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Jacques Derrida Decomposing

So Derrida is dead.- If only the movement would die with him.

To quote Rush Limbaugh, "Words mean things."

You Derrida fans who just can't get enough deconstructionist writing, can go here and hit reload a few times for old times sake.


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Comments (15)

Am I the only guy who never... (Below threshold)

Am I the only guy who never understood this goof's silly BS? Most of his ramblings seemed like the stuff an educated drunk would say to impress a female freshman.

who is derrida? Theres this... (Below threshold)

who is derrida? Theres this book at home thats a cartoon book but its a "guide" to "derrida".

I don't care, on to HVAC + R!

Arghh, college theory class... (Below threshold)

Arghh, college theory classes, all emphasizing, instructing Derrida. All this time, I thought he was already deceased, based upon his theories.

I agree that the general theory seemed like the ramblings from too many years drinking too much wine, or vodka, and smoking too many cigarettes and not getting any exercise beyond the occasional stand. I like Deconstructionism when I first learned about it as a welcome relief from Postmodernsism Madness, but unfortunately, all of these ongoing theories of change from mostly France simply degenerate into Cawfee Tawk and library whispers.

Actually, that last sentence well describes Deconstructionism in comparison with Postmodernism, but, no, it just CAN't be that simple, so they require two years of upper division theory classes about the things instead.

Well, anyway, Derrida...rest in peace. Pose the issue to God, see what He says about opening the Pearly Gates.

You just wait: France will... (Below threshold)

You just wait: France will announce that "Constructionism" has begun. Or, maybe, well...maybe that's the next caption contest: name what's inside the next black box.

"I don't care, on to HVAC +... (Below threshold)

"I don't care, on to HVAC + R!"

I got a Manual J I'm not using if you need it. ;-)

(another joke 1% of the people get)

<a href="http://www.kuro5hi... (Below threshold)

it's quite simple. click and learn.

make sure to read the comments. That's where the magic happens.

Hmmm. "Decompositionism."</... (Below threshold)

Hmmm. "Decompositionism."

I wish I'd thought to try that on my last English Comp professor.

a nice time to pass on perh... (Below threshold)
mary desie:

a nice time to pass on perhaps. the random article generator works for any jargon, or set of slogans, when language ceases to mean anything merely becoming the we belong dead lever.

words do mean things, isn't that why you renamed french fries freedom fries, isn't this thread merely a recapitulation of the only good (X) is a dead (X), where X stands for Shadow, the differe/nce leads from from French Intellectual to Al-Qaeda to Iraqi insurgents with the common desires of belonging of deadness.

There is obviously no logical connection between the signifiers, french intellectual Al Qaeda Iraqi Insurgents but there is differe/nce. Like you said jargon/slogans allow private jokes for 1% of us, part to say I belong and also You do not belong.

You mean you can get laid by quoting Derrida in Europe we rely on Pushkin and Absinthe, dans les nuits toutes les chattes sont grises.

Derrida was right after all... (Below threshold)

Derrida was right after all. The words he combined with whatever intention he attributed to them had an inextricably related but potentially unintended interpretation which convinced me that tenure was far too easily obtained and taxes far too readily squandered. And a confirmed conservative was born in Lit Crit 401. Hopefully, his work will continue to influence others in just the same way.

- I would say a few things ... (Below threshold)

- I would say a few things but the embodiment of opposites sinisterly hidden within the meanings, but outside the lexicon, and holding a truth greater than the exestential parts of the original would equal one meatball....

- I would say a few things ... (Below threshold)

- I would say a few things but the embodiment of opposites, sinisterly hidden within the meanings, but outside the lexicon, and holding a truth greater than the existential parts of the original would equal one meatball....

- Apparently that even blew... (Below threshold)

- Apparently that even blew the mind of the commenter script.... Michelle Malkin would be proud.... *chuckle* ... somehow I get the feeling she didn't like him very much.....

Funny link. I like the repe... (Below threshold)

Funny link. I like the repeated form: "...random non sequitur..." followed by ";according to so and so however [footnote], ... random non-sequitur." Comic genius!

thanks, alec.<a hr... (Below threshold)

thanks, alec.

an updated version.

Now with 'true-false' deconstructive definitions!

All these are spmmaers- fuc... (Below threshold)






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