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John Kerry's Magic Cellphone

It's sort of like his lucky CIA hat...

SANTA FE, United States (AFP) - Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry hailed Christopher Reeve as "America's hero" and vowed to drive on the dead Superman actor's crusade for stem-cell research.

...Kerry said the last time he heard from Reeve was on Saturday, when the actor left a message on his cellphone, enthused by the Massachusetts senator's decision to raise stem-cell research in Friday's second presidential debate.

Oh really?
WHO TV (Des Moines) October 11th, 2004 - According to sources close to the actor, Reeve died Sunday. The actor fell into a coma on Thursday after going into cardiac arrest at his New York home.
It's true - Kerry will say ANYTHING to get elected...

Update: WHO Des Moines appears to be the only one reporting he went into a coma on Thursday. ABC, CNN, and others are reporting that he had a heart attack at his Pound Ridge, New York, home on Saturday during treatment for an infected bedsore wound. He fell into a coma and never regained consciousness. CNN puts it this way:

Kerry's cellphone is a little less magical, now it's just a bit suspect...

Update 2: WHO Des Moines has removed their reference to "Thursday," but has not noted a correction. As has been noted in the comments, a call between Kerry and Reeves has not been proved or disproved.

That the Kerry camp couldn't even wait until the corpse was cold to use Reeve's memory for their own purposes is not in dispute... Via Drudge and James Taranto:

Edwards - "When John Kerry is president, people like Christopher Reeve are going to walk. Get up out of that wheelchair and walk again"


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Un-effingKerry-believable.<... (Below threshold)
Remy Logan:


Let's see how long it takes the Dem trolls to start spining this one. We're waiting.

Hmm. all of the news source... (Below threshold)

Hmm. all of the news sources I've been able to find indicate that Reeves fell into the coma on Saturday, not Thursday. So it is entirely possible that he had called Kerry. That said, I still think it is despicable that Kerry would be using Reeves passing to further his own political goals.

What a di-k kerry is.... (Below threshold)

What a di-k kerry is.

A good question is why woul... (Below threshold)

A good question is why would anybody come up with a cheap, self-serving, easily-disputed lie? My guess is that it's reflexive.

IF true, this is too funny ... (Below threshold)

IF true, this is too funny to even comprehend. So, so very sad that Kerry must resort to such falsehoods to get an extra vote.

I think we're going to have... (Below threshold)
Remy Logan:

I think we're going to have to give this one to Kerry, even if he is shamelessly using it to bash Bush.

One other thing though: Reeve's heart attack was the result of an bed sore infection that spread throughout his entire body. Which means the doctors were pumping antibiotics through him as fast as they could refill the IV bottles. I bet he was under a good amount of sedation also, just because of the pain of having his whole body being infected. Bottom line - I doubt he even knew it was Kerry on the other end of the phone.

Good-bye Superman. And I'm not pissed at you anymore for that Super Bowl commercial walking stunt you pulled back in Y2K. God speed.

Remember, we're talking abo... (Below threshold)

Remember, we're talking about the guy who continues to insist that he ran the Boston Marathon when no evidence to that effect exists anywhere.

I guess this is another one... (Below threshold)

I guess this is another one of those issues that Kerry, the "Catholic," thinks he can "counsel people about"...oh, yeah, life begins at conception but it's alright to chop them up before they're born because no one wants them and we could put those "cells" to use instead...

Again and again, Kerry proves himself to be such a liar. I mean, such a creepy liar. He's a liar. Kerry is no more Catholic than Saddam Hussein is.

AND Kerry (nor Saddam, I'm betting) understands the issue of Stem Cell Research (because, if he did, he'd know that it isn't embryonic stem cells that most scientists are in need of today for various "medical research" but the stem cells) (same goes for nutty Ronnie Reagan, who also just glosses over any science and preaches about 'stem cells' and the oogey Mr. Bush).

Kerry's using the death and disability of Christopher Reeve -- may he rest in peace, I pray -- for his greedy plea for the White House.

Democrats don't seem to be able to understand the science of this issue, nor respect the religious principles of anyone. Oh, and I guess that stands for the stupid "if you want to make rape legal," thing by Carmen Diaz...it's an equivalent stupidity to Reagan's and now Kerry's bogus victimizations about stem cells, as they continue to misrepresent this issue.

