, when all along he actually favors business.

- Its become more and more obvious why Taah-ray-zaaa loves her boytoy...He knows ALL the positions...

There is a great parody com... (Below threshold)

There is a great parody commercial for Kerry by a NYC talk show host named Mark Simone. It's hysterically funny. Basically, the narrator says that Kerry has a position on every issue that will please every voter. It's located on the WABC AM website.

Wouldn't it be interesting ... (Below threshold)

Wouldn't it be interesting if Pres. Kerry (gak, gak, ptooey) were to sign us up with the ICC (International Criminal Court) and that Court got around to prosecuting him for the war crime of shooting a fleeing teenager in the back?

An American President on trial in an Int'l Court.

The French would sell it on Pay-Per-View.

Jolly Tamales.That... (Below threshold)

Jolly Tamales.

That's. so. sad.

Dang, I hope he doesn't win. Makes me want to gag.

Where would the Roadrunner ... (Below threshold)
Thomas J. Jackson:

Where would the Roadrunner be today without yet another of Wilie John Kerry's secret "plans" from Acme? Where will the USA be if he is elected?






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