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If it wasn't for double standards, they'd have no standards at all

I've never been the type to speak about overwhelming bias or conspiracies in the media (probably a lingering side-effect of my brief tenure in journalism), but of late I've noticed a few things that's forcing me to reconsider.

In the first Presidential debate, President Bush seemed to have an odd bulge in his back. The speculation immediately ran rampant about "wireless transmitters" and the like (ignoring the simple facts that the President almost is always wears some sort of armor, and most of the time such equipment is worn in the small of the back, where it's much less conspicuous. Meanwhile, Senator Kerry is shown removing something from his pocket (to me, it looks like paper, but his supporters claim it was a pen) in flagrant violation of the agreed-upon rules -- all pens, pencils, and papers were to be given to the debate staff beforehand, who would place it at the lectern. The mainstream media was deafening in it's slience.

In the second Presidential debate, it seemed everyone focused on Bush's apparent misstatement of "internets" and derided his stumblemouthedness. In the same debate, decorated combat veteran Kerry spoke of "ammos," and again the silence was deafening.

A lawyer who advises the Bush campaign also gives free advice to the Swift Boat Veterans for the Truth, and is hounded into leaving the campaign. There seems to be a free flow of people between the Kerry campaign and various liberal 527 groups (Moveon.org, Americans Coming Together, etc.), and not a word is spoken. Two CNN commentators join the Kerry campaign as advisors, but still draw paychecks from CNN (a Time Warner company). Again, the silence is deafening.

Kerry proposes "conscripting into service" 40,000 young people in his campaign literature, and his fellow Democrats in the House and Senate file legislation to reinstate the draft. When Republicans finally force the issue to a vote to resoundingly defeat it, Kerry and Edwards don't even bother to show up to vote either way. President Bush and his administration repeatedly and absolutely deny that they will ever, under any circumstances, reinstate the draft, in Shermanesque language ("If nominated, I will not accept. If elected, I will not serve), yet it is the Republicans who are repeatedly accused of pushing for a draft.

CBS brings up President Bush's National Guard service, based on documents that were flagrant forgeries .Their "retraction" consists of simply stating that "they cannot verify the documents' veracity." Meanwhile, the statements of 250+ of his fellow Swift Boat veterans are discredited and disregarded and dismissed out of hand. This morning, the New York Sun uncovered disturbing evidence that would seem to indicate that John Kerry did not originally receive an honorable discharge from the Navy, and again the silence is deafening.

These are just a few examples that sprung to my mind over the last couple of hours. I'm sure with a few more hours, I could think of numerous more, but I think I've made my point. Now it's time to trot out a few tired old cliches, such as "all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

I'm not saying that the media is evil, but they are acting irresponsibly. The media has a huge role to play in our nation, and with that role comes huge responsibilities. And when they fail at their responsibilities, it is our duty as citizens to speak out, to call them on their errors, and to force them to correct them.

To do any less would be to betray our duty as citizens.



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Comments (15)

It has never been more obvi... (Below threshold)
Jim Hines:

It has never been more obvious. All hyperbole aside...we are f*****!

Here's two more incidents t... (Below threshold)

Here's two more incidents to add to your list:

1. VP debates: even MSNBC (including Chris Mathews) in their commentary immediately after the debate say Edwards got a bitch slapping, but later it is somehow widely spun into a win for Edwards.

2. 2nd Prez. deabte: same thing again.

The mainstream media is the... (Below threshold)

The mainstream media is the most dishonest institution in American life - by far. When it comes to Republicans, they're like intentional hit-and-run dirvers, when it comes to Democrats, they're like cheerleaders for the home team.

It's gratifying to see Repu... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

It's gratifying to see Republicans and/or conservatives win as much as they do. They go into a race with a built-in 15 point loss due to media bias.

Screw the media. There are... (Below threshold)
Tim in PA:

Screw the media. There are some good honest journalists out there, and I don't expect people to be 100% objective (but c'mon, at least don't *pretend* to be objective).

However, their profession has been blackened by the vast numbers of dishonest, incompetent, and manipulative journalists whose BULLSHIT I have to wade through whenever I pick up a paper or turn on the TV.

I view the dissemblers in the media as my enemy every bit as much as the barbarian fundamentalists and marxists they carry water for lately. The media intentionally puts the people I care about and myself at more risk by distorting, omitting, and recently, just plain fabricating news items.