Perhaps Republicans now have to send out Biology text books to voters, if this is where the country's intelligence level is. All this because a guy broke two vertebrae and damaged his spinal chord and suffered from paralysis afterward...this is gruesome, ugly Kerry at his very worst.

My response, subjectively, ... (Below threshold)

My response, subjectively, about this push by Democrats -- what appears to be some sort of compulsive, emotionally unbalanced NEED using this mantra of "increase stem cell funding" by anyone who they can find to make an ad about it (and usually it's suffereing people who also don't appear to understand what it is that they're asking for so much as they're asking for healing of what has harmed them, but with disregard for the science involved in what they're asking for)...has always seemed to me to be some means by which Democrats can intimidate and frighten and emotionally strike people into allowing federal funding for abortion.

Because, that plethora of "human stem cells" that the Democrats SAY that there is an urgent need for -- which is why I call it irrational (because it is) -- would be from aborted human fetuses. That'd be human beings to Kerry if he does, in fact, lay claim to being a Catholic.

Not a Catholic, don't believe that life begins at conception, then even then the push for "more stem cell research" doesn't make scientific sense in where medical research is today. Most research is more interested in obtaining human stem cells from human placenta (discardable otherwise after the birth of any human being, so no harm there to or about anyone, no life is threatened or religious principle compromised) or from human fat cells from the abdomen area.

And that's NOT what Democrats will even discuss. Instead, they continue to make this some attack upon the religious principles of others -- always against Christians who generally consider life as beginning at conception, much less us Catholics who do also among other things amplified from that point -- and instead insist, INSIST that it's some sort of "problem" by "religious fanatics" in the U.S. who DEPRIVE these poor, suffering folks from sending these unneeded, unwanted, forlorn and otherwise forgotten "tissue" from aborted, miscarried human beings and unwanted "extra" embryonic human beings...science be damned!

What the Demos and Kerry specifically (along with other celebrity spokespersons) do is make this a push to ELECT DEMOCRATS and ignore the science, much less the religous beliefs and the very lives of others. All that for an election.

I sympathize with anyone with grave problems as has Michael J. Fox and the now passed Christopher Reeve, but the increase in medical research they need isn't from embryonic stem cells, but from stem cells that science can obtain from elsewhere (not from aborted/abandoned unborn human beings), but they never talk about that. They just continue to cry out about their need for the remains of aborted/abandoned human beings...which is just a cloak for "more abortions" and "more federal funding for abortions."

Think about the details...learn about what stem cell research actually involves and then look at the motives of the people who campaign for this.

Because, IF they actually were seeking CURES to ailments/diseases/disorders, they'd be seeking increase funding for likely areas that would provide that, but they aren't...

If you didn't see Brit on F... (Below threshold)

If you didn't see Brit on Fox tonight, they played a clip from today wherein Edwards said that if they get elected, people like Reeves will be able to get up out of their wheelchairs, but not under Bush. It was the most reprehensible thing I've seen so far in this campaign. Only Krautheimer had the courage to point it out. And Edwards looked precisely like the proverbial snake oil salesman when he was saying it. Absolutely pathetic playing on people's emotions that way when everyone knows even if the science does work, it will be decades away. Krautheimer claims there are stem cells waiting now at the NIH and no scientist takers to do any research on them.

In case people don't know, ... (Below threshold)
Remy Logan:

In case people don't know, Charles Krautheimer is in a wheelchair (I know it is because of a disease, I don't which one). He is a staunch Republican and pro-life. He does believe that through stem cell research there is the possibility of him one day being able to get out of his wheelchair and walking again.

There was a time he thought that embryonic stem cells would be the answer, and he advocated for this type of research. I don't blame him. I'm not exactly against it myself, except for the niggling little fact that adult stem cells have proven to be much more promising. Krautheimer is apsychiatrist, which means he has and MD after his name, and knows a lot more about this topic than we do.

It is interesting that he has strongly supported Bush. He knows that the Dems are out-and-out lying about Bush's policies and Federal law concerning embryonic stem cell research.

The Dems have sold their soul to the abortion lobby and have never actually done anything to support true research. Those who feel that Kerry will discover some miraculous cure will be awfully dissappointed come 2008 and they discover that research has not advanced in 4 years. The same way that Clinton was all talk and did nothing for AIDS in 8 years. Just ask Richard Gere.

