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Moonbat Alert

The moonbats are out in force. They are trying to claim Bush had a lunch-box sized transceiver under his jacket during the first debate. If these people were not so insane it would be funny. Look at the picture Salon has as "proof" we was wired.

Click for full sized

If anything, he looks more wired when he was driving his pickup truck! What is that straight line?

Now Salon has a "Technical Expert" [haven't we seen enough of those from the left in the last 90 days?] who says it was definitely a transmitter. I love the opening quote from the "expert."

"There's no question about it. It's a pretty obvious one -- larger than most because it probably has descrambling capability," said Alex Darbut, technical and business development vice president for Resistance Technology in Arden Hills, Minn.

Ok let's lets see, we can manage to make a GPS receiver that can track 5 satellites simultaneously small enough to fit in a wristwatch but a voice descrambler is so big it shows under a suit coat?

Maybe their expert does not know that voice descramblers are single chip technology today. (and have been for 2 decades) Heck we have cell phones not much bigger than a charge card that can digitize a picture and send the picture scrambled, why is voice a challenge? It doesn't just strain credulity, it strains commonly accepted norms of sanity.

The mootbat left expects to to believe that a guy who has spent the last 4 years of life with the -secret service- could not come up with a smaller transceiver. Amazing!

I have no idea who their "expert" is but I strongly suspect he's an expert on 1970's typewriters and font families too.

UPDATE: It gets wackier below the fold.

Salon quit showing me the full article for a while. I finally had to launch a different browser. After I read some more I learned that the fact other pictures of Bush with a bulge in his back exist did not disprove their theory.

No, in the deluded mind of a left winger, the more pictures they can find of him with a bulge in his back, the more it PROVES the bulge that night was a transceiver. They're nuts, just nuts.


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Comments (40)

Did anyone consider that th... (Below threshold)

Did anyone consider that the "bump" is part of a bullet proof vest?

It's funny because during t... (Below threshold)

It's funny because during the debate I made a comment to my wife that "It's so badass that during a debate and wearing a full suit that Dubya still wears body armor"

You see, the left.... they aren't too familiar with those scary "Military" things ... you know those... gun(gasp!)-related things...

As Roger Hedgecock put it, ... (Below threshold)

As Roger Hedgecock put it, it's an actual SPINE....
JK is jealous because he doesn't have one. GW's is BIGGER than most hence the reason it's so visible.

That was my initial thought... (Below threshold)

That was my initial thought (body armor) but looking at the pic of him in the pickup truck, it looks like he's just shaped funny.

I think Fred is correct. B... (Below threshold)

I think Fred is correct. Both photos (the debate and in his truck) could easily be a bullet proof vest that gathers a bit in the middle. AND with all that's been going on with all the wackos lately - he SHOULD be wearing a vest.

the shape of the outter edg... (Below threshold)

the shape of the outter edge says YES. It's a vest. Why wouldn't he take precautions? Smart to I think.
My dad who is retired military police had one very similar in shape. Wired??? sheesh..give us a break

That does look a bit like s... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

That does look a bit like something from one of the soft armor lines that Second Chance puts out...


It's called a backbone.. yo... (Below threshold)

It's called a backbone.. you crazy nuts.

in your view this guys is smart enough to fool the world on WMD's but wears a receiver out of the old 'Get Smart' TV show..

must be a shoe phone too!

Resistance Technology is a ... (Below threshold)

Resistance Technology is a medical electronics device supplier. When was the last time a doctor used a mobile voice transmitter equipted with a descrambler to "talk" to a tumor. What did he say? hey tumor, I have a plan. It is on my website. I will sanction the white blood cells so that you stay the nuisance that you are and don't get bigger. And if you do get bigger I swear I will come in there after you. No I really mean it (as long as all parts of the brain approve, getting Fear and emotion on borad will require extensive summit meetings)

"hey tumor, I have a plan"<... (Below threshold)

"hey tumor, I have a plan"


Hey, maybe its a shock coll... (Below threshold)

Hey, maybe its a shock collar kind of thing, and Karl Rove gives him a zap when strays off topic or when his brain locks up.

That could explain all of those grimaces too….

tarron - too funny. but you... (Below threshold)

tarron - too funny. but you forgot the part about John Edwards stating that he would invoke Superman to send those stem cells into the body to destroy the tumor...

So what are they gonna say when they photograph him sitting down with tight pants someday? Hey, look! He's got a bulge!!

