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The 10 Spot - Sinclair Edition

Ten things you might not have seen on the wondrous interweb...

  1. Glenn Reynolds has a roundup of coverage and comment on Sinclair Broadcast Group's airing of "Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal."

  2. The Kosites are going bat shit wild over the prospects of getting advertisers to drop their ads on Sinclair stations.

  3. Chris Bowers at MyDD says that the broadcast on 62 stations amounts to 5 million dollars in free advertising. I have no way to verify his numbers, but even if you accept that figure it's still chump change compared to the $20+ in free advertising Kerry has gotten from one person - George Soros.

  4. MyDD contributor Alan S. says every effort spent attacking Sinclair is an effort that is not directed at attacking Bush. To my liberal friends - don't listen to this guy, he's obviously a heretic...

  5. Steve Soros at The Left Coaster says, among other things, challenge each stations FCC licsense. Hey will you're at it, in the interest of fair play you could challenge the CBS O&O licenses as well...

  6. There's even a Boycott Sinclair Broadcast Group blog now.

  7. No one is screaming foul for TNT making "John Q." its movie of the month right before the election. According to Confessions Of A Political Junkie, maybe they should.

  8. Michael Moore wants Fahrenheit 9/11 shown on pay-per-view the day before the election. None of the sites protesting Sinclair seem to care one iota about this. This begs the question, if "Stolen Honor" was shown on a basic cable channel such as USA Network (for example) would the they be trying to stop that as well? The main argument seems to be the sacrosanctness of the public airwaves. Talk radio is on public airwaves, must that be stopped too?

  9. The director of editorial policy for the Scripps Howard News Service says, "Democrats are going to war against some of the most precious rights Americans have - freedom of speech and press - and the fact that they are doing so is utterly inexcusable, evidence that the party doesn't really much care about liberty after all."

  10. The Wheeling News-Register (WV) says, Documentary on Kerry Should Be Broadcast
As much as I railed against the sleazy lies of "Fahrenheit 9/11," I never once suggested that it should NOT be shown. Those of you who so loudly proclaimed it as the ultimate exercise of free speech should consider how silly you look when trying to deny that right to others.

The ultimate irony is that I can now turn around the words of "Fahrenheit 9/11" defenders for use against them.

"What are you so afraid of?"


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Comments (32)

Oh that's easy, Fahrenheit ... (Below threshold)

Oh that's easy, Fahrenheit was 'pay per view' since it was only shown in cinemas, just like The Passion you had to 'opt in' by paying money to watch it. Sinclair is attempting to use the public airwaves for political speech without the 'opt in' of 'pay per view'. The public own the airwaves since our government allows free access by broadcasting companies to the broadcast spectrum putting a duty on broadcasters to be 'fair and balanced' for real, not like Fox.

What Sinclair is doing is the equivelant of NBC or CBS or ABC broadcasting Fahrenheit 9/11, oh how the right would scream if that happened.

A film like Fahrenheit or Stolen Honor should stand the test of the marketplace on an equal footing, that the makers and promoters of Stolen Honor feel it cannot compete with Fahrenheit is telling.

All the screams form the le... (Below threshold)

All the screams form the left have a common theme, Sinclair is forcing it's stations to show it whether they want to or not. Sinclair OWNS the stations, it's showing what it wants to show, on staions it owns, not like a network forcing affiliates to show something they find objectionable. This fact isn't lost on liberals, just ignored, like most facts.

I have a deal to make with ... (Below threshold)
Remy Logan:

I have a deal to make with those who feel that "Stolen Honor" should not be shown.

List and verify 3 factual errors or misrepresentations in Stolen Honor, and I will boycott all Sinclair advertisers for 3 months, plus an additional month for every additional error you find.

If there are no errors or misrepresentations, then what's the beef? It's called news. PBS runs stuff like this every single week.

[By the way, I have NOT boycotted a single CBS advertiser, even though I honestly believe that they maliciously lied about the Bush TANG documents. I think boycotts are childish and those who call for them on the Left and Right need to get a life. There are 2 personal exceptions to this, I haven't bought Exxon gasoline since the Valdiz accident, and I rarely buy Shell gasoline because I don't like their policies in Nigeria. So call me a hypocrite.]