Apparently Senator John F. ... (Below threshold)

Apparently Senator John F. Kerry has the same superhuman ability as Seymour Hersch to communicate with the comatose.

Don't forget Bob Woodward, ... (Below threshold)
Remy Logan:

Don't forget Bob Woodward, who interviewed William Casey when Casey was in a coma.

The 52-year-old <a href="ht... (Below threshold)

The 52-year-old Reeve, who had vowed to one day walk again, was rushed to a Westchester hospital Saturday after going into cardiac arrest at his home in Bedford.

Reeve fell into a coma and never recovered, said Wesley Combs, his publicist.

I *think* I was the first p... (Below threshold)

I *think* I was the first person to call out Kerry's opportunism in regards to Reeve before 10am on monday (not the first person as in discovering it, I am just finding out Kerry's capitalizing on this as soon as he is... but in the sense that I just KNEW Kerry was going to use Reeve's passing as political leverage somehow). That was honestly my gut reaction, "Oh no... John Kerry's going to exploit this. He's going to dedicate every appearence, speech, and debate to Christopher Reeves from here on out."

I wouldn't be surprised if, on November 2nd, Kerry used media coverage of him casting his vote to say "This one's for you buddy, this vote is for hope, for Chris."


I've cared for patients who had pressure sores (none who developed infections from it though), they are severely debilitating and tax a patient sometimes unbearably. It would be literally close to unthinkable for a man whose system was shutting down from an pressure sore infections, to be able to, or to even WANT to, give a shout out to one of his friends on his cell phone. I don't know Christopher Reeve, but, by the account his family gave on their website, he was very, very ill.

And Remy- are correct. I wo... (Below threshold)

And Remy- are correct. I work and volunteer in end-of-life care for the elderly and disabled. I have seen some pretty severe pressure sores, but none of them were to the extent that a patient had ever developed an infection from them. I can't even imagine it, Reeves must've had an iron will to have had a system-wide infection and still be alive.

That's what raises a giant red flag for me. Before passing away in June, I took extensive care of treating, alleviating, and preventing bed sores for someone. He had fairly mild pressure sores (medically speaking, his life wasnt in danger but he had discomfort), and would not admit to his family he was in pain, only to the staff. The pressure sores were so painful he was given 1/4 of a mL of morphine sulfate, every 15 minutes, all the way up until the moment of death. He drifted in and out of lucidity, as most pain medications that relieve pressure sore discomfort are quite potent.

As you can imagine, that man didn't really care about politics, or current events, or even close friends, but just wanted to be with his wife and children, and priest. So I find it incredulous that Reeve called up an old friend to say "Way to go!"

Remy you got it mostly righ... (Below threshold)

Remy you got it mostly right on Krautheimer... But it was a car wreck that put him in the wheelchair.

(unless my memory is really toying with me tonight)

I want Kerry's magic cellph... (Below threshold)

I want Kerry's magic cellphone.

"But it was a car wreck tha... (Below threshold)
Remy Logan:

"But it was a car wreck that put him in the wheelchair."

Probably my bad, I was working from memory too. Car wreck makes more sense than MS or MD because CK has definitely not been physically wasting away. I should have never even mentioned something I wasn't sure of.

Kerry will stoop to any low... (Below threshold)

Kerry will stoop to any low if he thinks it will win him the jury...um...election. The insistance upon fetal stem cells is complete crap. It has been proven that fat produces the same stem cells found in the spinal cord of a fetus. End of story. STFU Kerry.

Linking to this.

Remy, THANKS for the correc... (Below threshold)

Remy, THANKS for the correction! I was actually thinking about Saint Woodward and his William Casey "interview" rather than Hersch. Good catch! Seymour Hersch is Michael Moore only with better eating habits.

Wasn't Seymour a writer for "The X Files?"

It's amazing that the MSM h... (Below threshold)

It's amazing that the MSM have no interest in investigating Kerry's suspicious claim. Had Bush made such a claim, the MSM would be all over it. Kerry is a liar and his "little me" John Edwards is a used-car saleman. They know the MSM is in the tank for them so they don't feel restrained in making outrageous statements.

I don't know how much pain ... (Below threshold)

I don't know how much pain Reeves would have felt since he was paralyzed from the neck down. However, a systemic infection is pretty bad and I doubt he would be talking to anyone. Maybe his wife called and spoke on behalf of both of them even though Reeves was at the time close to, if not in, delirium.

