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John Kerry: Kibitzer in Chief

Back in college, I took a couple creative writing classes. I learned a HELL of a lot from the experience, and became a much better writer because of it. The teacher's technique was incredibly simple: each class we would bring copies of something we had written, pass the copies around to the class, read the piece, and then SIT THERE AND SHUT UP AND LISTEN while the rest of the class kicked around the piece. The idea was that once something is written and published, it had to stand on it's own -- the author could NOT go around and defend and explain it to readers. It taught me just how pieces could be misconstrued or points missed, and how those errors are entirely the author's fault.

(Ironically enough, with WizBang, I've found a forum for my writings where I can do exactly that, but I digress...)

There was one young lady in that class who, after a couple sessions, decided she did not like me. Nothing I wrote escaped her wrath, and she disagreed with every single comment I made. She had two friends who sat beside her who assisted, but she was my main antagonist. It reached its epitome when I said that one particular piece had a certain problem. I forget the precise details, but I remember almost verbatim her answer:

"No. No, Jay, you're wrong. There's no problem there. If you just change X and Y, there's no problem."

I stared at her in disbelief. She had agreed with me, shown how to fix the problem I'd addressed, but still insisted I was wrong. That was her key point.

(I made a point of not giving her pieces any special scrutiny, and refrained from ripping her pieces to shreds, as a matter of principle, but I digress again.)

I hadn't thought about that incident for years, until last Friday's presidential debate. John Kerry IS that young woman. Whatever the issue is, all he can focus on is "George Bush was wrong" or "I would've done the same, but better." He has plans to do everything, probably including curing the common cold and ending the heartbreak of psoriasis, but won't tell us what those plans are. It's Richard Nixon's "secret plan to end the war" writ large, and we all know how well THAT turned out.

It would be different if Kerry had a record of some kind of accomplishments. Then he could say "I have a plan, trust me" with some shreds of credibility. But I've repeatedly challenged people (including the Kerry campaign worker who called me just before the Cow Hampshire primary) to come up with three major accomplishments from John Kerry's nearly 20 years in the Senate, and nobody has come up with anything beyond a long laundry list of "awards and honors" people have given him in exchange for showing up and speaking. (Well, that's not fair. Apparently Kerry was a big force behind uncovering the BCCI scandal, and THAT is the sort of thing I was hoping to hear. Alas and alack, it seems to stand alone.)

I didn't like that woman at the time, and found myself discounting her opinions once I realized that they all boiled down to the same old tired argument. John Kerry is doing the exact same thing. And for that, he's not losing my vote (he lost that a long time ago), but any respect I might've had for him. And I WANTED to respect him. I don't like the fact that THIS is the face we're putting before the world as a worthy challenger to President Bush, and representing the notion of representative democracy to places where we're trying to BRING democracy.



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Excellent, Jay, as usual. ... (Below threshold)

Excellent, Jay, as usual. I've been saying that all along - it was refreshing to see someone actually put it into words. The ending is, is this the best that the democratic (or any party for that matter) party could come up with as a candidate? That really doesn't say much for them or this country.

Just a few minutes ago, my housemate knocked on my door to tell me some news (which I emailed you) and then proceeded to tell me that yesterday Kerry said that the terrorists are nothing but a nuisance, basically saying 'they'll go away.'

huh? nuicances? puuuuuuuleeeeazzzzzzze


The democrats don't have an... (Below threshold)

The democrats don't have anyone better because they all agreed not to campaign against eachother in the primaries. They all gave speeches and campained against Bush.

I found the last two paragr... (Below threshold)

I found the last two paragraphs of note. Kerry's accomplishments may indeed be humble. But prior to election as President of the USA, had Bush junior done much? Were he not the son of a former president it is unlikely that he would have achieved such office himself. In addition Bush is probably one of the least well travelled presidents of our time, with no little or no understsanding of the world and its workings.

With regards to the last paragraph, holding up America as an ideal of western democracy is a bit of a joke, when it is widely accepted that Bush hijacked the Florida vote.