Man just hang out outside a... (Below threshold)
Paul B.:

Man just hang out outside a federal courthouse sometime and you'll see plenty of these same "bulges" on US Marshalls, FBI agents, etc... Only you'll also see bluges lower in the back as well where they keep their handguns. Its so absurd to be laughable. It shows the extreme pussification of the left that they can't wrap their heads around the fact that the secret service probably makes him wear that thing to the shower. Its protection from the same moonbats that claim its some sort of Rovian Mindwave Descrambler.

I blew up a pic of him in t... (Below threshold)

I blew up a pic of him in the truck. To me it looks like he's wearing a vest and the strap is visible on his shoulder.

I posted the pic here if you're interested.

They're not called the "Loo... (Below threshold)

They're not called the "Looney Left" for nothing!

I have an old Mark & Brian CD that has a comedy bit on it about Dan Quayle trying to use a radio receiver to give a speech. Maybe I'll make an MP3 of it. Let me know if you want one!

to Onedrummer:I I ha... (Below threshold)

to Onedrummer:
I I have said one hundred times I've said it thousand times...Listen folks, My plan will be to be tough on heart disease... Uhm tumors. My website says tumors. And that is why I was in Vietnam, Killing tumors. I Received 147 purple hearts, 5 gold stars and a smiley face from the Peoples Republic of crimial affairs...uhm Vietnam. Just look at my web site for crying out loud.

The Democrats can't fight B... (Below threshold)
Remy Logan:

The Democrats can't fight Bush anymore on the economy.

They can't fight him anymore on GWOT.

They can't fight him anymore on the "quagmire" in Afghanistan.

They can't fight him anymore on the Iraq war.

They can't fight him anymore on Homeland Security.

They've never been able to use a truthful argument about stem cell research.

The majority of the country agrees with most of Bush's domestic policies.

What are Democrats left with? HE WORE A WIRE!!!!! Of course he did guys. That's why he kicked Kerry's butt during the debates.

You guys need to get a life. Honest.

If memory serves, some vest... (Below threshold)

If memory serves, some vest designs have a rigid ceramic plate that goes front and back.

This is certainly a ballistic vest. What a bunch of dimwits.

Tim McNabb

There's a small attachment ... (Below threshold)

There's a small attachment available for the Sony-Ericsson T300 cellphone that gives encrypted communications for crying out loud. You could stash the whole thing in your underwear. Although the Pres does seem to have a rather large pair - maybe that's why they had to strap the thing to his back.

Small encrypted wireless tech is ludicrously cheap by Presidential campaign standards. Imbeciles.

I hate to say it, but after... (Below threshold)

I hate to say it, but after really looking hard at this photo, I gotta admit it looks as if he's carrying some kind of cheating device.

Oh my God, I think you're r... (Below threshold)
Remy Logan:

Oh my God, I think you're right. Bush is so busted. ;)

When I first heard the stor... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

When I first heard the story, I thought, "The President has access to the finest military and spy equipment in the world and they expect me to believe that his handlers strapped a radio the size of a toaster to his back."

It did divert attention from Kerry's secret plans and Edward's miracle healing statement, so I guess it might have worked.

This sort of contagious stu... (Below threshold)
Tim in PA:

This sort of contagious stupidity, along with the recent spate of attacks on GOP persons and offices, worries me greatly. It's spreading exponentially. It's like the andromeda strain, but with stupid substituted for microbes.

At last count, we've had 11 Bush-Cheney campaign offices hit: 3 broken into and vandalized and/or looted, 4 stormed by mobs (some violent), and 3 shot at.

The simple lefty ethics of "they do it, so we can do it back" coupled with the tendency to believe anything (shown with this bulge crap), is not a good combination.

That's why he kicked Ker... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

That's why he kicked Kerry's butt during the debates.

One of the funniest lines in the posts above. Dubya is not a great debater, which is widely known. He held his own and in the town hall format he actually connects with people. I don't think you could claim he whupped anyones ass in a debate. I also don't think that debating skills are very important for a president, except for actually getting elected.

I thought the looney left had us for a minute Paul, but I guess none of them noticed the cord going down dubya's leg and across floor to backstage... oops.

- This source of this nonse... (Below threshold)

- This source of this nonsense is Lindorf....the same insane leftwing nut who made the first claim that Bush was a 2nd coming of Hitler but not as good of an orator... This is the kind of mad hatter people that populate the DemoMarxist party these days...The very fact they choose Hitler as their 'Object De Monstere is the give away.... Marxists hated the Fascists because they could kill the ignorent masses faster and more efficiently....

Uh Oh. I think it was one o... (Below threshold)
OK, the secret is out - Pre... (Below threshold)

OK, the secret is out - Pres. Bush has been captured by the alien creatures from the movie "The Puppet Masters" and one of them is clearly attached to his back. And Karl Rove is the alien leader.