Postit, I assume you... (Below threshold)

Postit, I assume you don't listen to Howard Stern in the morning, or else you would have been subject to over 9 months of daily anti-Bush rhetoric over the ***gasp*** public airwaves (not to mention the daily anti-Bush rants from other Infinity broadcasters like Don & Mike and Ron & Fez).

Funny how the people who support Stern's "first amendment rights" (as I do) have had a curious change of heart when it comes to Sinclair.

I think there are a couple ... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

I think there are a couple problems with the movie being shown.

(1) It most definitely is going to be on public airwaves. Not cable, and not at the theater.

(2) The main networks aren't the ones airing it as news. It is the owners of 60+ stations that is independently pre-empting other programming to force his agenda on the viewership of the stations he owns.

If George Soros owned 60+ networks in battleground states and pre-empted normal broadcast television to show Farenheit 9/11, you would be saying it shouldn't be aired. To act otherwise is not convincing.

potsie - explain CBS News t... (Below threshold)

potsie - explain CBS News to me then? explain ABC News political director Halperin?

Stolen Honor was funded by Pennsylvania veterans potsie. I'm sure they had the resources that ol' fatso did to distrubute their documentary. Right.

I'm amazed at the left's willingness to surpress speech when it doesn't match their viewpoint... if that cartoon of Condi Rice from Jeff Danziger was directed at anyone on the left, he'd never work again. period.

Next thing you know they'll bitch and moan about a Discovery channel story that contradicts John Edwards' view on stem cell research.....

I think there are a couple ... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

I think there are a couple problems with the movie being shown.

(1) It most definitely is going to be on public airwaves. Not cable, and not at the theater.

(2) The main networks aren't the ones airing it as news. It is the owners of 60+ stations that is independently pre-empting other programming to force his agenda on the viewership of the stations he owns.

If George Soros owned 60+ networks in battleground states and pre-empted normal broadcast television to show Farenheit 9/11, you would be saying it shouldn't be aired. To act otherwise is not convincing.

Didn't mean to double post.... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

Didn't mean to double post.. All apologies.

Earlier this year CBS hande... (Below threshold)
Remy Logan:

Earlier this year CBS handed over its 60 Minutes show to Wesley Clark to push his book. CBS also ordered all of its affiliates, which the network does not own, to play excerpts from the book every day. Can you say "public airwaves"?

Bill Moyers' NOW show on PBS is a bastion of anti-Bush, anti-Republican, anti-right wing "news" and commentary every week on the government-funded public airwaves.

Don Imus also cravenly supports Kerry on the public airwaves [although I don't think he's really helping Kerry's cause].

F9/11 has been shown to have many flaws, misrepresentations, and errors. See my comment above about identifying problems in Stolen Valor. If the documentary is factual, then why isn't it news?

postit <em... (Below threshold)

postit "...government allows free access by broadcasting companies to the broadcast spectrum putting a duty on broadcasters to be 'fair and balanced' for real."

This is satire correct? At least I would hope your not as deluded as it appears.

Question: How often would you say Dan Rather fails to use the correct title and refers to Mr. Bush vice President Bush? In truth I have never counted but even once would be too many.

Question: What network broke the Bush DUI story just before the 2000 election? ans. Fox, being "fair and balanced"

Question: Why did Kerry (A/K/A the Baroque Candidate) turn down Sinclair's offer to provide equal time to rebut the movie?

Yep, public airwaves.... (Below threshold)

Yep, public airwaves.

CBS uses public airwaves to slander themselves with TANG documents ala Rathergate.

ABC memo recently found suggesting to hold Bush MORE accountable than Kerry (sitting on Drudge's desk)

This morning, when I got home, the "Vote For Change" concert was on OUR public airwaves and Bruce Springsteen was trying to demean Bush. (I think, he's really hard to understand sometimes.)

But when the bush people try and come out of the woodwork....

Can anyone say hypocrisy? I knew ya' could.

postit:(1) I... (Below threshold)


(1) It most definitely is going to be on public airwaves. Not cable, and not at the theater.