Donít get so hung up on the... (Below threshold)

Donít get so hung up on the lie about Reeve that you miss the other lie in Kerryís statement. He claims it was his decision to bring up stem cell research when it was actually an audience member who brought it up and forced Kerry to address it.

I like to beat up on Kerry ... (Below threshold)

I like to beat up on Kerry as much as the next guy, but I think Kerry says Reeve called on Oct 2. Reeve went into a coma Oct 7, the debate was Oct 8.

I'm willing to buy Micha... (Below threshold)

I'm willing to buy Michael's comment -- that Reeve spoke to Kerry on October 2. But it's still shameless on Kerry's part to invoke the name of a recently-dead actor for political gain.

Michael, he says that Reeve... (Below threshold)

Michael, he says that Reeves talked to him about the second debate. How is that possible on Oct. 2nd?

-Out here in Cal the instan... (Below threshold)

-Out here in Cal the instant the Dems starting playing this card the buzz was that the steam behind the stem cell thing is being lobbied hard by the Biotech crowd....after porkbarrel Fed funds to fatten up their flagging bottom lines. No serious Scientist backs this shameless prevarication, simply taking advantage and playing on the fears and hopes of desperately ill people who will grasp at any straw. The Demo-dummies and their candidates - Tweedle dee and mini tweedle simply have no shame.....

Folks-I'm not tryi... (Below threshold)


I'm not trying to funny here because this is not a laughing matter; this gentleman could end up as the next president of the US. But taken as a whole, I'm beginning to suspect that Mr. Kerry has some psychological demons floating around inside his botox facade.

PRESIDENT JOHN KERRY HAS NE... (Below threshold)


Is it possible that Reeves ... (Below threshold)

Is it possible that Reeves called Kerry on Saturday morning and that Kerry speaking actually put Reeves into a coma? It nearly happens where ever he speaks.

Godspeed Superman. Rest in Peace.

Did any of you bother to cl... (Below threshold)

Did any of you bother to click on the link to the TV station? They did not state that Reeves went into a coma Thursday.

Reeves went into a coma Sunday after his cardiac arrest.

One of your "regular" readers cut and pasted this from this blog and when called on it blamed you rather than his own inability to check his sources.

And Democrats supposedly spin? Wow

They are ignoring the fact ... (Below threshold)

They are ignoring the fact that Kerry got caught in another lie regardless of the day Thursday or Saturday. LMAO Kerry supporters equal braindead zombies.

Is Kerry the sickest person... (Below threshold)
Another Thought:

Is Kerry the sickest person who has run for president in a long time or what?

We must do everything we can to defeat this jerk...my hatred of Kerry grows everyday...

People talk about Bush hatred...I think there is a huge amount of Kerry hatred out there...

I've been forced into earl... (Below threshold)

I've been forced into early retirement by Parkinson's, I follow the stem cell research carefully. Bear in mind that I follow the research as a fairly well-read and educated layman.
I've seen no evidence to date that there is any promise so far in stem cell research for spinal cord injuries.
As for whether or not Reeves was able to call anyone on the date in question, I dunno, I doubt it. Heart attacks are very tiring even if one survives it. I suspect that Reeves, already not overendowed with energy after nine years of paralysis, would not have had the strength to converse, even if not in a coma.

And there he is - congratul... (Below threshold)

And there he is - congratulations to Grifter who posts things on other boards without giving credit to the blogger until he's caught in a lie, then it's the blogger's fault.

The point is no one has proven Kerry didn't get a message from Reeves on Saturday before he went into cardiac arrest.

Nor does the first link listed from WHO TV even state that Reeves went into a coma as listed here.

If you want to be taken seriously you have to first use facts.

October 11th, 2004 - According to sources close to the actor, Reeve died Sunday. The actor fell into a coma after going into cardiac arrest at his New York home.

That is the headline from WHO TV there is no "on Thursday" that was added by the author of this blog (unless he is going to pull a Grifter and say he got it from another blogger who got it from another blogger)

Lisa - I don't know how muc... (Below threshold)

Lisa - I don't know how much you know about medicine, but in order to enter into a coma after cardiac arrest on Sunday, Mr. Reeves would still have to be alive. No spin here - just fact. Cardiac Arrest means just that - the cardiac muscle has been arrested (or stopped).

