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The Best Uniforms You Never See

The San Diego Chargers 1960's era powder-blue throwback uniforms. The Chargers wear them once a year - yesterday was the one sighting for the year.


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I like the uniform, but the... (Below threshold)

I like the uniform, but the helmets look pritty bad.

Those powder blues are easi... (Below threshold)

Those powder blues are easily the best uniforms in the NFL. And the helmets are great!

you really think so?... (Below threshold)

you really think so?

Power blue uniforms. Nice ... (Below threshold)

Power blue uniforms. Nice touch. All they need are blue helmets (with accompanying UN stickers).

I would really love to see ... (Below threshold)

I would really love to see the old Tampa Bay orange unis!

back in the day when the Ch... (Below threshold)

back in the day when the Chargers were under the direction of Coach C. When we had "lay down Danny" Charlie Joyner, John J....we played FOOTBALL.
Lately, not so much.
Gone are the days of these unis and gone are the days of solid Charger football I'm afraid.

Gates and LT go large this ... (Below threshold)
Bill from NYC:

Gates and LT go large this weekend and get me the win in fantasy football this week because of them!!!
Keep them in those dam ugly uniforms the rest of the season if it gets them going! lol
GO POWDER BLUES............

I like it - looks good on ... (Below threshold)

I like it - looks good on TV

besides nothing was as bad as the NHL's old Los Angeles Kings' purple and gold uniforms, holy LSD flashback, Batman

Air Coryell - now those wer... (Below threshold)

Air Coryell - now those were the days....

Man, that's gotta cost a lo... (Below threshold)

Man, that's gotta cost a lot. Reprinting a whole line of uniforms for one day a year?

They probably make a LOT mo... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

They probably make a LOT more money in replica jersey sales than they spend in producing the jerseys once a year. That's the reason for the whole "throwback" thing: something else to market.

One D.....yeah...~sigh~<br ... (Below threshold)

One D.....yeah...~sigh~
Those sure were the good ole days for sure.
Air Coryell football. Best season tickets I ever bought!! That's back when they were actually affordable for the average right wing fish out of water from the left coast like me (snicker)
The uniforms were ok....I sorta liked them really....
SD sure had it going on back then...
Don't get to watch much AFCW football here on the east coast. Sad for me.
Even more sad that I don't have hockey now either.
~another sigh~

For the love of <a href="ht... (Below threshold)
El Jefe:

For the love of John Hadl!

Chris Berman had it right: ... (Below threshold)

Chris Berman had it right: The Chargers throwback uniforms are the best uniforms in the history of sports. The helmets are awesome too. (And I'm a Giants fan!)

POWER BLUES ARE THE BEST !!... (Below threshold)


And the helmets rock too! You guys who think these uniforms are ugly are FOOLS! Based on color-scheme, originality, design, and creativity alone.....there are no other uniforms ever designed that were this original and bold !

GO CHARGERS! Powder Blue Throwback Unis ROCK !!!







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