Last time I tuned in, Rush, Franken, Rhodes, Pacifica, Hewitt, NPR, were all over the public airwaves.

If you respond that the owners of the stations are tellling the stations to air the film, I ask 'and your point is ...?'

Boycott, protest, fine (just as the right did about The Reagans). If the right (or BC04 or the RNC) sicced the F-CC and the FEC for that, point me to the link, please.

sorry, my post wasn't a rep... (Below threshold)

sorry, my post wasn't a reply to postit, but to Bill K.

CBS broadcast infomercials ... (Below threshold)

CBS broadcast infomercials for Bush-bashing books from Richard Clarke and Paul O'Neill with no rebuttal. They inundated us with Joe Wilson's lies and failed to note his debunking. They concocted a Bush/AWOL story with fraudulent documents and compromised witnesses. Their story on the draft was an anti-Bush chain-letter scam.

If two hours of Stolen Honor is worth 5 million, what is it worth to have CBS as full-time, round-the-clock propaganda wing of the Democratic Party?

Always has to be two wrongs... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

Always has to be two wrongs make a right with this kind of stuff for some reason.

This is not about CBS, this is not about Dan Rather, this is about an individual owner taking the airwaves from the national broadcasting companies to force America to watch a 90 minute political ad. It is wrong, and there is no doubt about it. Just because you are trying to equate it with other wrongs, doesn't make it right.

Bill K,So you're s... (Below threshold)

Bill K,

So you're saying it's more like what Clearchannel did to Howard Stern? Is that the kind of stronarming you're talking about?

So are you trying to say it's okay for a network to force their political agendas on their journalists but not okay when an owner does the same thing?

How do you spell hypocrite again? oh yeah:

Hi Bill,I apologiz... (Below threshold)
Remy Logan:

Hi Bill,

I apologize if you feel like we are beating up on you. The debate has been passionate and pointed, but civil. I think kudoes need to go out to everyone for keeping it that way.

I am passionate about it because I am a veteran. Stolen Honor is not about Kerry's Vietnam service, which was honorable. I might not like certain aspects of his service, but I understand it was a different time then. My argument with Kerry is about his 30 years spent after he completed his second tour in Vietnam. He went to the Senate chambers and called the people I knew, baby-killers. He also admitted to committing war crimes and atrocities.

Senator Kerry has never retracted his statements, or been called to answer for his crimes. He has admitted that maybe he went over the top, but has never retracted his statements made as a Winter Soldier. Even Jane Fonda, Joan Baez, and the other vocal protestors have retracted their statements, but not John Kerry. Kerry also violated his military oath when he visited with North Vietnamese diplomats in Paris, while still a Naval officer.

Stolen Honor is a documentary by Vietnam War vets, some who were POWs, about what Kerry said and did as a Winter Soldier. They want to tell their story, and Sinclair Broadcasting wants to help them.

Bill Burkett had a story to tell, and CBS told it. Wesley Clark and Richard Holbrook also had stories to tell, and CBS obliged. CBS went after General Westmoreland a decade or two ago and ended up losing a libel lawsuit that the General filed.

No one stopped CBS from airing these stories. My question is why do people want to stop the Vietnam Vets from telling theirs?

If they are lying, let Kerry take the same route that Westmoreland was forced to take.

Is it wrong? Is it right? I don't know. What I do know is that in the Federalist Papers the writers made it clear that the First Amendment right to freedom of speech was to ensure that political speech was never silenced. I think we all agree that Sinclair's actions are political speech.

George Soros is a billionaire and has already spent $15 million ensuring a Bush lost. He is getting ready to spend another $10 million. He has already tried to short the US Dollar in hopes of driving down the economy, again to ensure a Bush loss. The most popular anti-Bush bloggers are on Soros' payroll.

McCain-Feingold has not cleaned up the election process, instead it has made it an even more dirty, ugly, and poisonous affair. Should us Bush supporters, who mostly opposed campaign reform, shirk from the battle because it is now so dirty, and don't like the rules? We have decided not to.

Nobody is going to be forced to watch the documentary. People who do watch it can choose whatever response they want. CBS had every right to do what they did, and I have never called for a CBS boycott, pulling of their license, or asked for Congressional investigations. Yeah, I know some have, but not me. Sinclair has offered Kerry the chance to make a presentation after the broadcast. CBS did not offer the White House this same opportunity.

