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Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners

This weeks Weekend Caption Contest™ once again generated the usual boatload of entries, most of the very good. Of course no one could top Chuck Werden's masterful impersonation of a humorless donk, but it was one of those "had to be there" kind of comments.

Here are the winning captions for following photo:

Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry comforts Ray Raschilla Jr., a locked out worker from a local plant, at a Town Hall meeting in Austintown, Ohio, October 3, 2004. Raschilla is one of hundreds of workers at RMI Titanium that have been on the picket line for almost a year. (Jim Young/Reuters)

1) (Spirit Fingers) - "Their roiling passions tangled together into an intense embrace, such were the primal desires that surged between two men who didn't like bush."

2) (RightWingDuck) - "Think about baseball. Think about baseball. Touchdowns, tight buns. ooh, not working."

3) (Russ) - "There, there. Buck up, little camper. I'm sure you'll hit something the next time you shoot at a GOP office."

Honorable Mention

4) (Hunter) - "There there son...I know we lost...but its not the end of the world....I've got some "Hillary is on the way" bumper stickers in the SUV if it will make you feel better...."

5) (Rodney Dill) - "Unholy Union"

6) (McCain) - "Senator Kerry demonstrates that he is not your ordinary tree hugging liberal."

Until next Friday...

Comments (6)

Kevin:Week after week yo... (Below threshold)

Kevin:Week after week you seem to select mostly lame and unimaginative comments as winners.I say get a Job! Using such obvious topics as make-up,lipstick,dresses etc. instead of really brainstorming and coming with a totally original caption is where this contest falls short.

Oh, sorry Kevin. I'm so used to hearing this every week that I was expecting to have read this particular comment, since this post has been up for over half an hour....

Kevin, Kevin, Kevin, you ha... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Kevin, Kevin, Kevin, you have once again overlooked the obvious. Rather than being at detractor Chuck Werden was merely submitting multiple captions. (Most of them not too good) His last one, however, was clearly the contest winner.

You have truly embarrassed this once great nation.

Chuck Werden is truly a captioneer extradinaire.


I was really rooting for "Y... (Below threshold)

I was really rooting for "You had me at AFL-CIO". That had me laughing out loud.

When I'm in charge, that'll be the winner...

Kerry CommentDont wo... (Below threshold)

Kerry Comment
Dont worry its my wallet!! i had a prostate operation

OneDummer:Thanks fo... (Below threshold)

OneDummer:Thanks for savimg me a contest ending response.
Actually I think there were a few good captions this week.My choice was jmasters,"Kerry Kennedy pre-debate session...
Rodney seems like he is starting to think more creatively.(Maybe Lame Disease can be slowed down)
Andre 3000 is trying way to hard.
McCain is getting better.(seems like the fever broke)
Spacemonkey should return to his planet of origin.(Give ma a freakin' break)
And you,"OneDrummer",I wish I had something positive to report.However it seems your Lame Disease is out of control!Try distilling your many entries into a few that are worthy of submission.(Your only advantage right now is that a judge or judges are suffering from Lame Disease too).
Seriously,overall I have noticed a increase in quality entries(even though the judge /judges cannot discern them.

Unfortunately, MahaRichie a... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately, MahaRichie and I agree. For the record, and for over-emphasis, jmasters' populist entry was...

After a long pre-debate preparation “session” with fellow Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy, a stage hand struggles to place Democratic candidate John Kerry into position in front of his lectern.






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