Being widely accepted does ... (Below threshold)

Being widely accepted does not make something true. Only the micelle moore crowd believes Bush stole the election. All independent studies show this to be false. You guys can't get over nader costing you the election. The repubs got over perot but you little kids can't let it go. Kerry is the worst person you could have put out there, and the democrats should be ashamed they did not vet him better.

James, Bush had been govern... (Below threshold)

James, Bush had been governor of an important state -- the first Republican to win a second term there in god-only-knows. He even defeated a fairly popular incumbent governor in 1994.

Done much? I'd say so.

Mcgehee.......That's hardly... (Below threshold)

Mcgehee.......That's hardly an accomplishment, retaining his title? Unfortunately, I find the man repulsive....and I think a second term with Bush at the helm will only lead to more chaos in the world. Bush may think he is on a mission from God but if he carries on in the same manner as he has done over the last 4 years, then God help the planet.

McGehee,Based on h... (Below threshold)


Based on his"accomplishments" as a businessman in Texas, can you honestly say you would feel comfortable with him running your company? Or managing your retirement funds? I sure as hell wouldn't.

"if he carries on in the sa... (Below threshold)

"if he carries on in the same manner as he has done over the last 4 years, then God help the planet."

Now that I think about it, perhaps Bush IS God's way of helping the planet.

I'll have to buy God a beer for that one :-)

This comment thread is the ... (Below threshold)

This comment thread is the best example of the problem with Kerry. Any time someone points out a Kerry weakness the answer from his supporters is "yes, but .. . bush is worse, lied, misled, is the antichrist, etc." If the people that support Kerry had nominated a worthwhile candidate the answer could be "no, I disagree," instead of "yes, but ..."

p.s. I am not some left win... (Below threshold)

p.s. I am not some left wing liberal, but rather a realist. Nor am I anti American. But I am anti Bush and the current administration. I sometimes wonder if the water has been contaminated when I read some of the posts to sites such as these. For a nation of people where only 10% of the population have passports and even less have travelled outside of the American continent the level of ignorance about world events and geography is truly staggering. This is not a personal attack on you or any other person but rather an observation built up over the last couple of years.

Rob, the opportunity may co... (Below threshold)

Rob, the opportunity may come sooner than you think.........but the rest of would rather wait awhile. Unfortunately your man Bush will more than likely end up drinking with the devil.

Re: Kerry's accomlishments<... (Below threshold)
Corky Boyd:

Re: Kerry's accomlishments

At the core of the BCCI scandel was Clark Clifford, longtime Democratic party stalwart and Mr. Fixit going back to FDR times. He escaped prosecution only because of his age, though many think the real reason was he had the dirt on most of the politicos in Washington.

Not sure if Clifford figured prominently when the investigations began, but he did at the end.

Apologies Rob, that last co... (Below threshold)

Apologies Rob, that last comment was directed towards Harvey.

James, I have a passport, d... (Below threshold)

James, I have a passport, does that make me smart?

Jay, Did it ever occur to y... (Below threshold)

Jay, Did it ever occur to you that she might just be wanting your attention???

Geeze!...... men!

Rightwingsparkle......you g... (Below threshold)

Rightwingsparkle......you got me there. You are too quick for me. Perhaps you should be running for office?

Rightwingsparkle for Presid... (Below threshold)

Rightwingsparkle for President!!

Great post!!Hey Ri... (Below threshold)

Great post!!

Hey Rightwingsparkle! Is that how women attract men? By trying to belittle them. Ah, I get it. "Hey Dad, how did you meet mom?" "Well son, your mother constantly bitching at me 24/7 really turned me on." Want to get a guy's attention try cooking for him. Not only will you get his attention, heck, he'll go fight a war for you. I know, I know. Cooking is a symbol of submission and sexism but at least the microwave oven doesn't get attention by being piffy.

Now Robert, you know Jay wa... (Below threshold)

Now Robert, you know Jay was one of those smart sexy men and this poor girl was probably a feminist, had glasses and long stringy hair and was frustrated that Jay would pay no attention to her. Gushing over his work would have been too obvious, so in her frustration she shreds his work to pieces, getting her much wanted attention and exacting revenge in one swoop. ;-)
If cooking is a sign of submission then call me Kunta.