WHO has obviously went back... (Below threshold)

WHO has obviously went backed and edited their site to bring the story into the main stream media. Lisa your problem is with WHO.

This ticket is like Jesus. ... (Below threshold)

This ticket is like Jesus. They talk to the comatose using special phones, they will make the lame people walk and help ease the pain of dead babies in court.
They will even help the leaders of France and Germany grow spines using super stem cells, even though it's impossible to do.

They also secretly transport people up and down mysterious rivers and use special hats given to them by invisible friends to protect them on their their missions.
In addition, they have the power to stop hurricanes, end hunger and fix it so that every child will never go ill and every 18 year-old can go to college for free.
No wonder why they can't make any votes in the Senate.

Lisa now you know why we qu... (Below threshold)

Lisa now you know why we quote our material verbatim from sources locally. It's quoted exactly as it ran at the time of this post. They've slipstreamed some updated copy, but doesn't change the fact that it originally said Thursday. Within minutes of the first publication I issued that update linking to other sources that said Saturday.

Hi Lisa,When Kevin... (Below threshold)
Remy Logan:

Hi Lisa,

When Kevin first made his blog entry last night, his quote from WHO-TV was accurate. Myself and others checked it out, after all this is a story too good to be true. You will notice that 9 minutes after the original post James noted that the TV station was the only source claiming a Thursday coma and that everybody else was claiming it was on Saturday. I checked that out myself and found it to be true, as did Kevin. Which is obvious because Kevin made the update shortly afterwards.

And you will notice that most of us stopped crowing about Kerry's magic cellphone at that point. While conceding that Kerry could have talked with Reeve after the debate, we did however start asking other questions.

The TV station has updated their story. Unlike bloggers, who feel that transparency is important and don't go airbrushing history, the TV station has.

My personal feeling right now is the same as mentioned by an earlier poster, it was probably a family member who left the message. Reeve's body was being ravaged by an infection so severe it gave him a heart attack. Also, over the last several years Reeve's health has been steadily declining, and is in bed by 6:00 at night. I doubt he was watching the debates that began 3 hours later. The stem cell question was raised by an audience member, Reeve would have not known that it was going to be asked.

Anyways, Superman is gone, John Kerry is trying to take political advantage of it.

When the TV station updated... (Below threshold)

When the TV station updated it's link I have no way of knowing. However obviously if the original story said "On Thursday" that was not true as they changed it.

My point still is that if you state something it should be based on facts not spin, especially if you want people to take you seriously.

There was no clarification on this blog that the original story was changed, etc etc until after I posted. I have never been to this blog so I can't say I have faith in the blogger. Infact I wasn't even aware of it until Grifter posted the link to here as his explaination for getting it wrong when he posted it on another message board.

All we can base our assumptions on is what the link now says. Nor have I seen anywhere any proof that Reeves did not call Kerry.

If I knew the blogger and knew him to be credible in the past sure that would be different. Information does change but for others to cut and paste material from here or any place and not give proper credit or to check sources creates credibility problems.

However first impression seems that as long as it is anti Kerry it doesn't matter how true it is -- anyway Good Luck to you and happy blogging

You're wrong, there was imm... (Below threshold)

You're wrong, there was immediate clarification - I said minutes later that everyone else was reporting Saturday.

I don't make a habit of revisiting linked stories to see if they've changed their copy. When you pointed it out I checked and noted the omission in the comment section.

They should have corrected their story so that readers could see it first said Thursday and now did not.

OK, children, quiet down an... (Below threshold)

OK, children, quiet down and pay attention. You are all in such a hurry to catch Kerry in a lie, you don't allow for the obvious. the statement is "Kerry said the last time he heard from Reeve was on Saturday, when the actor left a message on his cellphone".

First, Kerry said he heard from Reeve, not talked to him. Reeve left him a message on his cell phone.
That could very easily have been on Friday night during or after the debate.

"What, I've got Trees?" - Alfred E. Bush

KevinThey should h... (Below threshold)


They should have and I'm sorry if you think I have come on to your blog in "attack mode". However not having seen it in it's orginal form and then seeing it as it is now the automatic assumption for any normal human being would be you or someone else added the "On Thursday".