Do two wrongs make a right? Beyond "it will hurt Kerry," why is broadcasting Stolen Honor a "wrong"? It does not violate any provisions in the Constitution, it does not violate any law. If the documentary is libelous, then Senator Kerry has the ability to redress the wrongs. Will the documentary affect the election. I certainly hope it does. Just as Michael Moore hopes that everytime a college pays him $40,000 to speak about Kerry and Moore's F9/11 film, Moore hopes he converts a roomful of students to Kerry voters. Those are 40,000 tax dollars by the way.

Senator Kerry is passionately pursuing the presidency. I will passionately defend what I believe is right. Where is the wrong?

I would, perhaps, be a lit... (Below threshold)

I would, perhaps, be a little more sympathetic to Bill's argument had not the Kerry Kamp attempted to muscle stations into not airing the Swiftie's ads. I might be more willing to listen to his arguments had they not sent lawyers to try to bully bookstores into not carrying O'Neil's book. Given the events of the last year or so I can only conclude that this flap is another example of the Left's normal refrain..."Free speech for me, but not for thee."

I love it when Libs start t... (Below threshold)

I love it when Libs start trying to rationalize their opposition to the First Amendment. Suddenly Liberals aren't so liberal when they are the recipient of media scrutiny. Remember when the Swifties' ads and book came out? Kerry's team of shysters tried to get bookstores to take the book off their shelves, and tried to pressure TV and radio stations to not air the commercial.

Even with their obvious media advantage, the Democrats want to silence opposition to their assclown candidate Kerry and his "little me" John Edwards. Which brings me to something that truly angers me. Yesterday, in reponse to the news of Christopher Reeve dying, John Edwards told a crowd of Kool Aid drinkers that when Kerry's elected, people will be able to rise up out of their wheelchairs. And only talk radio covered that statement. Imagine if Bush or Cheney had said that. It would be the lead story on all the networks and on front pages of all the major newspapers.

Sinclair, you go!!!

I agree with Remy Logan, Pe... (Below threshold)

I agree with Remy Logan, Peter and Jim.

Also, I wish the Sinclair program can air not only in swing states, but all over the country. There may be good people on the two liberal coasts who have never heard the facts. Through their innocent ignorance they may be Kerry supporters, because all they hear is anti-Bush falsehoods. I fear a future civil war if people continue to be uninformed of the truth.

Bill K and postit,I ... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

Bill K and postit,
I am fairly certain that your TV and the TV of others has more channels than just the one that Sinclair broadcasts on. People are free to watch reruns of "Gilligan's Island" if they want (especially if it's an episode where Mary Ann runs around in her little crop-top thing.) There are no laws mandating that viewers watch. Sinclair addressed the "equal time" argument by offering Kerry time for a response.

While others have argued that CBS' actions justify Sinclair's, I disagree. CBS can broadcast anything they like, but they have to live with the consequences. If they chose to air a "news" program that uses phony documents to make its case, so be it. If Sinclair airs a documentary and people shoot it full of holes afterward, then that's fine, too. If that is the case, Sinclair will have to live with the outcome they get.

Despite the "Kerry nuance" of the argument that "Fahrenheit 9/11" is OK to show since it is "opt-in" (on PPV), the truth is that ALL TV shows are "opt-in." The power button and the channel changer are the place where you make your choice.

I sure hope we get to the b... (Below threshold)

I sure hope we get to the bottom of this:
Dishonorable Discharge?

I am fairly certain that... (Below threshold)

I am fairly certain that your TV and the TV of others has more channels than just the one that Sinclair broadcasts on.

Thank you, Steve. I have noticed an increasing intolerance among people on the left for the mere presence of opposing views in the marketplace. That having the option to watch "Stolen Honor" is being portrayed as "forcing" people to watch it, indicates a profound cognitive failure.

However, if opponents of Sinclair's decision can cite evidence that television sets in markets served by Sinclair don't have channel selectors at all (let alone on/off switches), that would be different.