- (Getting ready to duck al... (Below threshold)

- (Getting ready to duck all the flying shoes)... This Thanksgiving I will say all the usual "thankful for this and thankful for that" litany....

- Chief among the items will be how thankful I am my sweeties feet are small so she can stand close to the stove....Hey...If I can go off and fight all the baddies that want to steal her watch then the least she can do is cook my meals....Nothing wrong with that...As far as the attraction of the battling sex's I still applaud Viva la' difference'...Personally I always thought the feminists with the scraggly hair could have been sexy if they didn't have such an ecclectic aversion to water and didn't get their fashion sense from Landsend...

- I'm thinking that the leftie camp is probably counting the hours to election day...They must be close to exhaustion from the daily task of having to generate and issue 6 page press releases trying to explain the latest circular firing squad nuanced statement by their mis-guided missile candidate....Must be a hellofa "nuisance".....

Agreed Kunta! Nua... (Below threshold)

Agreed Kunta!

Nuance is strong with those lefty types. Ten bucks she had hairy armpits.

Thanks for all the response... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Thanks for all the responses -- it's been very satisfying. I've been thinking of making an open thread where people can say why they think Kerry would make a good president, with the up-front warning that reply that invoked Bush would get their comment edited in a very insulting manner.

And Rightwingsparkle, Robert... while your comments are tremendously gratifying to my ego, I gotta tell the truth -- I was the smart fat guy in glasses whom the teacher liked (but he still brutalized my work on a regular basis), and she was a very hot blonde. I only WISH she'd been after my attention...


I find the man repulsive... (Below threshold)

I find the man repulsive.

James, everything else you've said trying to position yourself outside the usual moonbat fringe, is rebutted by that one sentence.

" I've been thinking of mak... (Below threshold)

" I've been thinking of making an open thread where people can say why they think Kerry would make a good president, with the up-front warning that reply that invoked Bush would get their comment edited in a very insulting manner." -J.

I think that is a great idea.


Well Jay, its VERY good to ... (Below threshold)

Well Jay, its VERY good to know that being a hot blonde overrides irrational behavior. ...;-)

James -- I guess that says ... (Below threshold)

James -- I guess that says a lot about the Liberals/Democrats. These doofuses had their election stolen from them by a dumb cowboy. They should change the name of the party to The Putz Party. But keep the logo -- a jackass is an appropriate logo for a party of doofus, assclowns. LOL.

- Rightwingsparkle - I thou... (Below threshold)

- Rightwingsparkle - I thought being blonde automatically entitled you to display irrational behavior....Has my hot blonde been scamming me all these years.....* chuckle *

Iím so sick and tired of he... (Below threshold)

Iím so sick and tired of hearing how George Bush stole the 2000 election. Didnít anyone hear about USA Todayís findings that Bush won, even under Goreís rules? And if you really want to know what is beating the Dems, check out why abortion is probably the biggest reason at:

Hunter.....yes, sh... (Below threshold)

Hunter.....yes, she has.


Kurt Vonnegut once said (I... (Below threshold)
Steel Turman:

Kurt Vonnegut once said (I paraphrase) ..the LAST
thing you want to do if you want to write is to take
a 'creative writing class.'
You seem to have fared well despite this warning.
That Kerry focuses on what's wrong with Bush is
really indicative of the fact that HE HAS NOTHING
for the 'duh' of the day? He is just a nuisance.

A friend of mine(hates Bush... (Below threshold)

A friend of mine(hates Bush,but I don't hold that against him) likes to repeat a favorite saying of his fathers..." It is not that out of the millions of Americans this is the best we have to choose from,but that these are the best of who actually 'wants' the job."

As I write this I started thinking about all the things that affect who is in the position for job of being President. I wish I had the clarity of thought that Jay has shown in his writing. I think I will start looking at some creative writing courses.







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