Back to you, Kos.

Take it from someone famili... (Below threshold)

Take it from someone familiar with body armor -- Bush wears a vest.

Now tonight I hope Bush mentions Edwards' comment that people will be able to rise up out of their wheelchairs if Kerry becomes president. Most Americans are unaware of that whopper (mostly because the MSM ignored it).

I can't believe this is sti... (Below threshold)

I can't believe this is still a story! It's so stupid! Hasn't the Bush campaign been asked?

It's not a vest. I've spent... (Below threshold)

It's not a vest. I've spent years working with cops and always enjoyed knocking on their chest. It's nothing but a wrinkle in the clothes. But, if I have to come up with an unsubstantiated theory, I think it's a holster. Our President is Packin'. :-)

This should never have been... (Below threshold)

This should never have been a story...and if it wasn't for a lack of conscience or concern for the truth it never would have been. You can check out the article from the Hill:

Media miscues seem bulging with left-wing bias

Was the Bush camp contacted...apparently yes. But hey, why bother with nit picky issues like integrity when you’ve got a paper to run.

Some of the good quotes:

The Post had no evidence, beyond the Internet speculation. But that speculation, along with Lindorff’s Salon article based entirely on the same speculation, was apparently enough to merit publication.”

And who is this Lindorff?

A pioneer in comparing Bush to Adolf Hitler

There’s a heck of source for you….

See, the liberals are despe... (Below threshold)

See, the liberals are desperate to explain how their guy is losing these debates and why he will lose this election.

It's fricking body armor.</... (Below threshold)

It's fricking body armor.

I spent well over twenty y... (Below threshold)

I spent well over twenty years with a county cruiser strapped to my ass. I started wearing soft armor as soon as it came out, seein' as how I worked rural areas with backup often ten minutes away. As an aside, anybody who thinks police work is glamorous has never worn Kevlar through a North Texas August.
That bulge isn't regular soft armor like patrol officers wear, it's the trauma plates of the upgraded armor like SWAT teams wear.
Soft armor like I wore was proof against all conventional handgun bullets and the lower-powered rifles. However, at the very top power that the vest would stop it was still possible to get one hellacious injury from blunt trauma, in the wrong place a high velocity, heavy bullet could actually stop someone's heart without penetrating the vest. The trauma plate spreads the impact over a large enough area that it prevents that.
Few patrol officers wore the trauma plates because of the weight and bulk, after all wrasslin' matches and foot races are far more common than gunfights and the average officer has about the same chance of being struck by lightning as being hit by high-powered rifle fire. Bad guys don't use rifles much, they're too hard to hide in their pants.
I do understand that trauma plates have got smaller and lighter as the technology progressed since I retired.
I would expect Dubya to wear body armor with trauma plates when out and about.

Could it be possible that o... (Below threshold)

Could it be possible that our President has a back problem (i.e., like JFK did). Perhaps it's a brace of some kind that if it came out it make put him in a bad light (i.e, Roosevelt - hiding his handicap). By the way I'm a tried and true Bush "true believer". I have seen on other sights that the administration said it was NOT a vest. Just curious....

Yup. Looks like armor to me... (Below threshold)

Yup. Looks like armor to me.

When will you people give u... (Below threshold)

When will you people give up on relying on partisanism and grow a brain of your own? It's pretty simple: W '04, because it takes 8 years to destroy America!"

Or Karl, in the case of Ker... (Below threshold)

Or Karl, in the case of Kerry six months. What's Bush going to destroy? Your right to kill babies and save dogs? Perhaps his richness will be imparted to the masses? Maybe he'll give people a bad 'ol tax cut so you'll have to get a real job? Or maybe another senseless war to free people?

How about giving the man a fair chance in the debate without name calling and inuendo? Bush has his faults, but so does Kerry. You won't win arguments by name calling. Nuance us with some rhetorical misgivings.

Or Karl, in the case of Ker... (Below threshold)

Or Karl, in the case of Kerry six months. What's Bush going to destroy? Your right to kill babies and save dogs? Perhaps his richness will be imparted to the masses? Maybe he'll give people a bad 'ol tax cut so you'll have to get a real job? Or maybe another senseless war to free people?

How about giving the man a fair chance in the debate without name calling and inuendo? Bush has his faults, but so does Kerry. You won't win arguments by name calling. Nuance us with some rhetorical misgivings.

It's his tail, curled up un... (Below threshold)

It's his tail, curled up under his coat.






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