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It's a good time to be a Masshole

It's a good time to be a proud Massachusetts resident. The Patriots are undefeated, the Red Sox are in the playoffs against the hated Yankees (although down one game after a fierce struggle), and the junior Senator is in a neck-and-neck race for the presidency. Everything is coming up roses, it seems.

Pity, however, I'm a New Hampshirite with an innate disdain for our loony neighbors to the south and no interest whatsoever in sports.

I don't know or don't care anything about football, so I ignore the Patriots. The Red Sox have been perpetual losers since 1918, the last time they won a World Series (I think -- and I don't care enough to find out. It's so bad that there are jokes about the Red Sox.

What's the difference between a Yankee Stadium hot dog and a Fenway Frank? You can still get a Yankee dog well into October!

How are the Red Sox like a lawn chair? Every fall, they both fold up and get put away until Spring!

And as far as Kerry goes... this is the third time a Massachusetts liberal has run for president since 1980, and I think it's high time we squashed this one, too.


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Yes, <a href="http://mlb.ml... (Below threshold)

Yes, 1918 was the last Red Sox World Series victory.

I saw a documentary on Bush and Kerry last evening on PBS. Video from Kerry's inauguration as Lt. Governor was shown. It was interesting seeing Kerry and Dukakis side by side. A lot of talent, but two presidential losers, I think.

Gay Marriage: I thought Pr... (Below threshold)

Gay Marriage: I thought President Bush was pretty clear, he is for the civil union of those who choose this life style. Were we watching the same debate? He was also pretty clear that the sactiny of marriage should not be abused by the minority gay community.

Kerry said he was a catholic alter boy and that he was for anything the gay people want.

I think we've had three pre... (Below threshold)

I think we've had three presidents from Texas. The first two weren't re-elected. I don't think this one will be either.

I hope this country is not ... (Below threshold)

I hope this country is not stupid enought to elect a left-wing radical from Massachusetts, now or ever again. I live in Massachusetts, but hail from more neutral territory in Connecticut. I'd join you in New Hampshire Kevin, where all quasi-libertarians long to reside, but the jobs are here.

The Sox don't look so good down 2-0. [sigh] At least Bush went 1-1-1 in the debates.

Yup, there's no way they ca... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Yup, there's no way they can lose their ass.

(i.e. they will get to keep Senator Kerry)

Jay, I'm coming down w/ thi... (Below threshold)

Jay, I'm coming down w/ this great idea. You see, if Kerry wins the election, then I get to post my Kerry hurrah on Wizbang and if Bush wins the election, then you can do the same on iBLOGthere4iM. What'd'ya think?

Boring, disgusting, tiring ... (Below threshold)

Boring, disgusting, tiring and it's already OLD.. squash this one for good so he doesn't come back again - please!!

RCM, I see why you'd think ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

RCM, I see why you'd think that was a great idea. It'd be like betting my brand-new Bentley versus your '73 clapped-out Plymouth. There's absolutely no upside for me.
Besides, I'd be violating my self-imposed banishment from posting to your site. I had good reasons then, and they're still valid.
Now go away and play in traffic. You've played out your entertianment value ages ago, and now you've degenerated to irrelevant and dull, with occasional surges into mildly annoying.


JT, Afraid you'll lose? or ... (Below threshold)

JT, Afraid you'll lose? or know you'll lose?

Randy, last warning: stay o... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Randy, last warning: stay on topic or get the hell out. I've had way too much of your irrelevancies and inanities.







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