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Wishful Thinking At The Daily News

The New York Daily News reports the President Bush's campaign may be pulling back in Pennsylvania. Their evidence? There aren't any presidential appearances scheduled (Bush has already visited 39 times). It's worth noting that they're alone in their reading of the tea leaves...

The Bush camp heartily denies the report, and I'd tend to believe them given that Tuesday's state poll in PA shows a dead heat. You don't cut and run from a state you can win.

Perhaps it's just wishful thinking on the part of the Daily News...

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As a person whom has been w... (Below threshold)

As a person whom has been working with the Bush Campaign In NE PA for some 4 months, I can say WE ARE NOT GIVING UP ON PA. In fact new offices and phone banks have opened this week. The campaign is now finalizing its 72 hour plan, and has thousands of volunteers just in the NE region alone. The ground game set up in PA is unprecedented for the Republican party. The results of that ground will be seen in the finial weeks of the campaign. Kerry/Edwards has NOTHING rivaling B/C efforts in PA outside of their traditional Union Support.

- Hmmmmm.... Referring to t... (Below threshold)

- Hmmmmm.... Referring to the last two weeks of developments in Iraq, should we be filing this in the same folder as the Dem's comments yesterday that the "Bush administration is waiting until after the elections to move on the ground in Iraq, politicizing the war as usual"....

keep the fight up PA... the... (Below threshold)

keep the fight up PA... the only people who have decided the election is over are the media... of course they believe we are to dumb to be trusted

I've seen some polls showin... (Below threshold)

I've seen some polls showing Bush with a slight lead in PA. So what the hell is The New York Daily Snooze talking about?

It's because of all the pre... (Below threshold)

It's because of all the press about Kerry dropping his ads in Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Arizona and the list goes on.

They have to counter it with, LOOK, Bush is quitting in PA.

Fair and Balanced :D

I don't really care so much... (Below threshold)

I don't really care so much about the incessant visits, but for chrissakes, I'm so sick of the ads! I fully expect to hear the next ad proclaim 'John Kerry: he kills kittens and eats them for breakfast. Do you really want a kitten eater as your President?'

Oh, to live in a non-swing state.

Mac, it is kind of relaxing... (Below threshold)

Mac, it is kind of relaxing being down here in Georgia.

Thing is, if I lived in a swing state, my vote could help tab those EVs into Bush's column. And this year I think I'd put up with the ads for a little of that action.

My wife, however, would ban the TV from the house. She gets fed up with the little we do have to endure.

VP Cheney just took off fro... (Below threshold)

VP Cheney just took off from Pittsburgh Intl airport. THe VP and Mrs Cheney had a debate party right across from the AF reserve base in Coraopolis, PA.

Yesterday, they visited my home town Saxonburg, PA

Doesn't look like he is "Dropping" Pennsylvania.

PA is NOT dropping Bush-Cheney!






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