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This question from the CNN debate blog - [Ed - who know such a thing existed?] asked by Kerry lackey Paul Begala sums up the jibes at a Bushism from Friday's debate.

The 'Internets?'
Posted: 9:37 p.m. ET
From Paul Begala, CNN

Bush just said: "I hear there's rumors on the Internets." Is there some secret second Internet I don't know about? Perhaps that's where Bush gets the information that tells him things are so peachy in Iraq and the economy's strong. He's living in his own Private Idaho, apparently reading things on his own private Internet.

But was it a Bushism?

Paul forgets that Al Gore's boss (and his boss at the time) pushed for funding and federal stewardship of another internet called the Next Generation Internet, better known to techies as IPv6.

There's also Internet2, a high-performance research and education IPv6 network established by a consortium of American universities several years ago. Other similar government and privatly funded research internets have been running for years.

Earlier this year VARBusiness noted:

The Department of Defense (DoD) is now seeking to establish IPv6 in all Internet and intranet systems departmentwide by fiscal year 2008. Being that the DoD often leads government-agency purchasing trends, other announcements are anticipated, with Transportation and Homeland Security among the many also voicing interest in IPv6.
So don't worry Mr. Begala, we won't hold it against you that a "dummy" knows more about internet technology than you. It's his strategery...


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Comments (23)

Actually, it's his "strateg... (Below threshold)
Dear Johns:

Actually, it's his "strategery".

Good to hear Kerry's (Clinton's) henchmen are already moving on to more important topics now that Bozo has declared Terrorism to be simply a "nuisance".

What's amusing in the ongoi... (Below threshold)

What's amusing in the ongoing about Begala is that he starts off from the assumed position that he knows everything so that anything anyone says that is contrary to what Begala knows, just has to be laughable, amusing, "stupid."

Actually, that pretty well describes all of Liberal condescension about humanity, but especially about "conservatives," not to mention their dreaded "Neo-Cons."

Yes, there are "internets." The Liberals seem to not have discovered them yet. Or, discovered them but are flip-flopping about knowing about them (so, they ridicule the mention about them).

Interesting Indymedia server seizure by the FBI on behalf of Switzerland/England or thereabouts, from what I've just been reading. And the Liberal nuts are trying to say it's "the end to free speech." Same sort of irrational ridicule about Bush's comment about "the internets": to Liberals, it's all denigratable unless it's theirs, and that goes for servers, ideas, internetS, too.

Ill take one 'internets' an... (Below threshold)

Ill take one 'internets' and raise you one 'ammos'.

There is only one Internet.... (Below threshold)

There is only one Internet. Sorry. You're just grasping for straws, rather than admitting your candidate is an idiot.

I noted that in the dabate,... (Below threshold)

I noted that in the dabate, it made me smile. There is a man up there that is not one of the best speakers in the world. (but not as bad as some make it out to be) And he has the guts to go infrount of millions and talk. That takes guts. I mangle my words too, and I'm an actor (the out of work kind). Maybe that has something to do with it. lol.

I love our pres.

"There is only one Inter... (Below threshold)

"There is only one Internet. Sorry."

Heh. You only wish that was the case. All noted points above about "internets" are strictly factual and correct. Additionaly, the word "internet" is generally used to describe a network of networks... of which there are hundreds of thousands out there. There's a point to be made about the difference between an "internet" (little 'i') and "The Internet" (big "i") -- but I think you get the point.

Is this what Bush meant? Highly doubtful, but that doesn't mean it's incorrect. He just happened, in my opinion, to be correct on accident. No harm in that. I'd rather be correct on accident than wrong.

Yeah, the "internets" thing... (Below threshold)

Yeah, the "internets" thing probably was a slip of the tongue by Pres. Bush (I don't really believe that he had in mind privately-funded internets or what-not 'cause that's not where the rumors about the draft were spreading.)

However, I'll take a Bush slip of the tongue over that snake-like tongue thing Kerry was doing throughout the debate. It was like he couldn't stop licking himself. Eeeewww.

There are several Internets... (Below threshold)

There are several Internets, especially for those with government security clearances...gee, like President Bush! Some I can remember are SIPRnet and NIPRnet...there are probably more.

Ooh, ooh, a fresh comment f... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Ooh, ooh, a fresh comment from Randy! I eagerly await to see if he has something new, something fresh, something insightful to say, after getting repeatedly abused and mocked for being a Johnny One-Note.


Gee. What a surprise. It's his 587th iteration of "Bush is a doodyhead."

Y'know, I used to love Canada. They've given the world so many great things --- William Shatner, Jim Carrey, the McKenzie Brothers, Canadian bacon, a major form of currency called the "Loonie," Dudley Do-Right, Pamela Anderson, Moosehead beer, Canada geese, the character of "Wolverine," ATI (whose graphics cards I've used pretty much exclusively), and so on.