May the guilty parties all burn in the hell of your choice. I can only hope that the marxists would get off their lazy asses and try to bring on their "revolution" already, just so I can have an excuse to shoot at those bastards behind the microphones (because you all know damn well what side many of them would be on).

Gee, how about getting stom... (Below threshold)

Gee, how about getting stomped by Cheney in the debate and then being allowed to correct your stance on every single Sunday morning political program. Tim Russert couldn't have been more accomodating, and Scheiffert was buddy-buddy asking after his children, as if the two just finished a round of golf before having a slice and dice on national TV.
Gee. It is amazing to me that Bush isn't into negative numbers with all the slant, spin, soros, and sorry reporting.

What is interesting is that... (Below threshold)

What is interesting is that the fever swamp left think the media is biased in favour of Bush.

I can only attribute this to the Right thinking the media is biased because they fail to report the mundane and obvious while the left think it is biased because they fail to report every Michael Moore inspired Moonbat raving.

"The Media Wing of the Demo... (Below threshold)

"The Media Wing of the Democratic Party" is the way Roger Hedgecock nailed it today.

I think there is a bias -- ... (Below threshold)

I think there is a bias -- but it's in intellectual bias. Commerical news gains it's revenue from advertisements. Thus, content is designed to gain an audience who:
1. is as large as possible
2. buys the products that are advertised.

Have you ever watched a show that you and everyone loved -- a show that almost restored your faith in TV? But then your show gets cancelled, and no one can believe it! Well see 1 and 2 for the answer to why the show got cancelled. The same effect applies to news. Thats the bias.

Nick, that doesn't explain ... (Below threshold)

Nick, that doesn't explain why they're all consistently anti-conservative, anti-Bush, and anti-open-displays-of-patriotism.

That last, especially, works very much against your #1.

And you'd think if their bias were ratings-oriented rather than ideological, they wouldn't keep trashing Fox News Channel. If they think their bias is more popular, why should a new cable news channel that appeals to conservatives and the openly patriotic, bother them? Shouldn't it be doomed from the start?

Guess not.

I have to wonder if conserv... (Below threshold)

I have to wonder if conservatives in 1930's Germany saw such a geologic shift in their public debate. We have an openly fascist democratic party spending hundreds of millions of dollars to portray the conservatives as evil manipulators of the economy for their own benefit, Kerry trying to run to the right of a Republican on National Security in clear opposition to every senate vote he bothered to show up for (at least before he decided to run for President himself), gangs of union thugs terrorizing Republican political offices, and the DNC trying to convince every minority in the country that the evil Republicans are trying to prevent their votes from counting. And all of this without a whimper from the media.

On the bright side though, I think that this is all going to blow up in their faces. The worst thing a parent can do for their children is to be permissive and fail to teach them accountability. As the mainstream media has become more and more of a cheerleading squad for the Democratic party in particular and everything from moderately socialist to outright fascist economic policies in general, instead of consolidating on a tennable, moderately social liberal position that a plurality of Americans would fall for, the Dems have continued to push farther and farther towards the left until their followers are begining to act like the brownshirts of the Nazi party with not a word of caution from their leadership. The media may be trying to help them, but they have instead turned the modern Democratic party into the political equivilent of a juvenile delinquent that is badly in need of intervention or incarceration.

If Kerry looses this election, the infighting between the Zell Miller Democrats who want to retain some sembelance of sanity and the Michael Moore b rownshirts is going to tear the party in two. If he wins, the wacko's are going to push the party so far beyond the mainstream that it will self destruct anyway when all the centrists defect.

Did that ABC memo of Drudge... (Below threshold)

Did that ABC memo of Drudge's ever pan out? I haven't heard anything about it lately.

Here's an interesting media... (Below threshold)

Here's an interesting media note that has gotten almost no coverage. From the Crawford, TX Iconoclast:

Jefferson and Madison and t... (Below threshold)

Jefferson and Madison and the boys made numerous statements about the free press how it was the life blood of the nation, the correcting factor.
Ofcourse they were not talking about corporate owned mouth pieces of a few eleetists who have no shame of their bias. And yes we are in trouble.
Without a non biased or at least balanced freepress there will not be a democracy/republic.

Jefferson and Madison and t... (Below threshold)

Jefferson and Madison and the boys made numerous statements about the free press how it was the life blood of the nation, the correcting factor.
Ofcourse they were not talking about corporate owned mouth pieces of a few eleetists who have no shame of their bias. And yes we are in trouble.
Without a non biased or at least balanced freepress there will not be a democracy/republic.






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