There are alot of very uncredible people out there who do this sort of thing often, so while I apologize if I have wrongly lumped you in with them given the format I was given this blog and the poster who did so it was a natural though possibly unfair assumption.

Infact he's posting the responses from here to me to try to prove his point that he is somehow vindicated for not bothering to check the source himself before he posted it elsewhere.

Regardless of what you wrote being correct at the time you wrote it, now it's not. There is no proof Reeves did not call Kerry. People don't always die right away from cardiac arrest and had Grifter bothered to check the links which you did provide rather than taking your material and posting it on another message board without giving you credit for it? None of this would have ever happened.

But thank you for your replies and again if I misjudged you upon first impression I do apologize.

Come on folks! Anything...... (Below threshold)

Come on folks! Anything....anything which billowed forth from the flip-flopping lips of Sen. John Kerry beyond either his expression of grief or condolences was the exploitation of Reeves tragic death solely for the advancement of his already pitiful political career. It's that simple.

Why is anyone the least bit surprised? This man has made a career in exploiting the suffering, death, dismemberment and tragedies suffered by fellow citizens.

LOL...of oiji boards & witc... (Below threshold)

LOL...of oiji boards & witches...that's Kerry/Edwards. How blasphemous is that? PLEEZE!

had Grifter bothered to... (Below threshold)

had Grifter bothered to check the links which you did provide rather than taking your material and posting it on another message board without giving you credit for it?

Lisa is distorting the facts as usual, I cut and pasted only the parts news parts nothing that was "material" from this board in my original post. You have to be very careful when dealing with Liberal Lisa as she will nit pick, then move off topic, all while ignoring the obvious points. A typical cheap grade school debating tactic.

I'm sure thought that Chris... (Below threshold)

I'm sure thought that Christopher Reeve, like many who have passed on will still be voting Kerry on November 2nd.

QUOTE Santa Fe, CA... (Below threshold)


Santa Fe, CA (AFP) - Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry hailed Christopher Reeve as "America's hero" and vowed to drive on the dead Superman actor's crusade for stem-cell research.

...Kerry said the last time he heard from Reeve was on Saturday, when the actor left a message on his cellphone, enthused by the Massachusetts senator's decision to raise stem-cell research in Friday's second presidential debate.


WHO TV (Des Moines) October 11th, 2004 - According to sources close to the actor, Reeve died Sunday. The actor fell into a coma on Thursday after going into cardiac arrest at his New York home.

No source except the sources Kevin used -- no mention of this blog at all until....I called you on the difference in the information stated on the link and what you posted initally then....

you wrote:

It was a cut and paste from this site http://wizbangblog.com/archives/003942.php All I done was change the colors of the text.

As far as a cheap liberal trick? I'm not the one that needs to post things that I haven't verified personally.

Now you want to deal with this on our board or do you feel safer here against poor mean me?


PRESIDENT JOHN KERRY HAS NE... (Below threshold)


Does anyone have a Cherry tree for him to chop down as well?

Lisa...Lisa...Lisa...... (Below threshold)

Please go home

That wouldn't be like using... (Below threshold)

That wouldn't be like using the deaths of three thousand people as the centerpiece of your convention, would it? After all, at least Reeve actually addressed the Democratic convention, unlike those who were trapped in the WTC on 9-11.

"After all, at least Re... (Below threshold)
Remy Logan:

"After all, at least Reeve actually addressed the Democratic convention, unlike those who were trapped in the WTC on 9-11."

Good point Michael. And I can't help but to keep thinking that whatever president had had a chance prior to 9/11 to capture Osama bin Laden, and didn't, should be called to account for his failures.

What's that you say? Clinton passed up two chances to have OBL handed over to him. You mean to tell me that 3,000 people missed out on a chance to speak at the Republican Convention because Clinton failed?

Michael, I think you really need to find a new argument. Your current one sounds pretty stupid.

This tops the cake. Unbelie... (Below threshold)

This tops the cake. Unbelievable. He'll promise anything to anyone. Wonder what he's promising all of his family relatives that live in France that are in politics? Need a commercial about that.

This is going to come back ... (Below threshold)
Randy Zich:

This is going to come back to bite them in the behind.

Can you believe the following quote from John Edwards? He is putting himself and John Kerry on a level with God! Here is the quote:

"We will cure childhood diabetes, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and other debilitating diseases. If John Kerry is elected, people like Christopher Reeves will walk again".