Come to think of it, anytime we on the right used to complain about offensive programming, the left used to always remind us we could always change the channel or turn off the TV. Now that we have channels we can change to, though, they seem to find that offensive.

- Kerry still has a lot to ... (Below threshold)

- Kerry still has a lot to answer for and no amount of tap dancing is going to get him out of it. The 31 to 100 pages of service record as well as his discharge DD214 will be made public before the election....

- In 1985 after being elected to the Senate Kerry's medals and ribbons were suddenly re-awarded under a general Amnesty for draft dodgers and others who had been given any sort of discharge other than an Honorable, signed within hours after Carter was sworn in.

- It is hard to believe that Kerry has managed to stall and elude showing the simplest document of his military service even as he is running for the presidency. Its no secret why he made both his copy and the copy on file in the Navy department go MIA. Its a law that any modifications must be listed by insert in his file and on his discharge form.

- He probably spent those 23 years trying to get that little bit of information suppressed. Even Clinton couldn't pull it off for him, and the Navy convened a special hearing on the question of his discharge, something that would never be necessary had it been honorable, and no doubt prompted by the FBI investigation and charges stemming from his post war activities.

- The liberal wingnuts are going crazy trying to stay out in front of this mess, but truth like oil will rise to the surface, and no amount of bully pulpit shenanigans by lap dogs like Michael Copp will be able to cover it up....

- The Dem's attitude was clear yesterday with the blatant threats during Dayside on FOX made by Clanton against the Sinclair broadcast group...

- GOP club members and conservatives are engaged in an Internet Email campaign to the FCC commissioners, The White House, RNC, and support to the Sinclair people.

- the voice of the people will be heard.....

What are the leftists so af... (Below threshold)

What are the leftists so afraid of? They are afraid of anyone having any opinion other than the one they are trying to force down our throats to the excusion of all else.

The Kosites are...</... (Below threshold)

The Kosites are...

I think I prefer Kosmonauts.

It alludes them to being space cadets (tin foil hat wearers) and has an underlying tinge of communism. What could be more accurate?

If Sinclair's abuse of the ... (Below threshold)

If Sinclair's abuse of the public airwaves is allowed to go forward are there any Republicans here who think that George Soros won't simply buy up a string of tv stations and run whatever he wants to before the next election? You may not like what you see on the networks (I'm not that fond of FOX) but I think that these are at least trying to report the news, albeit from their own perspective. Sinclair claims this is a news documentary. Does anyone seriously believe that?

If Sinclair's abuse of t... (Below threshold)

If Sinclair's abuse of the public airwaves is allowed to go forward are there any Republicans here who think that George Soros won't simply buy up a string of tv stations and run whatever he wants to before the next election?

Our TVs have on/off switches and channel selectors too. We learned how to use them long ago.

And frankly, how is a hypothetical Soros network different from the one Dan Rather works for?

"...how is a hypothetical S... (Below threshold)

"...how is a hypothetical Soros network different from the one Dan Rather works for?"

There is an order of magnitude difference between the actions of the Sinclair 'network' and CBS. Incompetence in the pursuit of a story (CBS's crime) is entirely different than intentional partisan programming.

For Postit:See Dem... (Below threshold)

For Postit:

See Dems vs. Free Speech--II at:

I must agree that your argument is "irrelevant to the DNC's complaint, which is about campaign finance, not broadcast regulation."

Here was my take:<... (Below threshold)
The very day that everyone ... (Below threshold)
Okely Dokely:

The very day that everyone in the MSM had their panties in a bunch (actually that's an understatement, they were absolutely PANICKED), about the possibility of Sinclair running some or all of Stolen Honor, PBS ran a Frontline that was from the very start a two-hour Kerry campaign commercial.

PBS is not only funded in part by taxes we all pay, but now you thay have freaking commercials as well.

And that's just ONE show - every other Frontline, Charlie Rose, Tavis Smiley and many others are Bush bash-a-thons. Even if Sinclair runs "Stolen Honor" in its entirety and then has a panel discussions consisting of conservatives who take turns reading from "Unfit for Command" the left will still have gotten a lot more "in-kind contributions" from the likes of the MSM, PBS and NPR.






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