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Lab Tested

Lab Tested pits a 70 lb. Labrador retriever against a collection of off-the-shelf dog toys and accessories. Items that can withstand the loving attention of the young pup and remain in one piece gets an "Approved" rating. If you're a dog owner check it out.


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I'm thinking of starting a ... (Below threshold)
El Jefe:

I'm thinking of starting a 'mirror' site called Hell and Damnation to recount the hilarious horrors our Dalmation has put us through.

In order for dog toys to be... (Below threshold)

In order for dog toys to be certified indestructable, they really need to be tested by teething Jack Russells.

I haven't found a hubcap th... (Below threshold)

I haven't found a hubcap that my mongrel half Pit Bull/half German Shepherd can't chew to pieces. There is not a dog toy made that will stand the test at my house, because what the big dog don't destroy, the weeniewolf elegantly dismantles.

Ha! No one stands up to th... (Below threshold)

Ha! No one stands up to the oral ministration of Boo! our 120 lb. Rottweiller puppy. He mangled the Jolly Ball in one day. However he usually enjoys the screams of plush toys, so the Plush Jack actually lated a week. He can be merciful... ..but fortunately still fears our 8 pound declawed stray cat.

So are his tests Rotten or Rotted?

This is exactly what I need... (Below threshold)

This is exactly what I needed! My 1 1/2 year old Lab, Rudy, has yet to find the item that can withstand her "teeth of doom." Even Kong toys have not been able to withstand her unbelievable ability to chew through anything. Fortunately, she rarely chews on furniture, shoes, or other items around the house. Thanks for the resource!

"Starbuck". What a yuppie n... (Below threshold)

"Starbuck". What a yuppie name. Their next dog will probably be "Soho". Or, if it's a big dog, maybe "Venti". A lab deserves better. And please, all the designer toys. Try 1) tennis balls 2) old boots 3) pieces of lumber 4) rocks.
However, this pampered pup is just preparation for a child to spoil. And when that happens, Starbuck, remember the immortal words of Tramp, from "Lady and the Tramp", "When the baby moves in, the dog moves out".

Actually, I thought "Starbu... (Below threshold)

Actually, I thought "Starbuck", being the first mate in a classic nautical novel, was an excellent name for a water retriever.

And after the first expensive emergency surgery to remove an intestinal obstruction consisting of a chunk of some crappy chew object, some of us dog owners like to pay a little more not to do it again.

All right, just kidding. Ou... (Below threshold)

All right, just kidding. Our yellow lab, Chester, will attest to the durability of all Air Dog products, as well as large Kongs, tinkle balls (bell inside) and partially deflated soccer balls. And , on the soft side, squeaky hedgehog and giant fuzzy bone. He's eight, so the last two are for trophy transport only.

Sorry for missing the sarca... (Below threshold)

Sorry for missing the sarcasm, then. :)

I've heard many people mention the infamous Squeaky Hedgehog, yet never seen it for sale. Where did you get it?

Squeaky hedgehog? I think a... (Below threshold)

Squeaky hedgehog? I think a local mom&pop pet store, not a chain. Washable. For *delicate* lab retrieving.

...kind of like this....</p... (Below threshold)






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