So now Kerry and Edwards are God??? Scientists have been researching cures for these for decades. Why were these Scientists wasting their time when Edwards and Kerry have the cure. It's no wonder they couldn't do their jobs in the senate and be there to vote and debate, they were out curing diseases!

In all seriousness, there is NO proof that stem cell research will cure ANYTHING, let alone embryonic stem cells. It is promising, but they have no positive indication that it will accomplish anything for certain. Stem cells - are stem cells - are stem cells. They can get them from adults, they can get them from umbilical cords, they can even get them from FAT for heavens sake. WHY do they insist that they need to get them from babies? I'll tell you why! It is another method of support for abortion. Plain and simple! If they can justify using the fetus as a tool, or instrument, it further enforces their belief that it is not yet a life. It also helps them "sell" abortion. Imagine a young woman debating abortion. In convincing her to go ahead with the abortion, they could tell her, "and the stem cells could be used for further research to cure horrible diseases".

What a noble cause (said facetiously). It is just another shot in the arm for the Pro-abortionists. Yes, I said that right folks, they are Pro-ABORTIONISTS NOT as they like to say, Pro Choice, because life is also a choice, and they refuse to defend anything in that direction.

God help us if Kerry & Edwards get elected.

This is for the Democrat wh... (Below threshold)

This is for the Democrat who doubted the original news article about Kerry the liar. The article ORIGINALLY SAID THURSDAY THEN THEY CHANGED IT.

R E A D!!!!!

Here's another try! ... (Below threshold)

Here's another try!

Christopher Reeve Passes Away

Actor, Writer and Director Christopher Reeve is dead after going into cardiac arrest last Thursday.

According to sources close to the actor, Reeve died Sunday. The actor fell into a coma on Thursday after going into cardiac arrest at his New York

New spin from Kerry- "Did ... (Below threshold)

New spin from Kerry- "Did I say I got a cell message from Chris, no what I meant is in a more perfect world where I am president, I would have been able to get a cell message from Chris and this is what it would have said.....uh yah and if you vote for me I will promise that I will make cell calls from the after life a reality"

Godspeed Superman and down with the 2 Johns

Mr. Reeve may not have fall... (Below threshold)
Farmer Bob:

Mr. Reeve may not have fallen into a coma until Saturday rather than Thursday but it is still highly unlikely that someone as ill as he was had the energy to make a lengthy call to anyone the day before he died.
Since this call was recorded on Kerry's answering machine he should be able to end all of the accusations that he is lying by simply playing the message for the press.
The smart money is laying odds that Kerry, if pressed, will say that he erased the message.

The other way Kerry can silence his detractors is to perform a miracle, say, making the blind see again or the crippled walk. After all, Edwards said that if Kerry was elected that's what he would do.

Farmer Bob

Sorry people your informati... (Below threshold)
read the truth:

Sorry people your information is incorrect. Not only was Christopher Reeve NOT IN A COMA for a week, he went to his son's soccer game on Saturday AND watched the Yankees beat the Red Sux. So, infection or not, he was very aware of what was going on around him.

It was later that night, he was rushed to Northern Westchester Community Hospital where he slipped into a coma and died Sunday.


Sorry people your informati... (Below threshold)
read the truth:

Sorry people your information is incorrect. Not only was Christopher Reeve NOT IN A COMA for a week, he went to his son's soccer game on Saturday AND watched the Yankees beat the Red Sux. So, infection or not, he was very aware of what was going on around him.

It was later that night, he was rushed to Northern Westchester Community Hospital where he slipped into a coma and died Sunday.


Yeah, right. :-D... (Below threshold)

Yeah, right. :-D

... (Below threshold)



You see John Kerry look at hem. What does he look like? To me he looks like the devil. The thing is he is for abortion and the gay man thatís really misstep. If he does become president I think he well be assented two or three days after heís elected. Then heís going to come back to life and take over the world. I know it sounds funny but thatís what I kind of thank well happen. Because he does look like the devil. Iím just making fun of John Kerry because he looks funny. You can be leave this if you want to but Iím not saying that I do but Iím not saying I donít.

This is josh agien pls emai... (Below threshold)

This is josh agien pls email me if you see this and tell me what you think lol im only 18






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