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The USS Nuisance

Today is the fourth anniversary of the bombing of the USS Cole. It's ironic that the anniversary comes the same week as the profile of John Kerry in the New York Times Magazine where he says:

"We have to get back to the place we were, where terrorists are not the focus of our lives, but they're a nuisance"
Scott Koenig (aka Lt. Smash/Citizen Smash/The Indepundit) looks at the anniversary of the USS Cole bombing in light of Senator Kerry's latest remarks on the War on Terror.


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Comments (5)

It'd be very interesting to... (Below threshold)

It'd be very interesting to hear the thoughts of the survivors of the U.S.S. Cole bombing on Kerry's retarded comments.

The lie of the land is expo... (Below threshold)

The lie of the land is exposed in Kerry's remark of expecting America to accept some level of terrorism in this country. He has NO concern for middle America, as he is not a part of it. Therefore he would not personally be impacted by such attacks, so they're no big deal to him.
Of course it might affect his attitude if its gated communities the terrorists go after, they do have such a knack breaking in on their killing sprees.
He would do better if he would just stand up and honestly tell the voters he could give a rats ass about them other than gaining their votes. Some might actually like him for being honest.

I don't think he was thinki... (Below threshold)

I don't think he was thinking especially of the Cole - by "nuisance", I think he meant having to flip through stories in the NYT about bus stop bombings in Tel Aviv to get to the sports section.

I'm hoping I'm correct in r... (Below threshold)

I'm hoping I'm correct in reading sarcasm into that post, Kate. If I am, that was hilarious. If not, that was scary.

3,453 People Died because B... (Below threshold)

3,453 People Died because BUSH did not Avenge the attack on the USS COLE:

"25 days before the last Presidential election when Bush said: “I hope that we can gather enough intelligence to figure out who did the act [to kill 17 American’s on the USS Cole] and take the necessary action. There must be a consequence.” (Page 201..911 Report)." Yet, when we found out who was responsible for the USS Cole this President had a failure of leadership. One prior Clinton administration holdover urged “The fact that the USS Cole was attacked during the last Administration does not absolve us of responding from the attack.” Report 212. But "Exchanges with the President, between the President and Tenet [CIA Director] and between herself {Condilezza Rice] and Powell and Rumsfield “had produced a consensus that “tit-for-tat” responses were likely to be counterproductive.” And so my friends…al Qaeda was permitted to attack our Country on 9-11.






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