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Jewish Democratic Council Celebrate Beheadings

WASHINGTON, Oct. 12 (JTA) - Just how persuasive is a Jewish grandmother armed with a lethal handbag?

And does "Bubbie," a cartoon Jewish Democrat who knocks Republicans into oblivion, cross a line in a campaign season that already has seen pitched advertisement battles in the Jewish community?

"I'm saddened, disappointed and offended," said Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League. "It pits Christians against Jews, it uses stereotypes we should know better about projecting."

The National Jewish Democratic Council, whose Victory Fund produced the ad, hopes Bubbie (view the ad) will get young Jewish voters into polling booths.

Ken Goldstein, an academic at the University of Wisconsin-Madison who monitors the Jewish vote, said the ad shocked him.

"This ad is disgusting - and you will never ever see me say that about a campaign," Goldstein said. Especially offensive, he said, is Cheney's decapitated head rolling into a bucket marked "Miami-Dade votes" and pleading, "I want a deferment."


The JibJab brothers they're not...


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Comments (11)

I would like to know one re... (Below threshold)

I would like to know one reason why a Jewish person would vote for Kerry over Bush. It seems to me that Republicans support Israel much more than Democrats.

- And what about this is su... (Below threshold)

- And what about this is supprising looking back over this election cycle .... Absolutely nothing the tin-foils do any more is a supprise...Its almost gotten to where a day doesn't go by that they don't hit a new low....

Maybe a Jewish person would... (Below threshold)

Maybe a Jewish person would vote for Kerry because they make their decision on something more than support for Israel. It's a big reach to assume that all Jewish people vote solely on the basis of one issue.

I hope it gets young Jewish... (Below threshold)

I hope it gets young Jewish voters to vote, as well. All the Jews I work with are conservative... (in politics, that is. Some are Hasidim, some are Orthodox, some are Conservative, and some are Reform. You can usually tell them apart by the length of their beards and the hats they wear...and yes, all the Jews I work with are men.) However, I'm not going to be so offensive as to forward the link to anybody I know.

Oh well, I guess everybody's got to try their hand at "satire".

This is about as disturbing... (Below threshold)

This is about as disturbing as the comment from JK last night about DC's daughter....
The lengths that some go to is just amazing.
I am of the opinion that this is just a party running scared. Come electiond day we will see exactly who has a head rolling across the floor and who has a tail between the legs scampering away liked a whipped dog. I don't know about any of you but I may just gloat really big for once...
I don't normally engage in political debate with any of my friends (some of whom are LWL's) but this year is certainly the exception. This little ditty may be one for the table come Saturday night.
Let's see if this one passes muster int he category of maturity and substance.

Chad, I asked this on my bl... (Below threshold)

Chad, I asked this on my blog one time; why Jews overwhelmingly vote Democrat when it would seem counterintuitive.

The answer I got from a friend of mine who is Jewish and lefty shocked the crap out of me. Apparently there is a widely held belief that the religious right, which of course controls the Republicans, is doing their best to hasten armageddon through their support of Israel, in a twisted alliance with the extremist, war mongering of the Jews in Israel.

It's about the craziest thing I ever heard, and made me more standoffish from my friend than any amount of mere irrational anti-Bush reaction would have. Worse, my friend also has expressed deep offense that Bush thinks he "has a direct pipeline to God." Odd. He's religious and doesn't hide it, but I have never gotten anything like that impression. To say that of him is to say that of millions of other people who believe in prayer and do their best to follow religious convictions in how they live their lives.


Two things.First, ... (Below threshold)
Tanker Schreiber:

Two things.

First, to answer the person above wondering about Jewish support for Democrats.
It stems from the Jews who emigrated from Europe while fleeing the various government pogroms.
These countries had 'right wing' governments, where the opposition was usually socialist, communist, anarchist, 'liberal' etc.
It wasn't that these groups were 'pro-Jewish,' it was more of a case of them being less 'anti-Jewish.'
The same situation existed in the US at the beginning of the last century.
FDR was an Anti-Semite, but he could still keep Jewish support with token measures like a Jewish supreme court justice.
And don't even get me started on Joe Kennedy!

The bottom line is the same for Jews and Blacks. If you vote for the better party today, you vote Republican. If you vote using a history book, you vote Democrat.

Second, and shorter point. As an American, I am angry that such a cartoon could be made without repercussions. As a Jew, I am thoroughly humiliated.

<a href="http://www.move-ov... (Below threshold)

This one is actually funny -- and not offensive.

If Blacks in the United Sta... (Below threshold)

If Blacks in the United States of America were truly to vote "using a history book" as Mr. Schreiber said, I believe that the Rev. Wayne Perryman would say Blacks would be voting Republican:

Every piece of Civil Rights Legislation from 1863 to 1983 had strong opposition from Democrats and very strong support from Republicans. Please note, that I said from 1863 to 1983. This is not an opinion, the facts come directly from the Congressional Debates on each piece of Civil Rights Legislation.

After being elected President of the United States, Kennedy ignored Dr. King’s plea for more Civil Rights during the first two years he was in office. In fact the chronicles of history as well as Dr. King’s own book “ Why we can’t Wait”, points out this fact. In the History Channel’s special on Dr. King, just released this year (2004) Ambassador Andrew Young, a close associate of Dr. King's during the Civil Rights Movement, stated that people are so wrong about the Kennedy’s attitude toward Civil Rights and his relationship with Dr. King. Young’s opinion is supported by President Kennedy’s own letter to Congress on June 19, 1963. It was President Johnson that referred to Dr. King as “that N----r Preacher”

Every piece of Civil Rights legislation that have ever been passed, was designed to stop racist practices that were established by the Democrat Party from 1792 to 2002. Reading the written records of the Congressional debates between the Democrats and Republicans will reveal this truth to you.

It was the Democrats who launched the longest filibuster in U.S. Senate history to defeat the 1964 Civil Right Act. A little known fact is that the filibuster was led by Al Gore’s father.

The 1965 Voting Rights Act, was a law that was designed to change the voting practices of the South. These practices were started in 1866, when the Democrats established Black Codes and Jim Crow laws (in 1875).

The jewish tradition to vot... (Below threshold)

The jewish tradition to vote for Democrats is pretty dumb. And the history did not teach them crap. The jews were one of the first to support the bolsheviks in Russia in 1917 and were also their first victims. Nothing changed. They have never met a democrat they did not like.

Fact: Kerry did not mention... (Below threshold)

Fact: Kerry did not mention Israel during his acceptance speech.

Fact: Kerry did not mention Israel during any of the debates.

Fact: Kerry scorned the Israeli security wall while speaking to an Arab-American crowd and then, only days later, praised to a Jewish crowd.

Kerry seeks the Arab vote, plain and simple.

My belief is that Bush will claim nearly 25% of the Jewish vote (up from 18% in 2000) thanks to strong ad campaigns by the RJC and others.






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