But Randy reminds me that Canada also inflicts on us things like our severe winter weather, Celine Dion, the Quebecois (as if the original French weren't bad enough), Anne Murray, and the bane of our existence here in New England, even more than blizzards, DAMNED CANADIAN COINS THAT WON'T WORK IN VENDING MACHINES.

Anyone else feel like stuffing Randy into a vending machine until he comes up with something DIFFERENT to say?

"Hey, there's a message flashing on the Coke machine. What's it say -- 'exact change only?'"

"Nope. It's saying 'Bush is a doodyhead.'"

"Leave him in a little longer, then."


Ill take one 'inte... (Below threshold)
Ill take one 'internets' and raise you one 'ammos'.

Ha! I also heard that one. I heard Bush say "internets" and just assumed that he's not much of a computer user. But then I heard Kerry say "ammos"... didn't this guy serve in the military?

So these internets that "Th... (Below threshold)

So these internets that "The DoD is now _seeking_ to establish" are rife with e-mail chain letters warning about reinstitution of the draft? Good Trick.

Slip of the tongue, yes. Superior knowledge of internet technology, no.

I was so glad when Gore los... (Below threshold)

I was so glad when Gore lost the election -- I wouldn't have to see and hear the likes of Paul Begala anymore. Now that freaking slimy punk is back.

BTW, sad news: Christopher Reeve died. Even sadder news, the MSM are reminding people that Reeve was an advocate of embryonic stem-cell research and that Bush opposes it. The inference?
Bush killed Christopher Reeve.

I'll have to throw my hat i... (Below threshold)

I'll have to throw my hat into the ring of "President Bush misspoke." Okay. It's just who he is. We all knew that. Let's move on (no pun intended).

As for the question of idiots, I'll have to leave that to the experts like Randy.

All your internets are belo... (Below threshold)

All your internets are beloging to us.

Actually Kev, I started to ... (Below threshold)

Actually Kev, I started to blog it... To the President there are 2 interenets. The military has its own secure internet he probably uses that one more than he uses the public one. Every time he has one of those "secure video conferences' we are always hearing about he is using it. Air Force One is connected to it.

Not to make excuses for a probable misquote but there is a chance he was actually referring to both the regular internet and the military version.

I'm going to assign this to... (Below threshold)

I'm going to assign this to a mistake made by someone who isn't that familiar with the technology. My parents would have made the same error a year ago.

I've loaned out my copy of David Frum's "The Right Man", but it seems to me that he mentions that email is not used at the White House. Without email to check, there's not a lot of reason for someone with a full schedule to be online too often.

The observation that there ... (Below threshold)

The observation that there are multiple internets (NIPR, SIPR, and at least one other I won't name) is accurate.

Was Bush referring to them? Probably not, probably a slip of the toungue. But it's hilarious that Begala makes the pompous statement of fact -

Is there some secret second Internet I don't know about? Perhaps that's where Bush gets the information that tells him things are so peachy in Iraq and the economy's strong.
- which is actually probably truer than he was intending. A lot of the information on how things are going in Iraq circulates on the 'other' two Internets I'm aware of. And that news isn't cranked out by a bunch of left leaning journos with an agenda to unseat the president - so I guess, by comparison, it could be termed 'peachy', as it probably is totally bereft of the gloomism and doomism so prevelant in much of the Iraq (and Afghanistan) coverage today in the MSM.

oooh, Bush said internets! ... (Below threshold)
Randy Charles Moron:

oooh, Bush said internets!

What an important bit of info that is, Mr. Begala!

I'm voting against him, now.

In fact there are a minimum... (Below threshold)
El Jefe:

In fact there are a minimum of THREE internets used by the DoD (Unclass, Secret, Top Secret).

So, Seor Fucktardo Begala, get your facts straight before you start your verbal diarrhea.

The first verbal flub in th... (Below threshold)

The first verbal flub in the debates came in the first one, during the Botoxed Brahmin's opening statement, when he said Bush has left our alliances "in shatters." They all do it; it's just Dubya that gets mocked for it.

Wizbang logic: There's more... (Below threshold)

Wizbang logic: There's more than one Internet. It's impossible to prove a negative.


You guys are funny! The earth is flat. When you die you re-incarnate as a butterfly. Martians are coming. ROTL.

Randy, Randy, Randy: have ... (Below threshold)

Randy, Randy, Randy: have you read anything lately? We are funny, but the Earth is still round. You just think it's supposed to be flat to conservatives and that only "progressives" are "smart." Oh, and Canada is not the United States. In fact, it's not even close.

InterNETS. Several intern... (Below threshold)

InterNETS. Several internet systems. Some people say "internet" about the one they are aware of. But, know it or not, there are other interNETS even if you can't find them from your home or office P.C. or MAC. InterNETS. Meaning, there are more than just the one any one person may know about at any one time.

What I find hard to believe is that this issue is so difficult for some among comments here (and elsewhere) to even understand. Like it or not, there are internets, and among them is the internet that some perceive as the one and only in existence. But it isn't.






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